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  1. Rifle Balance

    Not hit/miss. Chest can sometimes mean you get a tag, and not a kill.(netcode) You make the 1 shot-kill area smaller, you make the problem more noticeable.
  2. Rifle Balance

    If only that area is a 1 shot kill that creates so many hit reg problems, with headshots not being kills and so on. If those problems are not that noticeable now, they will be if they change it to this.
  3. Price Strategy

    Spoken like a true first world person. Yes, after spending 2 years saving up for a PC, I will not give away the savings I make in a month or two for a game. Also chances are people are not only invested in battalion, they might want to buy and play something else too. So yeah, some people can't afford 50e for a game.
  4. Battalion's community health

    I wouldn't hold my breath for that. Your best hope will be that they might allow you to buy into beta.
  5. Battalion's community health

    Do you have alpha access? If yes, contact @[CM] BigTuna and he'll invite you.
  6. Battalion's community health

    Can confirm what was said above. On top of that, a lot of discussions take place in the private alpha discord.
  7. I personally really enjoy the new layout, and I love the fact that we got back to the upvote/downvote system. What do you guys think?
  8. Could be as soon as beta or as late as EA. With how things have been moving so far, I just can't see the game getting into EA at the begining of 2018 tho.
  9. Leaning side-to-side

    Leaning is almost 1:1 with promod feel-wise, that means you can lean while proned, crouched and running, but not while sprinting.
  10. Leaning side-to-side

    You can lean while moving..
  11. Leaning side-to-side

    Leaning is in the game.
  12. Opinions of a former CoD4 Promod player

    Wallbangs were not powerful in cod4, wallbangs were powerful in 1.6. I`d personally love the wallbang to be similar to that of promod, only more reliable (sometimes a constant surface gave different results depending on where you shot). You couldn't hide in grass in promod (you'd be seen anyway, on crash the trees were used for cover, not grass) and even if you did, players that had graphics turned on low couldn't see the grass, so tough luck.
  13. Customizable ScoreBoard

    Great idea, not a priority but would be nice to see eventually..
  14. Price Strategy

    The price tag might encourage people to buy more than one copy for themselves, most CS:GO players own at least two accounts. The discussion is much more broad than it seems, but all in all I think the pricetag should not exceed 18-20 euros.
  15. Price Strategy

    I`d expect a CS:GO / rocket league style price.