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  1. Thank you @WolfEnstein
  2. Hello all To any Aus/Nz forum readers on here that would like to join the battalion 1944 aus/nz steam community group feel more than welcome too.
  3. Good idea, Great to see some other aus/nz players on the fourms. See you around.
  4. Just leave this option for competitive rank games or team vs team play.
  5. Just saying hi, been around for a while now on the forums reading etc. Can´t wait for this game to come out , been around for a while on FPS since , cod4/promod , counter strike source, bf4 , now csgo Just looking forward for this game, trailer looks great can't wait. Quick question who's from Australia on these fourms? Im from Sydney.
  6. +1 Aussie, old Cod4 cybergamer player. Can't wait until this game is released. Hopefully we can get the numbers!! -Sydney