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  1. Yeah I agree with what you said, I was hoping to have some fun playing online during the weekend and play offline to test the maps and look for glithes during the week, I hope the devs give us further explanations on why they have taken this decision.
  2. I think players should be able to change their class, sometimes you need to change your playstyle to perform well and in order to adapt to how your enemies play
  3. Yeah i'm aware of that, but I mean if you find trolls or griefers they'll always find a way to ruin your game, just like in cs they abuse of the economy system and buy random or useless weapons, but imo if you play with decent players who want to have fun and win just as you do, then it's a good system, even tho it still needs to be refined.
  4. Well you can but designing something in that way is not the right way to do it
  5. I agree with Joe on the design point, nobody will spend money for a simple camo skin, if they have to add "crazy" skins then why not let the community submit them on the workshop just as happens in csgo and rust? It will only benefit more the game since it will involve the community and let some artist earn some money and at the same time the devs won't have to waste their time on making skins for the game. Also about the immersion side of the game I have something to say, I do agree it would look stupid and childish for some players, but if you think about it even old cod games such as Cod4 had "crazy" skins, yes it wasn't a WW2 game but it was quite similar to what Battalion wants to be. Last thing is something I'm not sure of, but i'd like to share it, if you follow the CS:GO competitive scene, you'll notice almost every pro player has the craziest skins in the game and uses them at lan, they aren't concerned about skins distracting them or giving them a disanvantage, I think that in highly stressful situationas skins help your brain to relax, just as for example soldiers paint stuff on their helis or customize their weapons.
  6. On games such as R6:Siege, Dayz and PUBG is working quite well, it's the best around at the moment.
  7. Yeah but it would still take a while before they get a new account, if you combine this with a good kernel based anticheat as Battleye, you will have a tolerable amount of cheater
  8. I think the cheater idea you proposed is quite good, something similar to what Respawn did with Titanfall, this way cheaters don't immediatly know they have been caught and keep playing against other cheaters instead of making a new account.
  9. If you want to make a competitive game you need money, skins makes money and gives many players a reason to stick to the game, therefore the devs decided to add them, it's as simple as that.
  10. I think it would be really cool if they copied the csgo way of implementing skins, letting the community make them and let creators earn some money out of it, even Rust is doing something like this and imo if you have to put them in the game this is the best way to do it
  11. Cmon guys I respect everyone's right to flame, but now let's stick to the thread's topic
  12. That's true, but it's quite different, strafing can be done in many ways, i did quake style movements in Unity 1 year ago and all i had to do was play around with the character controller script, also it's something you do only have to do once, silent spots and bounces would have to be implemented manually on every map, therefore more work when mapping. Also keep in mind many competitive maps will be made by the community, so it will be up to the creators if they want to add those features or not and this may cause inconsistencies between different maps.
  13. I don't think they'll add the first 3 things you mentioned, as they are bugs which were never patched in the cod engine and i doubt any dev would intentionally add any of those. But i agree about 4 and 5, would be cool to have them in game. One of the devs recently said they are thinking about whether or not including the ability to boost other players.
  14. The replay system has already been confirmed to be in the plans by the devs, but don't expect it to have all these features on launch, it'll probably be added when the game is out of Early access with basic options and it'll get updated with more features with time
  15. Totally agree with you, many guys who had the chance to try the game said it is not as fast as in the trailer, people don't understand the one playing in the gameplay is Joe and he is not only good at fps games but he is also developing Battalion, so he has already mastered the movement.
  16. Unfortunately you can't get Alpha access anymore, you'll be able to buy the game when it hits Early Access
  17. It'll be just like in cs, competitive rank based on how you play and level system based on how much you play
  18. 100% agree with the you
  19. If you have no chance to react maybe it's just because you have bad reaction time/aim, if you wait for someone to peek you always have the advantage over him, as you know where he'll come out, you just don't know whether he'll jump while he engages you or not. In CS:GO you counter this with nades, in games like CoD you do it with a jumpshop or a dropshot. Remember that if you peek while jumpshooting, you have to: perform the jump, locate the enemy, aim at him and shoot him all of these while being in the air, if you re defending an angle instead, you just have to aim and shoot while you're standing still.
