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  1. Are you seriously calling a deathmatch montage a frag movie? Try to stay on topic anyways.
  2. It will not fit the "fast" gameplay they advertise. Also, watching insane snipers play is probably the most exciting thing in competitive shooters, so it's probably going to be the most important role.
  3. What do you guys think about the sniper rifle? What should not be missing, what game nailed it best, and so on. I honestly would love the feel of the cod4 promod snipers, because they were so fun and light to move around with. It didn't feel overpowered, it just played an important role.
  4. The good part is, if the system turns out to be bad, you can always switch back.
  5. Oh, yeah.. however, it's been previously discussed and already decided. Only the player with the bomb will be able to plant it.
  6. Economy was already said no to by the devs, and most the other stuff will be anwered later, not in alpha or pre-alpha.
  7. How exactly do defenders carry the bomb in cod4/csgo/cod2?
  8. You're discussing more than there is to be discussed. They already said no to the economy system , so that's off the table. Aimpunch should be minimal, and will most likely be tweaked multiple times in the alpha/beta phases of the game.
  9. I see them the same way, but it depends on the way they implement them. If they'll be purchasable on the steam market, it'll be great.
  10. It's just, skins and microtransactions are a necessary evil to keep a game alive and players interested.
  11. Well "stop nades" are a decent idea, they have the role of stopping rushes. Fast paced does not mean everyone rushes and hopes for the best.
  12. I think it should be decided in the alpha. If health damaged by nades does not regenerate, then nades should not kill a player in one blow. If health does get regenerated, nades need to be able to kill in one blow. (also adds tactical depth, see cod4 promod.) They both need to get tried out, but health regen I guess is there to stay.
  13. You're telling me CS:GO didn't aim to be an esport when it came out? The great franchise from before didn't mean anything, and they didn't care to be at all competitive? It was FIRSTLY competitive, then anything else. This goes for most games that are esports.
  14. Vital is something that the game cannot be played without. If players spawn in completely different sides of the map , what purpose does the protection serve? Or would you rather have a game in which all players spawn in the same point on the map and you give them 1 minute protection?
  15. I understand what he says, but to me it seems like he implies that everyone is so broken hearted about the decisions being made, and uses language that can go both ways to impress people or make his thoughts heard. some example: "I really don't like x" as opposed to "Me and my friends really don't like x, and i`m sure the other 10.000 people that backed may be dissapointed too." English isn't my first language either, so I`m sorry if I can't make you understand why the wording seems weird at least. Usually when you're mad and don't have a lot of good points, you try to make the wording as strong and ambiguous as possible.