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  1. ToRRent

    July Update

  2. ToRRent

    How about change everything

    So basically do ET2 instead of cod2/promod mix? Gotcha.
  3. ToRRent

    Major Update #2 and Tournament

    I'm pretty sure they have no plans for free weekend unless they overhaul all aspects of the game (So Arcade/Progression too). I bet MU3 or MU4 will have free weekend.
  4. ToRRent

    June update wishlist.

    I always thought it's a common keyboard issue that it doesn't let You use alt space combo in games.
  5. ToRRent

    Teamchange in arcade and unranked not possible

    Can You even read? The whole topic is about matchmaking, not dedis.
  6. ToRRent

    Teamchange in arcade and unranked not possible

    Once You pick a team, the menu will block in arcade/unranked.
  7. ToRRent

    Ironsight F2P

    They will probably flood the game with pay2win or notorious grind to take people out of the game, Aeria is a scary publisher and You should take Ironsight carefully.
  8. ToRRent

    Reduce points to win!

    You mean for unranked? Makes sense.