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  1. Australian Batt44 Steam Community

    Thank you @WolfEnstein
  2. Hello all To any Aus/Nz forum readers on here that would like to join the battalion 1944 aus/nz steam community group feel more than welcome too. http://steamcommunity.com/groups/BAT44ANZ
  3. Battalion 1944 Oceania Discord

    Good idea, Great to see some other aus/nz players on the fourms. See you around.
  4. Drawing on map

    Just leave this option for competitive rank games or team vs team play.
  5. G'day lads

    Just saying hi, been around for a while now on the forums reading etc. Can´t wait for this game to come out , been around for a while on FPS since , cod4/promod , counter strike source, bf4 , now csgo Just looking forward for this game, trailer looks great can't wait. Quick question who's from Australia on these fourms? Im from Sydney.
  6. Australian Community Post

    +1 Aussie, old Cod4 cybergamer player. Can't wait until this game is released. Hopefully we can get the numbers!! -Sydney