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  1. Zane

    Update on progress please

    The hard truth is after 3 years of development we don't even have a movement system that is as fluid as cod4, which should have been a core mechanic to nail down during the first months of development and that shows the devs don't have the skills to do what they have promised
  2. Please read again my previous answer, now tell me where you see me making any of the points you've listed. All I've said is the game has been a mediatic failure, but financially speaking it did well, then I proved your point was bullshit. For you to answer to my previous statement is such a way means that you either are stupid or recognized that your original statement was false, but anyway: 1: Statistically false, someone is playing the game 2: There are so many games I can think of that have major gameplay issues, some of them are not even in EA. What did you expect from an indie title? Most of those issues are getting addressed with the MU2 anyway 3: Definitely not true and the recent steam updates are the proof they listen to the community, they just ignore stupid complaints 4: As I already said, I don't agree with their decision to leave the forums, but I can see why they did it after reading some of the posts in this thread 5: Did you expect an indie studio to push as many updates as Fortnite does? They have said it's not optimal to have an update every 3 months, but that's what they can do with their current infrastructure, supposedly things will change in the future and we'll get more small updates in between major ones. 6: the only thing I can agree with 7: The forums are almost dead because all the good talk is happening on reddit, where people make useful posts and share content
  3. Crashes and bugs don't get fix overnight man, it takes a lot of time to make a game stable. You tried to organize a tournament for a game which has been in early access for 3 months, what did you expect? Dunno, maybe all the teams that participated to Blitzkrieg LAN 2 months ago. Yeah the console version that was announced with the original Kickstarter campaign said it all... Jeez guys give me a break, I don't want to look like a Battalion fanboy, I mean I still think the game has potential, but if you control my comment history I've also shared my fair amount of critics towards bulkhead devs, but on the other hand the points you make are so dumb I can't just ignore them and let you spread false informations. I don't condone their choice but it's most likely for posts like this that the devs left the forums
  4. Yes that's true, we can spend all time discussing about whether focusing on esports this early was a good or bad move, but that doesn't imply they focused on esports because they wanted to take money from sponsors as Sneak said, if you want to make a somewhat valid point, you could say they took money from EA sales and spent them into esports instead of investing all of them in improving the game, that would be a fair critic, what Sneak said is just nonsense. I don't know, maybe we haven't read the same devblogs, because to me it seems that with each update they have addressed almost all the stuff the community has complained about in the past months, we haven't heard anything esports related until yesterday. Your complaint sound so generic "shiny stuff and animated things", what are you even talking about? The new renderer? Because to me it seems many people complained about graphics being shit, yes it may not be as important to you, but it's not like that's all what they have done, with this update they have made changes to almost every aspect of the game following the feedback that was given during the first months of EA, I wonder what else you were expecting them to do.
  5. You clealy have no idea how this stuff works man. First of all the EA launch has been a mediatic failure for the game, but financially speaking it did well, just look at SteamDB and see how many people own the game (that also takes in consideration refunds). Second running an esports scene costs money, sponsors usually are supposed to compensate for those costs (PC rental, rent for the location, casters, price pool, etc..) all the money Bulkhead gets from them go straight into the event, not their pockets, there is no sponsor in the world who gives money directly to the devs just to develop the game, because in that case we aren't talking about sponsors anymore, but publishers or investors.
  6. The devs are focusing just on the pc version until it comes out of EA, they are not focusing on consoles. Have you read the last devblogs?
  7. Zane

    Reaction on Wartide 2.0 post

    Basically from what I understood they can't make a decent ELO based matchmaking, as we know the current one is broken af, so from the update I guess they will be using the algorithm FaceIT has developed. I may be wrong tho
  8. Zane

    Moving Foward (reddit post) and comment

    What I don't understand is where those KS money went, they asked for 100.000£ initially and got 3 times that number without even considering Humble Bundle sales, despite that after 2 years we have an inferior product compared to what was promised, especially if you look at the graphics and as Bramm said they had to push EA because they were running out of money, I wonder what would Battalion be today if they got just those 100.000£. I have to agree with this unfortunately, I've always thought the WW2 setting was just a gimmick to get money from nostalgic players, also let aside the "authenticity" debate, the video is quite misleading in many other ways, you see them using motion capture to record animations and the game not only doesn't have any of those animations, but I'm 99% sure there is no mocapped animation at all in the entire game, yes a game can change direction during development, but if you look at the KS campaign and then play the actual game, the only thing in common is the name, that's it. That being said I'm one of those guys who wanted a successor to cod4, so I'm kinda happy with the direction it has taken, even tho I'm the first to say the game is not even on the same level as promod, but all these discrepancies are slowly starting to make me question the devs
  9. Zane

    Battalion 1944 future.

    This footage is from the old manorhouse since then they did some tweaks to the netcode iirc and most importantly they added icons to show connection issues, you can't know if there was a problem his connection when he shot
  10. Zane

    Battalion 1944 future.

    Since you are such an experienced game developer, which engine would have you used? I'm curious
  11. Zane


    He is kinda right, Infinity Ward was not really big when they developed cod4, but they had more man power than Bulkhead does currently along with a lot of funding, the engine also matters a lot, when you have solid foundations to build upon developing a game is quite easy, CoD4 devs had those since they had access to their own engine specifically modified to make that type of game. Bulkhead on the other side is using a very good engine which was developed to make a broad variety of games, so it may have some advanced features which have no use in a game like Battalion and at the same time miss many others that are needed, they also have to create a pipeline to add stuff like weapons, maps and player models in the best way for their needs and this also takes time. There is to say a good dev team can take whatever engine and make it able to support any kind of game given enough time, money and skill, I'm willing to give Bulkhead time and I've already given them money, so the only thing I can't give them is the skill and knowledge to do what they promised us and I'm still willing to trust they have it, even though there are some red flags that make me think otherwise
  12. Zane

    Battalion 1944 future.

    I think the main problem with Battalion's graphics is not that it doesn't look photorealistic or anything, in my opinion the main problem is that it doesn't look visually appealing like games such as OW or even old CoDs do. It doesn't have anything to do with how the game plays but it's certantly a bummer that a game made in 2017/2018 with UE4 looks worse than old CoDs or ,to make another more approriate example, worse than Black Squad, a free to play game made with UE3. It's not a big problem for me, since I don't care about graphics, but it kinda makes me question the devs skill, maybe they were not able to make it look good and run well at the same time, who knows?
  13. I think he's half right, I agree with him on the fact Battalion probably won't ever be a big thing, but I don't think the cause is the fact they're making a "10 year old game in 2018" because that 10 year old game is CoD4 and to this day CoD is still one of the most played fps on the market, despite gameplay always being the same, exception given for the "exo suits cods", Battalion is supposed to be CoD without all the bullshits like killstreaks or claymores and with developer support. The reason why it is not doing well is that right now the game is not a CoD4 2.0 but more a CoD4 wannabe in WW2 and it is unsure whether the game will ever be able to be a true spiritual successor rather than an inferior copy
  14. How do you know he hates the game?