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  1. Shepherd92

    The Future ,,around the game"

    Hi there Community, I made just a hypothetical, inofficial Image, what a small advertisement for including British troops, new skins and new maps regarding the African War Theatre, could look like. I do underline again, that this is nothing official and just the attempt of a visualisation of my thoughts. I tried to get the idea in one picture without just painting it by using words. What do you guys think about that? Hypothetical Features mentioned in the image are: 4 new north african themed maps (Classic Cod2 maps) New lootbox with new weapon skins Service Medal 2019 for reaching level 100 ("Summer Offensive -- Service Medal 2019" engraved) German Afrikakorps character models Inclusion of british troops with sand camo Inclusion of british weapons (Lee Enfield No.4, Sten, Bren LMG, Lee Enfield No.4 scoped) I thought it might be great not only to widen the base of the game, but furthermore bringt more diversity and even maps from old and awesome games back to this fresh and polished version of old FPS. That is my actual wish or idea on that ground. I hope for some community feedback. Happy fragging. _____________________________________________________ Credits Credits for used Kar98k model Credits for used STG44 model Credits for used Sten model Credits for Background image Credits for Kar98k ornaments Credits for Soldier go to Day of Infamy
  2. Shepherd92

    The Future ,,around the game"

    In my oppinion that shouldn't just be skins. It should be seperated in weapon groups with similar values. So i.e. Revolvers, semiautomatic pistols or one-shot-pistols. For that groups different pistols could be added and every pistol got their own skins. Revolvers should deal high damage, but reload slow and firerate should be slow, one shot pistols should be one hit weapons but need to be reloaded after every shot and that should take time. Semiautomatic pistols should work as they do now. Yes, that could be a good idea. Weapons can be seperated in groups, i.e. Light (Rifles), Medium (SMGs), Heavy (AR and LMG), Shotgun, Sniper and Mixed (Carbine/M1Carbine/SVT-40). So getting weapons into groups could mean: ________________________________________________"Rifles/ guns" Light M1 Garand Kar98k Mosin Nagant Springfield 1903 Ironsight Lee Enfield No.4 Carcano M38 Medium MP40 (higher damage value if PPSh-41 and Thompson get drum magazines) Thompson (drum magazine if PPSh-41 gets a drum magazine) PPSh-41 PPS-42 Sten gun (Higher damage if PPSh-41 and Thompson get drum magazines) MP34 ("" "") Italian M1938 Mixed M1 Carbine G43 SVT-40 Heavy FG42 Ironsighted STG 44 BAR Bren LMG DP-28 M1941 Johnson Sniper M1903 scoped Kar98k scoped Mosin Nagant scoped Lee Enfield No. 4 scoped ______________________________ Pistols Semiautomatic P38 Luger P08 TT-33 Colt M1911 C96 Revolvers Webley MK IV M1917 Nagant M1895 Reichsrevolver Oneshot Welrod MK I ??? ??? I am absolutly agreeing. Just brought the MG34 up to eventually get it into the ,,Heavy" group. Good ideas!
  3. Shepherd92

    The Future ,,around the game"

    In which way do you get in a conflict? You mean because of the weapon diversity on allied side? In that case there could be added an Italian faction with own weapons. Teams can choose which faction they want to play or every player can switch between both factions who are on same side (Axis v Allies). The easiest solution would be like in CoD2, factions competing against each other are bound to certain maps. In that case it's fair and up to devs how they balance two competing factions by creating or remodeling the map the factions are bound to, in a balanced and fair way. Last solution could be competing with every faction, teams can choose at start. That also means there could be a comp with Team A using Russian faction and even Team B using Russian faction. The only conflict that appears within the ,,factions bound to a map"-solution is a skin issue. If people get or buy skins for certain weapons it's stochastic wether they can use their skins or not. In Arcarde you should be able to choose every weapon you like to have access to your skins, in competetive that can't be guranteed. That wouldn't be a big deal for me if that makes the game more interesting and brings more gamplaystyles and diversity to the game, but i can imagine that many players would complain and i could understand that. In my oppinion it would still be a neat solution.
  4. Shepherd92

    The Future ,,around the game"

