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  1. Steve

    Copyright issues?

    @belst I see where you are coming from and if I was Bulkhead I would avoid that very thing. They are in the business to make money and with that in mind then no you cant rewrite a book or repaint a picture and call it yours. As an unpaid person I stand to make absolutely nothing nor have I ever made anything from mapping. Instead all I have done and all that countless other people have done is make use of free tools to create free content in a free market. I do believe that is why us little guys do not get in trouble with the copyright side of things. Things only really get messy when you try to capitalize on it. That is a different ship altogether. Funny thing to all this is that I have actually throat punched people at my site and other sites for pirating maps made by private people for the enjoyment of the community. I still stay that it is ok to remake maps based on previously released maps as long as credit is given to the original and that you do not profit in any way from it. If you use some sort of means to decompile source files then you are trudging down a muddy road that can lead to trouble so once again I dont advise doing it. Make it from scratch yourself and never for money and you should be relatively safe. Remember also to give credit to the original. I also dont agree with taking assets from one engine and using those assets in another game from a different studio and engine. Obviously I am talking about using them within tools provided by gaming devs such as the various radiant backed games. As an example I do not support assets ripped from Activision studios for use in the UE world and vice versa. Yet I am ok with using assets from the various Call of Duty games being used in various Call of Duty games. Getting a bit off topic and I do apologize for that but I hope the point is made that copyright issues can be a grey area full of hidden dangers or no dangers at all. Just use caution and common sense.
  2. Steve

    Copyright issues?

    Personally I doubt it on both of your points. Not being a dick or anything but I just doubt it. Im not saying that it couldnt happen but still I doubt it. I have done remakes (as opposed to ports using source files). How many different companies have done WW2 maps called Carentan for example? Just about all of them. How can they be so different that copyright doesnt become an issue? Historical is always going to be historical but each mapper is going to be different in their recreation of those historical moments and places. Short of using source files I agree completely. I have yet to see anyone who can recreate a map (clone, recreation etc) that is a perfect replica.
  3. Steve

    Copyright issues?

    Directing porting from one developer or publisher to another is likely to draw attention but remaking maps from scratch (as in "based on") generally is tolerated. Credit should always be given to the developer or individual mapper if that is the case.