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  1. One thing I really don't like in recent fps games is the way the sniper works while zooming in and this is mostly due to the "new" way the snipers look when you are using the scope. Just to have some comparison this is what it used to be in old games: And this is it now: Back when i used to play on sniper only servers on Cod4, most players, me included, used to spam the "aim" key so that if you had an enemy in front of you, it would have taken less time to aim and shoot, since the animation had already been started. But with the new way the aiming down the sight works, it is not that convenient anymore, at least for me, since while aiming your whole visual is zoomed in and the crosshairs is moved a bit, so if you keep spamming the aim button it is harder to keep your attention on what's going on in front of you,since your whole screen is moving, instead with the old system you just had the animation and then swapped into the zoomed in mode. I'd like to know is how it is going to be in Battalion and what you guys prefer between the 2. (sorry for my poor english, but i'm not a native english speaker and this topic was kinda hard to explain for me )
  2. I respect your opinion, but for me it would be kinda boring to play with a sniper like that
  3. Cod4 style all the way!
  4. Hi guys my name is Alessandro irl and Zane is my in-game name, even tho most of the times it is already taken, but this time I got lucky , anyway I'm from Italy and i've been following B:44 for a while, at the beginning I used to be a bit skeptical about the game, but the more I read what the devs say on the forums the more I'm convinced this is the game I'm waiting for. I used to play on cod4promod as a causal and I've been a semi-competitive player (on console tho) till Ghosts came out. In the past years I wasn't able to find a game that could fill the gap left by the lack of skill based fps games and I really hope B:44 will be able to fill it. I'm also a programmer and I've created different mods for ArmA 3 and planning to mod the shit out of this game, if the devs allow us to (which I'm pretty confident they will). Thanks for reading, see ya in game.
  5. Still the game is plenty of servers for the ones who want to play casually
  6. They're kinda similar tbh, only thing which change is the reticle, but that doesn't make a huge difference, even tho i prefer cod4 scope for visibility
  7. Imho aimpunch it's aids, it just adds a luck base variable to the game, which doesn't fit at all in the competitive environment this game should be set in. How many times in latest cod games i literally helped the enemy to kill me with an headshot because of aimpunch, since he was aiming to my chest and the aimpunch cause him to shoot to my head, in the same way many times i was going to hit an headshot and because of aimpunch I missed and died. I really hope it won't be in Battalion
  8. This doesn't make any sense, it doesn't add anything to the game, it's just some gimmick that won't benefit your experience at all, people will just uploads videos on youtube with all the locations to find stuff.
  9. This thread was more than a question for the devs indeed, they are the only ones who can decide this kind of stuff
  10. Will the modders be able to add or replace 3d models for existing weapons? I'd like to make a modern weapon mod for the game, hope the devs will let us mod this kind of stuff.
  11. Yeah I know you can type in chat, but just because you can it doesn't mean everyone will do it, i mean who would want to stop playing to inform his mates about his current position risking to die while doing that?
  12. Well first of all you are assuming everyone you'll play with has a (decent) microphone and is willing to comunicate, how many times when you play MM in games like CS:GO or Overwatch people don't care about comunicating with the team? But let's say we live in an ideal world where everyone is a friendly player with a microphone, if you look at pro players talking to each others during big tournaments, you'll notice that even tho they "only" have to call strats or spot enemies, they still talk a lot and it can become messy if they also have to inform others on their own position. So imho a minimap showing your team is a must-have for a game like this (and i'm glad it is in), we can argue whether to have also enemies as red dots on it or not, but not having any minimap at all is just a bad idea.
  13. Well if you look at Cs they have a minimap where friends are always showed and enemies only if spotted and nobody ever complained, it is important to have a way to spot enemy when you're playing a match alone and there is no comunication in the team.
  14. What about minimap which shows always your team and the enemies only when they're spotted by someone?
  15. Tbh I enjoyed more bf4 with all its flaws than bf1, it hardly feel like a Battlefield game to me.
  16. Soon we should get some gameplay trailer, so you'll see there
  17. You'll be able to play offline so don't worry about that
  18. Actually we don't know how everything in the game looks or sounds like right now, what we saw in the trailer is old footages and most things were just placeholders
  19. At this point I just don't care anymore, it's evident They don't know how to make a good game anymore. I bought MWR and I was really sad to see how they have ruined the game, bad pc port aside, they even managed to ruin it even more with the recent updates.
  20. Tbh when I read the topic of the thread I thought "i don't want economy system in B:44" in a first place, but then I've read some comments and I started thinking it wasn't that bad, but I still feel like it wouldn't be that great either for the type of game B:44 is going to be. Anyway when the game will be fully release i'm going to develop a mod to replicate the cs style defuse gamemode and see how it plays in B:44.
  21. A dev said we are going to have some sneak peek on february/march, that's all we know
  22. It's hard to say since IW engine and Frostbite are priopetary engines, which we don't have access to, but for sure IW engine is worse than the other 2