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  1. RAFF

    CoD4 ProMod players show yourself

    31st January, you heard it here first.
  2. RAFF

    Different nade types and throws?

    instead, maybe divine intervention? a meteorite sounds better.
  3. RAFF

    PC Games Insider Interview

    You didn't really answer his question, tho.
  4. RAFF

    Cod ww2 Beta

    Even the competitive games they managed to get out were not played competitively thanks to them .. they clearly have no clue about esports. But that's okay, I don't think anyone expected anything else from them!
  5. RAFF

    When is the next beta?

    They cannot finish the game without a beta, if they sold a game with a beta. At least that seems like common sense..
  6. They could match the prices from Rocket League, regarding cases/keys. Also, it's important that they add some items that are limited, for people to have something to work for.
  7. Even if I agree with being able to open some crates without spending money, they can't fixate prices because the game needs to have a healthy trading community in order to grow.
  8. RAFF

    Beta Release

    I seriously don't see what your problem is. It's literally just a visual element that doesn't impact gameplay in any way. It's not as if they give you 20% more speed if you spend $50. Or, for people like you, they should make the pricetag $100 and give you the skins for free. Maybe that makes you feel better, but plenty of people can play without and would like a lower pricetag because of that.
  9. RAFF

    Rifle Balance

    Not hit/miss. Chest can sometimes mean you get a tag, and not a kill.(netcode) You make the 1 shot-kill area smaller, you make the problem more noticeable.
  10. RAFF

    Rifle Balance

    If only that area is a 1 shot kill that creates so many hit reg problems, with headshots not being kills and so on. If those problems are not that noticeable now, they will be if they change it to this.
  11. RAFF

    Price Strategy

    Spoken like a true first world person. Yes, after spending 2 years saving up for a PC, I will not give away the savings I make in a month or two for a game. Also chances are people are not only invested in battalion, they might want to buy and play something else too. So yeah, some people can't afford 50e for a game.
  12. RAFF

    Battalion's community health

    I wouldn't hold my breath for that. Your best hope will be that they might allow you to buy into beta.
  13. RAFF

    Battalion's community health

    Do you have alpha access? If yes, contact @[CM] BigTuna and he'll invite you.
  14. RAFF

    Battalion's community health

    Can confirm what was said above. On top of that, a lot of discussions take place in the private alpha discord.