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  1. Canadian Clan?!

    Hi, anyone starting a Canadian Clan?
  2. Anyone ideas on the time period that COD2017 will cover? Please no mech suits I use to play the first few COD's until the developers went insane!
  3. Development Update & Sneak Peaks!

    Hi, it would be nice to see a video game include Canadian soldiers not just American for a change. A lot of Canadians play FPS. Thank you. WP
  4. Substance Painter

    Hi, I am Canadian and there will be lots of Canadians playing your game I would suggest putting Canadian soldiers in the game as we participated in every significant campaign and many significant battles in Europe and Italy It gets irritating seeing fps always default to Americans Thank you!
  5. Anti cheat.

    Thank you
  6. Anti cheat.

    Hi, looks interesting. When does DoW go on sale? I do not see a buy link on Steam. Are you signed up for it? It seems the tactical shooters have found a niche cottage industry for hardcore fps gamers that choose realism over the dumbed down mass multiplayers like COD and BF. Thanks, WP
  7. Anti cheat.

    Thank you. I have been playing FPS since B1942, but not competitive. I did not like the BF1 release, so I am looking for something else to play now. B1944 looks interesting, I will have to brush up on my small unit tactics to be competitive, I sense it will be fierce
  8. Hello

    Hi, sorry, I just found out about B1944 yesterday reading on the Internet. When you stated "backed or not" what are you referring to? Thanks, WP Thank you, much appreciated
  9. Hello

    Hi, just heard about Battalion 1944 yesterday reading on the Internet. Still figuring it all out! Can anyone give me a crash course on how KickStarter works? Cordially, WP
  10. Anti cheat.

    Hello fellows, Please forgive my ignorance, but how would a player be able to cheat on the PC version of Battalion 1944? Thank you, WP
  11. Hello group, How does the Unreal Engine 4 compare to the IW engine and Frostbite engine? Thank you, WP
  12. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    I was not talking to you shithead so STFU !
  13. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    Hello, your Battalion 1944 game is suppose to be a realistic tactical FPS. This being the case, I would suggest using the realistic standard rank structure of most militaries, i.e. 1. Private 2. Corporal 3. Master Corporal 4. etc. Please don't use unrealistic silly names like "Super Sergeant" that do not mean anything like Battlefield. On a side note, I watched the trailer and I noticed the avatar soldiers look very stiff when they are running. They do not have the natural movement of a human being. Please reconsider this movement as the human-eye picks up on the cardboard cutout movement and notes it as unrealistic, which lessens immersion. Thank you, WP