  20. 1) Wasn't really referring to you, it was more general 2) Which game package do you have? I could be interested
  21. One thing I really don't like in recent fps games is the way the sniper works while zooming in and this is mostly due to the "new" way the snipers look when you are using the scope. Just to have some comparison this is what it used to be in old games: And this is it now: Back when i used to play on sniper only servers on Cod4, most players, me included, used to spam the "aim" key so that if you had an enemy in front of you, it would have taken less time to aim and shoot, since the animation had already been started. But with the new way the aiming down the sight works, it is not that convenient anymore, at least for me, since while aiming your whole visual is zoomed in and the crosshairs is moved a bit, so if you keep spamming the aim button it is harder to keep your attention on what's going on in front of you,since your whole screen is moving, instead with the old system you just had the animation and then swapped into the zoomed in mode. I'd like to know is how it is going to be in Battalion and what you guys prefer between the 2. (sorry for my poor english, but i'm not a native english speaker and this topic was kinda hard to explain for me )
  22. Alright take this as a fact, as it is something that happens with most games during their development, if you want to complain about the game failing to meet your expectations you're free to do so, but now it's clear what the devs want this game to be, so if you don't like the direction it has taken, sell your key and move on, don't try to change dev's minds with some excuses as "it's a ww2 game therefore there can't be strafe jumping"
  23. First of all during the kickstarter they mentioned Cod 2, now I don't think CoD games offer an authentic experience at all, so that is a contraddiction. If it were for the kickstarter video alone i wound't have spent my money on the game, what got me into it was the description. I also doubt they are referring on the new CoD in the tweet, the news was leaked not even a month ago and you don't change the game direction in just a month, to back this there is Phantasy, who did an update video like 3 months ago and talked about how the game was doing, the infos he gave back then match with how the game looks in the trailer. Still my 5 points are still valid, we can argue whether the game direction has changed or not over the last year, but still I find all these complaints kinda annoying, since they rely on the same base " a WW2 shooter has to be realistic".
  24. 1) I don't get why many people who are looking for an "Authentic WW2 experience" are here instead of being on the Enlisted forums 2) The game plays differently from the trailer because the devs are used to old school shooters and at the same timethey are building the game, so they know better than others how to use the movement system at it best, even cod4 looks way different if played by casual players and pros 3) Do you think playing a game which replicate the WW2 in a realistic way would be fun? Because you know what? War is NOT fun, war is NOT balanced, look at DoD, they have a D-Day map, which replicates quite well the actual place where the landing happened, you think it's fun to play? No, it isn't (at least for the americans) just as it was not fun for the soldiers who died there. I could understand all these complaints if we were talking about a movie, but this is a game, who wants to die 100 times because "hey that's how omaha beach was like, it is realistic" ? 4) If you guys want something more hardcore and team based there are tons of games out there, most of the ones currently available are not based in WW2, but they are there, if we talk about CoD like games, there is none (except CoD obviously, which is worse every year tho), so if Battalion is not what you're looking for, play other games, you can since they do exist, but for us players who want something more arcadey this is the game we're looking for, so please stop trying to change its direction with your "Authentic WW2 experience" and "realistic" crap. 5) "I don't want to be in a WW2 game where I'm strafe jumping all over the place" strafe jumping was also in old school CoD games, like cod4, I don't get why it's okay to have it there and not in Battalion, maybe the soldiers have learnt to strafe jump in modern days, who knows? Still you guys aren't getting that just because a game is set in WW2 it doesn't have to be realistic.
  25. Simple the devs said: "We want to have a cod 4 promod style gameplay", that's it, not fast as an fps arena game, but not slow as a tactical shooter, the right amount of speed which allows you to escape from gun fights if you are good with the movement system, but not too fast to make the process simple for everybody. It's not about the game environment, it's about the gameplay. Let me give an example: Halo didn't use to an aim down the sight system and you weren't even able to run, now in a sci fi environment, where you are a super soldier, you should be able to aim and run faster than Bolt, but the devs didn't want to achieve realism, they had their own idea for how the gameplay should have been, which they thought was fun and they implemented it. Now if we were in the Arma 3 forums i would support every suggestion about some features which would add to the realism, because it fits the gameplay Arma has, but if you're going for something more arcady I don't see why you should add bits of realism here and there just for the sake of it.