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  1. Will there be a scoped sniper? (or attachment)

    When the alpha start, don't think you will be able to play with all weapons/maps :')
  2. Will there be a scoped sniper? (or attachment)

    It's not important to have it at the start of alpha but at the beta for example.
  3. Will there be a scoped sniper? (or attachment)

    I think you don't understand the objective of an Alpha
  4. Will there be a scoped sniper? (or attachment)

    It's 100% sure, i asked to @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON when he was streaming and tell me "Of course"! But we don't know if scope will be available in Alpha
  5. Competitive League

    I'm agree, but legit hack exist, and the most of the time, you can't see anything on a demo, if the guy is smart, he can look really legit
  6. Competitive League

    The problem is always the same i think, all this ladder/tournament site don't have a good anticheat client.
  7. Alpha Access Rewards?

    I don't know what will be implented in the game, but imagine there is something like stickers on our game profil or on our weapon showing that we are Alpha player! It would be nice to have something that highlights the fact that we believed in and helped the project! Sorry for my bad english
  8. leaning system ?

  9. leaning system ?

    Hey, I just watched the Early Alpha gameplay, and i didn't see the player leaning. Is it still relevant ? Maybe it was not able in early alpha ? Or the player on the video just didn't use it ? Thank you for answering ps: I've never been so excited for a game, ty Battalion 1944 developers.
  10. What would you like on a coverage site?

    Team/Player finder system ?
  11. Weapon skin with different pattern?

    I understand, but not only we will not have all the sames skins etc...
  12. Weapon skin with different pattern?

    Yes but i think there is pattern only for knife on CSGO, not on others weapons
  13. Hello guys, I know weapon skins will be part of Battalion 1944 and I would like to know your opinion regarding different "pattern" for each skins, sorry for my bad english. I can't put words exactly on what I'm trying to say, so I will illustrate it. For example, on Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the same skin, can look different, and somes are rarer than others, like you can see on the picture. This is exactly the same skin, but his pattern is not always the same. And here is my suggestion, forgetting "crazy skins", imagine a Gold skin, on a pistol for example, all people will not have exactly the same, some will have it brighter on part of the weapon for example, a lucky guy will get it brilliant on the complete weapon etc... Thanks to those who will give their opinion and sorry for my bad english