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  1. Price Strategy

    It's true, but people don't usually buy just 1 game, so 50€ for a new game they've never heard about may be too much, i think a proce between 20/30€ would be good for everyone. Titanfall 2 even tho it's a really good AAA fps, launched at 60€ when CoD and Bf1 came out, people had to choose and the game failed for this reason
  2. Battalion's community health

    Lots of people are on vacation and there isn't really much to talk about
  3. Yeah i forgot it, but i really loved the color correction used in all promod frag movies
  4. How can i buy the game?

    As of now you have to wait for the game to hit Early access to buy it, the devs have said they are thinking to letting more people in before that but there hasn't been any official statement about it yet.
  5. Days of War ?

    Maybe sometimes devs are so passionate about their own idea of how the game should be that it makes them "blind and deaf" to their community's needs
  6. Call Of Duty (2017)

    It happens most times when a studio is about to release a sequel to some already established franchise, the latest examples i can think of are Dead Rising 4, which is nothing like the first if not for the MC and Halo 5. Anyway for me the biggest problem with CoD is the netcode, it is not acceptable for AAA title which is selling milions copies every year to have a tickrate lower than a game like Bf1, where there is way more stuff going on and what's worse is that they don't seem to care about it, many times on the cod subreddit i saw a dev answering to some thread where people were talking about it, showing even Battle(non)sense videos as proofs and this was the answer "There is wide a range of connection speeds these days and we're balancing what works best for all the variables." Like are you serious?
  7. Call Of Duty (2017)

    Honestly in the past few years whenever a dev said they were "going back to their roots" with their next title, it turned out to be shit, so that alone is enough for me to not buy the new CoD, this year i bought AW just to play the remastered and it was worse than the original for everything except the graphics, so if they can fuck up something they have already done in the past pretty well how am i supposed to trust the next game, which I don't know almost anything about, except it being set in WW2, is going to be any better? I can even tolerate the microtransaction bullshit and the casual/lamer features they add for kids to some degree, but since I'm 90% sure the netcode is still going to be bad and the pc port an half mess with no support for modding there is really no reason to give 60€ to a company which doesn't care at all about its fanbase. Just my 2 cents
  8. Alpha Streaming on twitch (solved)

    Not to be rude, but the same exact question has been answered by one of the devs like 2 hours ago
  9. Day of the Alpha

    Yeah I was worried it was a problem on my side
  10. Day of the Alpha

    Just received my key, is pre-download available?
  11. Day of the Alpha

    Well i can stop refreshing my mail every second for now, thanks for the heads up
  12. E3

    The guy asked a question and I've just informed him with the informations I had, I didn't mean to disinform him or anything else, anyway in this case i'm happy to be proven wrong
  13. E3

    Devs are going to attend the event but they aren't going to show the game on stage afaik
  14. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    You know why it has never been done? Because a competitive game has to be balanced and reality is not balanced, also it has to be fun to watch and trust me I don't see people looking at a guy crouching for 25 minutes somewhere and then dying in 1-2 shots. Don't get me wrong I play some tactical and realistic shooters too, but I recognize it is only fun to play it because of the immersion it gives you.
  15. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    To be honest i think asking Bulkhead devs to add a "realism mode" at this stage of development doesn't make any sense, just as you wouldn't ask any other studio to work on something which isn't related at all with the game they are developing or have developed, there is already a vision on what Battalion is going to be and it won't be something you'll achieve immediatly, devs will have to keep making changes and adding stuff for years if everything goes as it should, asking them: "can you add this because i think it is cool even tho it has nothing to do with the game?" And complaining about who says "maybe someone will do a mod for it" is pointless, especially when there is plenty of realistic games out there, while there is no cod2/4 style ones