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  1. 492 I have a friend who would really enjoy this key as a late Christmas present
  2. Steam Game Award nomination

    I think that award was for something like the best in game character or something like that. I nominated battalion for game that keeps me awake at night
  3. I serioulsy doubt it, Brammer said we are going to here something "scary" soon and that they're going to be silent for a while, those wouldn't be true if they were releasing EA in the next days
  4. CODWW2 beta public

    For sure it is the best cod to come out since Ghosts. But as fun as it is I don't see me playing it for a long time
  5. Beta Release

    I hope there will be at least 1 last alpha weekend before BETA
  6. Beta Release

    Personally i've given them 60€ on HB but would have even given more if it were possible just because I liked what they were doing and how they were doing it, so I decided to support them. All I want is for the game to succed as it is the only way to get my "investment" back and if that means selling the game for 15€ then it's fine to me.
  7. Beta Release

    Dlc are way worse than microtransaction, they just split the community and generate less revenue.
  8. Beta Release

    That kind of stuff would be way more than scary for me, i'd say it would be terrifying
  9. Yeah but Pubg and Battalion are 2 different games, Pubg has one huge map so chances are you always get a different experience every time you play and the gamemode they have it's what Pubg is supposed be played on. Battalion on the other side has small maps and playing deathmatch over and over on the same map with a limited amount of weapons and customization can get boring quickly. Also mind that us backers pledged for having a role in shaping up the game and because we used to play promod, new buyers will most likely be outsiders and won't judge the game on what it is supposed to be but on what is it now. Days of war did many mistakes during EA and one of them was releasing too early to the public and the game is dead now, so the devs are smartly avoiding doing the same thing.
  10. Beta Release

    What i said is just my "worst" case scenario for the announcement they have talked about, but I hope i'm wrong on that. Anyway it would be nice to have some infos on when the next alpha week will be or at least what we can expect to be in it. It's been almost a month since 0.3 test weekend
  11. Beta Release

    They said something " scary" is going to be announced and some backers won't like it, so i think it's more something like "we will release some big update but in january"
  12. Vehicles

    I think you won't have problems selling it since a lot of people are trying to get into the alpha and next time at least read the infos in the Kickstarter campaign before blindly spending your money
  13. Price Strategy

    It's true, but people don't usually buy just 1 game, so 50€ for a new game they've never heard about may be too much, i think a proce between 20/30€ would be good for everyone. Titanfall 2 even tho it's a really good AAA fps, launched at 60€ when CoD and Bf1 came out, people had to choose and the game failed for this reason
  14. Battalion's community health

    Lots of people are on vacation and there isn't really much to talk about
  15. Yeah i forgot it, but i really loved the color correction used in all promod frag movies