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  1. An interview with phantasy!

    yeah right option
  2. An interview with phantasy!

    Kids these days, raging coz mommy didn't gave them a key to play Lol. I know that bro , but who will take the responsibility of teaching hypeRNT that crying on forums won't give him a key.
  3. An interview with phantasy!

    The faster you will understand that you won't get the game before early access the better. Also kickstarter was ages ago, you are still not updated on the facts as you were on day 1 of your post
  4. Battalion Early Access

    because they are actually working on game not earning/marketing/shitting around.
  5. can i get the key for early acces

    Well you are right. They did give equal chance to everyone when they sold it on humble. Lets wait if Dev's are ready to expand circle. But we feel left out nothing else. Well i do wait eagerly for playing this game
  6. can i get the key for early acces

    And how do you differentiate between people who don't know what real alpha or beta is ? or who does ? psychic abilities ?
  7. can i get the key for early acces

    I want to get email when he opens that store coz I want to buy it at any cost
  8. The overall conclusion is "THIS KID is raging because he has no key to play, and have 0 patience at most". Definite in need of a down-vote/dislike/retard alert/ button. I can go on for ages but there is time to realize you can't fix a broken mind like your's
  9. Lol, after reading title and post is so "misleading". Also, its like talking into the past. As @Farq-S said. Don't expect any answers as its all under NDA.
  10. CD Keys - Phases of project

    I'm interested in when the game will be out for buying Beta,EA and full game
  11. CD Keys - Phases of project

    Thanks for clarifying it, otherwise would have paid a 3rd guy for alpha and beta code for $100 .
  12. CD Keys - Phases of project

    @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON the question is, will we get new key for beta or this alpha one will work for beta,ea and full gAME
  13. Alpha 0.1 Times

    You should also realize that still most of hardcore players were unable to sign up for alpha,beta and rest.
  14. Introduction | Zero

    Hi , I'm Zero . I have been playing PC games for about 7 years and spent last 5 years playing professionally in Call of Duty 4 Promod . I'm from India . Favorite Game is COD4 Promod . Well Phantasy led me here . I dont do much, either i will be playing COD or sleeping . That's only my life . Would love to join Scrims and play alongside you guys . Hopefully will be accepted with open heart . Really excited !! Kind Regards