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  1. Not to be rude, but the same exact question has been answered by one of the devs like 2 hours ago
  2. Yeah I was worried it was a problem on my side
  3. Just received my key, is pre-download available?
  4. Well i can stop refreshing my mail every second for now, thanks for the heads up
  5. E3

    The guy asked a question and I've just informed him with the informations I had, I didn't mean to disinform him or anything else, anyway in this case i'm happy to be proven wrong
  6. E3

    Devs are going to attend the event but they aren't going to show the game on stage afaik
  7. You know why it has never been done? Because a competitive game has to be balanced and reality is not balanced, also it has to be fun to watch and trust me I don't see people looking at a guy crouching for 25 minutes somewhere and then dying in 1-2 shots. Don't get me wrong I play some tactical and realistic shooters too, but I recognize it is only fun to play it because of the immersion it gives you.
  8. To be honest i think asking Bulkhead devs to add a "realism mode" at this stage of development doesn't make any sense, just as you wouldn't ask any other studio to work on something which isn't related at all with the game they are developing or have developed, there is already a vision on what Battalion is going to be and it won't be something you'll achieve immediatly, devs will have to keep making changes and adding stuff for years if everything goes as it should, asking them: "can you add this because i think it is cool even tho it has nothing to do with the game?" And complaining about who says "maybe someone will do a mod for it" is pointless, especially when there is plenty of realistic games out there, while there is no cod2/4 style ones
  9. You should be able to buy the game again when it gets to Early Access stage, currently there is no ETA for that, most likely Q1 2018
  10. Aimpunch has no reason to exist in a truly competitive environment, it just adds a random variable you can't control to the game. So many times i have been killed by guys i was shooting at because they got a lucky headshot on me thanks to aimpunch, just like many times i had my aim right on their heads but aimpunch made me miss the shot. It is bad for both sides and it makes the gameplay less enjoyable overall.
  11. Yeah I agree with what you said, I was hoping to have some fun playing online during the weekend and play offline to test the maps and look for glithes during the week, I hope the devs give us further explanations on why they have taken this decision.
  12. I think players should be able to change their class, sometimes you need to change your playstyle to perform well and in order to adapt to how your enemies play
  13. Yeah i'm aware of that, but I mean if you find trolls or griefers they'll always find a way to ruin your game, just like in cs they abuse of the economy system and buy random or useless weapons, but imo if you play with decent players who want to have fun and win just as you do, then it's a good system, even tho it still needs to be refined.
  14. Well you can but designing something in that way is not the right way to do it
  15. I agree with Joe on the design point, nobody will spend money for a simple camo skin, if they have to add "crazy" skins then why not let the community submit them on the workshop just as happens in csgo and rust? It will only benefit more the game since it will involve the community and let some artist earn some money and at the same time the devs won't have to waste their time on making skins for the game. Also about the immersion side of the game I have something to say, I do agree it would look stupid and childish for some players, but if you think about it even old cod games such as Cod4 had "crazy" skins, yes it wasn't a WW2 game but it was quite similar to what Battalion wants to be. Last thing is something I'm not sure of, but i'd like to share it, if you follow the CS:GO competitive scene, you'll notice almost every pro player has the craziest skins in the game and uses them at lan, they aren't concerned about skins distracting them or giving them a disanvantage, I think that in highly stressful situationas skins help your brain to relax, just as for example soldiers paint stuff on their helis or customize their weapons.