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  1. Hi

    I totally agree Wolf. There will be some killzones that will be potentially blood baths but believe me you will have to work to get there. I love tactical as opposed to run&gun maps so players beware you will be owned if you want to run around like crazy!
  2. Hi

    Thanks. Here is a couple of quick shots of the build so far. Buildings are in place and about half of them have the windows and doors done. Tons to terrain and general detailing before this is finished.
  3. Hi

    Sorry for the really late response! I working on a complete rebuild and release of the old Call of Duty UO map Foy at the moment. Once I get that done then my thoughts will be returning to keeping a closer eye on this project here and see what is happening on the mapping front here. I have a lot of relearning for UE but I do enjoy working with it. In the meantime the best to you guys as you keep moving forward!!
  4. Hi

    Hello everyone! First I would just like to say Thank you to everyone on the Battalion 1944 Dev Team who have taken a vision, ran with it, and finally made it reality! Great job on it from what I have seen so Congrats to all of you!! I have been into games since the original Team Fortress and spent a lot of my time playing it socially and competitively for several years in clan based wars. Played the hell out of Dod and finally started to play CoD2 which is where I first learned the basics of mapping. Since then I have progressed through all the Call of Duty games and mapped with all of their various tool versions. My first love in mapping is with the WW2 era. I have played a lot of Battlefield too but I find I play other games simply to get ideas on map design. I heard about Battalion 1944 over at my site when one of my members posted up the info and video of the gameplay. It was amazing and heartwarming to see some of my oldest gaming memories running on a new engine and looking so good!! I have been following the game since then. I do run a site dedicated to mapping for call of duty and primarily, right now, for Black Ops 3. I am on the Alpha testing team for the new tools along with a good number of members at the site. Though most of us grew up with the Radiant tools several of us have played with the UE tools as well. I enjoy using those tools but have not done any real work with it as there hasnt really been many games that I have been interested enough to really lay down the gloves and get some real content developed. This may change now when this game and its tools gets released!! Anywho, my name is Steve, from Canada, and a few days shy of 58. I am happy to be here and Im looking forward to playing and hopefully doing some content as well. Cheers, Steve ...here is some of my work from 2 of my Call of Duty WaW maps. mp_corregidor and mp_stronghold