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  1. The clip you uploaded was like 1second long.. we need a bit more than that
  2. Yeah, you're probably right, the difference is not huge. For reference, I've been playing DOOM in 1080p 100-120 fps on ultra with 6700k and gtx 1060 6gb. Anyways, his problem is certainly not the specs, and it doesn't help that he doesn't provide too much info. (probably also hard because he's new to PC gaming)
  3. Wouldn't say your PC and his are similar at all. If his is not high end, yours is low-mid end at best..
  4. Well, when you post something that is supposed to make everything clear and instead does not explain anything, it might get people such as myself a little mad. I understand they're busy, I really do, but it's not as if the thread was one day old, there was plently of time to 'defuse' it
  5. It's the first time I've said something negative regarding the devs, and if they would've cleared everything up from the beginning, it would've been much smoother. Their replies cleared everything up for me, and I do believe now it is what's best for the game.
  6. are you really that naive? people will practice their bollox off anyway lmao at those people that want to get good they clearly have no faith in the game!
  7. Specs? Maybe a video of the issue would help
  8. @[CM] BigTuna Basically, only excuses and things you've said before. Not even one legit reason in your posts:) If you're concerned with offline play security, allow us to play 24/7 online. And yes, people actually were going to practice in offline mode, even if things might change in the future. Also, there are plently of people that have already played battalion 1944, and you're giving us no way to reach the hours they will reach.
  9. So instead of upgrading to unlimited online, you're removing even offline play. Are you going to give a reason why we can't play online during the week?
  10. Why learn from somebody else's mistakes, when you can make your own?? pro tip: sarcasm. Did you also think during development, there would be nothing new? no additions, nothing? Honestly, some people around here like to just leave out key words and understand whatever they want. You're more than welcome to sell your 10 pack, I`m sure there's a bunch of people that would buy them.
  11. Oh no, it also has a different shade of grey.. literally unplayable !
  12. Offline play was confirmed several times.. I`m not sure about what you meant with the 'person issues' or spectating.. It's kind of why we want alpha to be playable online all the time.
  13. I very much doubt they will split the community. There's for sure going to be a 'casual mode' but that's not the same as an realism mode.. If people want realism, they're going to have to make their own mods and host their own servers, which I`m sure they'll do. It's impressive that even though they do not want to spend time making such a game, they give the community the opportunity to tweak the game to what the players think is fun.
  14. Yeah, not trying to take anything away from them, just want them to keep going
  15. They allow us to play offline, but not online during the week.. therefore, your argument is mostly not valid..