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  1. BerNa


    we already met a few of them in ranked
  2. BerNa

    Active players decreased by 50%

    what kind of problem? it's not cs go...
  3. BerNa

    CoD WaW Players

    did you play it as well?
  4. BerNa

    Have I become insane?

    lol, had this as well but more during alpha/beta
  5. playerkick --> server crash often after mapchange --> death from falling in an endless loop
  6. BerNa

    Demos for EA?

    demo is essential
  7. Discord might be the best platform for searching pcws.
  8. BerNa

    Doubts about servers

    Espero que tengas la oportunidad de jugar en servidores sudamericanos! Me amo tu continente amigo
  9. Hi Guys As some of you already mentioned, some guys aren't able to play a single game due to their HDD (most likely). Texture Streaming --> ON This helped for my mate who is now able to connect to a server really quickly! Cheers
  10. BerNa


    phantasy fanboy #1