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  1. Well I kinda liked how you could boost people in cod4 but not stand on their head for more than 1 sec or so. You just slided off
  2. I was so confused why it was my title and someone elses credit
  3. Hello there /Oco

    Of course.
  4. Competitive Players

    Played CoD2 as a kid (maybe messed my head up) and then moved on to CoD4 promod after watching my older brother play in the same team as known players like miRACLE and qLimAxzU during ''The Outcasts'' days (he told me recently that qlimaxzu was the most frag horny player he ever played with lol). I also saw my first fragmovie called RAANARA 0 by acid that really got me interested in 2009. (Will put a Youtube link for it at the bottom) I played CoD2 for fun in scrims and CoD4 more seriously in online tournaments and CG. Still playing btw, We're in a Cup today with 30 teams signed up atm it's not ''dead'' yet, if you want to play you can. Also dabbled in Halo: Reach on Xbox for a while and won a tournament with my friend. Let me know if you meet me in an irc cod4 scrim! ''Asure Oco.Q8'' will probably be my name. RAANARA 0 by acid (FRAGMOVIE LINK AS MENTIONED ABOVE)
  5. Need new gameplay

    if this turns away players then they're not very bright anyway
  6. Jump + zoom

    All true, also it was only accurate during a small window when jumping. To master this would be another skill cap to reach.
  7. Saying hello.

    Welcome friend
  8. Yes, as I mentioned this may become an issue depending on the activity on the SoloQ ladder. But some kind of system is what I was getting at. I just came forward with two ideas for this, I strongly believe that you developers will find some way to make it work. Also thanks for the reply!
  9. Hello there /Oco

    Hey! Thanks, I might do that soon then The video part, not the stupid part haha
  10. Yes, but the person that never played and perhaps wants to try should still be able to, which is why the first option to pick what you want before matchmaking would be a bit superior. These are all ideas to build upon of course.
  11. I had an idea (not sure if discussed already) regarding the sniper limits for each team during competitive/ranked play. If there are snipers in the game there should be a 1 player per team limit in my opinion. Obviously in a structured clan/team with set roles there wouldn't be any need for any change except the limit in place. But the idea that I have in mind for the Solo queue ,that the developers planned on implementing, there could possibly be an option for you to click in the weapon you want to play before searching a match(or however you do it) so that the Sniper doesn't just go to the first person loading the server. However that could possibly make matchmaking take longer, but it's something on my mind. I don't wanna be forced to play a weapon/class that I don't enjoy because I was the last player that joined. You could possibly instead have a voting system instead where you can vote on who should have the sniper, maybe a track record display for each player that shows that you would be the preferred choice? Right now I'm just spitballing but it's something to consider. I've seen people write ''scope plz'' way too many times during my cod4 days'.
  12. As long as it's not all up in yo face when planting (like in original cod4 without mods) where you shove the bomb up in your face when planting.
  13. Great post, great points. I agree completely with every point made.
  14. Drawing on map

    This is a good idea since in the early stages of the game release people wont know callouts so you could just draw on the map, routes or strats etc. for your team.