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  1. Strafe jump poll

    Totally agree with you. People who blame strafe jumping for the game current low player base are delusional, CoD has had jumpshooting for over 10 years now and it's one of the most played fps out there. The truth is currently Battalion's movement is a cheap copy of promod
  2. Reload cancel while sprinting gives the ability to cancel reloads and that alone imo adds a lot to the fluidity because you can always cancel actions you don't want to perform anymore for some reason, so if for example you had a few bullets in your magazine and decide to reload but then an enemy picks you, you have the ability to fight him, instead of dying while performing an action you don't need. All of the stuff you mentioned which "doesn't add up in your book" are all CoD 4 features and yeah I don't want to be one of those guys who say "it was in cod4 so its fine", but the way you describe make them look like they have no sense, which they actually do, CoD4 was a good game and the fact it was also a good competitive game has already been proved. I'm amazed you just recently reported them as being out of place, since you've been here for a while and also afaik tested the alphas I expected you had an overall idea of what the game was trying to be and where it took inspiration from. In my opinion the reason why many people are complaining about some of those mechanics is because CoD4 perfectly executed the kind of gameplay it was trying to achieve and everything was balanced (even more with promod) while Battalion on the other side is a decent reproduction of it, but still not as good movement, graphics and balance wise.
  3. It's not dynamic tho, in cod you can mantle over anything that has a specific height, in Battalion you can do it only in some scripted spots
  4. Yeah I agree with both of you and I hope that's what the devs intend to do eventually, even tho so far we haven't received an official statement. As of now we don't know wheter they will make mantling work like it does in cod or it will always be only doable in scripted spots like it is currently. I think having a more "dynamic" mantle does not only make the movement and moving around the map feel smoother but will also allow them to adjust the jumping height, so for me it is the best thing to do
  5. Input lag and Engine Version

    I honestly don't feel any input lag, so I think they fixed it on their own
  6. Strafe jump poll

    Nothing to do with the engine, bunnyhopping it's when you connect jumps to gain speed, CoD and Battalion have jumpshooting
  7. Smgs are one of the main reason ttk is low, also the fact people are able to shot you before you can see them, gives the impression you die almost instantly and have no time to react. With those 2 getting nerfed the game should play way better than it does currently
  8. The main problem with corner jumping right now are peeker advantage, low time to kill and leaning being not viable, the first 2 are getting addresses with this patch and lean buff is also coming soon.
  9. What kind of reasoning is that? I play a lot of "dead games" with an average playerbase of 300 players and still I find more cheaters there than in Battalion
  10. Lil Joe

    The Stomping Land
  11. Lil Joe

    That means you either have a bad memory or haven't played many EA games
  12. Lil Joe

    I'm not naive, I'm just a programmer so I know how this kind of things work and I have a bit of common sense, people who expect an EA game to be fully functional are delusional
  13. Lil Joe

    First of all not all the devs went to IEM, second Bramm and Tuna are not even programmers so they can't fix bugs and promoting the game is their duty. The fact they are devs doesn't mean from now on they can't go to events to enjoy some free time, which in this case is also a good opportunity to discuss business with the ESL guys
  14. If jumping around corners was the problem CoD wouldn't be one of the biggest fps games out there since its gameplay was always based on jumpshooting and dropshooting people, CoD's community is also made of a lot of casual players, so probably the reason why those 15.000 left isn't the jumping around corners itself. Fucked up netcode? Please watch Battlenonsense video, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about, netcode is fine, the only issue it has currently is the interpolation, which is being fixed next week, everything else is on the same level as CSGO or OW. "Weakest AC we've ever had to deal with" I've encountered maybe 2 cheaters in 83 hours playing Battalion on CoD I've found more than 20 in 100 hours and 15 of them weren't even hiding, EAC is definitely not the weakest AC, most of the times people just get rekt really hard and call cheats on the enemy team, happened to me 5 times yesterday in 4 hours
  15. Lil Joe

    Do you realize the game is an Early Access made by a small dev team and has been out for not even a month?