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    Oh god,out of all things to have 5+ pages and millions of arguments over,you chose the feature that abosuletly wont have any effect when you are actually playing the game(dont you all feel a little silly)? "Skins = more people playing Battalion = game is growing = everyone is happy. Just look at CS GO" This comment from @skitelo should end this topic ages ago. Besides,its not like they are forcing you to play with skins.You will have option not to put any skin on your weapon,so that should be the end of your worries.Honestly,I didnt want to comment on this topic but I am getting notification everyday from same group of people who are obviously tilted for no reason and that gets me tilted^^ I really hope that this topic will come to an end,its really exhausting to see it all the time whenever i go to website.Now.let the downvoting begins
  2. Stacks - in-game economy

    I agree with this,stacks are fine imo,but im not into having few seconds advantage/disadvantage
  3. VOIP Implementation

    couldnt agree more
  4. Head glitching roundtable

    We had this in cod2 where people abused and could kill you before even you see them(we call that clip).I dont think it represent any problem nowdays since the community created pam mode where that bug is fixed.If community can fix that for 12years old game,i dont think developers will have much problem with that.
  5. Number of rounds

    Interesting idea for quick match when it comes to soloq i wouldnt say no to that. Personally,i am more interesting for team system.I am planning to switch to this game after full releaee,if not sooner,with my team and we want to play this competitive.But,i am worried about round system. Personally(i am talking now about team system,not soloq),i would like the have 2 maps per match.One map to determine better team doesnt feel acceptable,atleast for me.i understand that,as a team,you need to "rise above challenge",but it doesnt bring as much as variety as 2 maps would.If the maps doesnt feel good for your team(and that problem has every team) and you are having bad start you are practicly finished before you even start(in most cases).Second map is bringing a second and final chance for your comeback and you cant give credit to 'bad map' for your lose. If they implement mr15 the match will still last(assuming it will have pace like cs:go) for around ~35 minutes which feels kinda short for team system. In cod2(dont get me wrong for comparison since I AM putting my subjective opinion from my experience) 2 maps with 20 rounds per map(first to 21 round won is winner) is playable within 1 hour so the matches shouldnt take too long for this game too. whoa that was a long post,hope you'll find it worth reading @sh0tyz i totally agree with you,i absolutely hate that part of the game where you practicly throw your rounds away.
  6. Number of rounds

    As you can read from the title,i couldnt find on the website how many rounds will one map be long. Will it be like in CoD2(20 rounds per map),CoD4(mr12) or CsGO(mr15)? Also i am interested in maps per match.Since there will be soloq i am positive it will be 1 map only,but will that be the same for team system(or the team who wins the most rounds in 2 maps wins) I cant find anywhere developers opinion so i hope one of them will read this.Also,i will be glad if i can hear your opinions.
  7. Training Range/ seeing exactly where bullets hit.

    I totally agree with you.In call of duty 2 we have STRAT mode where you are following the nade after you throw it.Its effecient to learn a "geek nades" for competitive games and its also great mode for your team to learn more and faster about this game.I hope they will implement that mode,i just doubt they will have this in early access or something
  8. Training Range/ seeing exactly where bullets hit.

    Are you refering to feature from CS:GO?I think its called offline mode.I dont think they mentioned that but I read(from winter update) that they made a special map for training purpose
  9. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    This is the most favourite one,atleast for me tho.
  10. Swimming

    You saw ignorant question where you really shouldnt.Afterall,i said that i wasnt trying to be rude.You could just said in ur first comment to put it in non-competitive side of the game,now you are butthurt since your ego just saw the first 5% of my comment.
  11. Swimming

    There are many people who plays for years and never touching competitive scene^^ If you read my comment from beginning to the end,you will see that i said it will be good idea for 'non-competitive' side of the battalion.So yes,its pretty much your mistake for not paying attention to what i said.Please,try to comment thread-related
  12. Swimming

    I dont mean to be rude,but have you ever played competitive game? No offence,but feature such as swimming is good for singleplayer or as @RLpacifist said,for some community mod in case you are tired of playing soloq or teamvsteam system. Firsty,while you are swimming you wont be able to use weapon and you will make a lot of sounds where you will be too easy target for the enemy.That just dont fit in when it comes to competitive games.Secondly,have u ever seen any good competitive game where you could swim?I am sure they(many developers and companies) didnt do it for this long for betters reasons than what i just said. You wont need to be able to use 2-3 bridgers on a map as the community will after a period of time pick what maps will be and what wont be used for serious matches(dev said this).I am sure community will be more than capable of chosing well balanced map. Once again,i am not trying to be rude here,i was just explaining to you why this is not compatible for competitive game.Some features wont be excellent(such as this) just beacuse it will be original or coz it looked good on sp games. edit:i forgot to mention that swimming would most probably slow down the pace of game,which would be contradictory of what dev said what kind of game battalion will be.
  13. Swimming

    I agree with Pinder and ToonBE,this is not an idea for competitive game.
  14. Demo / Playbacks

    dude...so you are saying that i need too record via fraps f.e. everytime i have a feeling i am about to make good actions? i dont have women intuition^^