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  1. teamkillscore is bugged

    Have You tried teamkillscore=5 ?
  2. Tone Down Main Menu (Darker)

    Because in-game, inserted assets weren't that good looking.
  3. Arcade limit 5v5

    Also agree, more fun if it's more random/chaotic.
  4. Game's Dead guys..

    Well, there is nothing to do in the game right now for majority of players. Most of the community is waiting for ranked.
  5. They promised experience from past shooters, and they delivered how it was years ago. cod2 and cod4 had strafejumping, ET had constant strafe jumping/bhop. Next time You should read first and then back to not be dissapointed.
  6. You prefer realistic walking simulators instead of competitive, arcade shooters? So why did You back Battalion in first place?
  7. 120Hz and more

    -refresh 120 in launch options.
  8. Localization

    There are like 200 lines of localisation, why Do You even need that?
  9. EA Release Game files

    Not really since all game files are bundled into 1 big pack.
  10. Demos for EA?

    No, it's coming with Q4 update.
  11. Too simplistic bomb sites?

    I hoped they will keep cs style of bombsites where You can plant on area instead of having crate.
  12. Esport bomb timer

    Also agree.
  13. Will there be censorship??? (Dev question)

  14. Stream @CompetitiveBattalion community!

    I think stuff like that is more like Square Enix Coll. thingy rather than Bulkhead but we will see. Community is a good start to build viewership for upcoming events/streams.