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  1. Ello /Zorna

    Thank you good sir! =D
  2. Ello /Zorna

    Thank you for the nice comments and it's nice to be here Hope to talk more with you guys
  3. Different Sniper Limit in teams (SoloQ/TeamQueue)

    I guess you can just switch classes then but you spawn in as the ''sniper'' would be a good idea maybe? And ofcourse you have the game outside competetive aswell so you can play with it your self without feeling that you're not bringing anything to the team i guess.
  4. Different Sniper Limit in teams (SoloQ/TeamQueue)

    This makes a lot of sense really, having some kind of ''track history'' on what role or weapon someone is using would be a good idea to have in solo que as you say, in teams this will not a a problem at all. You have your set roles and so on. And it's not just only for the person playing with the sniper that it benefits rather the entire team it self. Having someone one that spend their time to get good with a sniper is way more deadly then another person who has never played with it in this game. I like this idea a lot. Makes sense aswell. Specially for people with a lower end pc.
  5. Leaning System

    For me i would love to see the leaning from cod2 and cod4 in this game. I understand that some people would like to see a 2-3 second lean with or without a cooldown on lean after use. But for me atleast i cannot see the game feel ''smooth'' with this leaning system
  6. Drawing on map

    As a player who enjoys team play in games i do really love this idea. Would really benefit teams in the beginning of the games life to help with strats
  7. Ello /Zorna

    Hello everyone! My name is Jimmi (my in-game name is Zorna / [Z]<''3) I am from sweden and i have been interested in Battalion for quite sometime and after looking at Phantasys latest video about the game it really got me hyped for this game. I come from Cod4 Promod and i have been playing it for years now and i still play it today, reading and hearing all what you guys are making sounds amazing and hard to belive that something like this would actually come true is just amazing. For me i can't wait for the game to go live. I feel like i wanna be involved in this community more then anything i have been in before. Thanks for reading and wasting your time Zorna
  8. Movie-making tools / Free roam spectating

    What DEMMZ is saying here is something that would be amazing to have. Maybe not at launch but later in the games development. And for Oco i would say go watch his work he makes clean videos i would love to see him work on a few videos for Battalion aswell!