    I will defenitly look into the game later on and check that. Thanks for the reply. Maybe ambient sounds volumes are just to quiet i don't know. For me it's to quiet in some way, not just because of missing speech or commands, more because of silent ambient, missing crackling radios or some stuff like that. Talking about map diversity in my last post, i thought about the factions again and totally missed the point of weapons that could come along with new factions and maps. With factions, new weapons could be added to the game. Increases the diversity of gameplay styles. Maybe allied forces should be able to compete against each other to make it fair with different weapons. Weapons that could be added would be those: Lee Enfield (GB) Sten gun (GB) Bren LMG (GB) Mosin Nagant (UDSSR) SVT-40 (UDSSR) PPSh-41 (UDSSR) PPS-42 (UDSSR) DP-28 (UDSSR) Grease gun (USA) Springfield M1903 Ironsight (USA) MG34 (GE) M1941 Johnson (USA) FG-42 (GE) Carcano M38 (IT/GE) In addition, more pistols could be implemented into the game, the player could equip in the menu for usage in first place (like some pistols in CS:GO). That would support diversity of weapons and gameplaystyles within the game. Pistols could be following (different gameplay styles seperated by pistol groups i.e. revolvers, semiautomatic pistols and single-shots): P38 (GE) Webley MK IV (GB) Tokarev TT-33 (UDSSR) Reichsrevolver (GE) M1917 (USA) Nagant M1895 (UDSSR) Mauser C96 (GE) Welrod MK I (GB) Just some ideas for additional weapons within factions and maps in future. What do you guys think about the ideas? [1] All weapon images are linked from either Wikipedia, callofduty.wikia.com or medalofhonor.wikia.com (Credits)
  5. Shepherd92

    The Future ,,around the game"

    That's what this thread is meant for. Gathering ideas ,,around the game". That's a good point. I really miss that, too. I think that's why many people just run around and kill without capping any points in domination, no points for that. You should get 10 points for capturing a point or capture a flag in CTF. Furthermore, leveling till lvl 999? It would be more useful to reach lvl 100 within a year, get a service medal and start over. Next thing is filters. I would appreciate Mode and Map filters for official servers. Two new arcarde modes i.e. Gungame and prophunt (hidenseek) would be a nice alternation to the classical gamemodes. Some weapon sounds are little bit strange. Would really like to hear the old CoD sounds or sth. similar, especially for the thompson, bar and mp40. I noticed that i miss something while playing but coul not figure out what it actually was. And now i noticed what i missed. Did you guys notice that it is really quite in unranked or competitive matches? There are nearly no ambience sounds or even not at all. That feels really disconcerting for me even now i noticed that. Nearly every game has ambient background sounds depending on the map's scene setting (Nature sounds, war sounds, radios and so on). Can anyone confirm my notice? I hope it's not only imagination. A workshop for maps, weapon skins, sounds with an ingame editor for weapon skins would be nice. Events on that ground i.e. map contests or weapon skin contests for new crates with some kind of rewards could be a community thing in future. I think of an cod1 and 2 or even 4 map remodel contest for the community. The best maps make it into the game. Map scene diversity should be a very important topic as well. What i actually miss in many ww2 fps are maps from the african war theater. Many maps in many games just focus on the west european war theater for many years now. eastern front is sth. that is implimented into the games at some points but in most cases without focus. African maps are nearly extincted in online FPS (Correct me if i am wrong). In addition to that some more factions models would be great. If Northern African map scene setting are implimented into the game some british soldier models would be great for allied forces or some kind of remodeled 1942 U.S.-Army soldiers. Example for northern Africa map and british models I hope for some feedback and suggestions.
  6. Shepherd92

    The Future ,,around the game"

    Hello community, Since the game seems to be playable and nearly working now like it should for many players, i thought about the future of the ,,arounds" of the game. I'd like to gather some ideas created by the community in this thread and in the view of the occasion just start with some ideas. Boxes The lootbox system is quiet similar to CS:GO. In my oppinion future boxes should contain some more ,,unrealistic" skins like CS:GO uses (assiimov, skins like bavaria, engraved and similar). The game itself isn't historically correct and that is ok. It is what it was and is supposed to be. It could offer an enticement to younger players or people who, in general, like the mix of the old gameplaystyle with modern ,,arounds" like the competetive system and weapon skins. Personal Rank Medals (1 Medal for 1 Year) Similar to the CS:GO system i furthermore thought about the medals you can get year by year by ranking up within personal levels in CS:GO. It could be a nice idea to create own medals for BT44 or even remodel historical medals player can earn by ranking up till the max level year by year that will be displayed in steam inventory. Achievements I'm not up2date right now wether someone mentioned this point or wether it is even part of the roadmap. Achivements could also be implimented into the game, maybe even some hard achievements that offer players to get an achievement medal for the inventory (Like some of the knive and rifle achievements in Day of Infamy. The player gets a medal, that looks like a historical medal, that is added to the inventory and not tradable). Furthermore i.e. kill, weapon, death, grenade, run achievements and stuff like that. Displaying competetive ranks At the moment personal ranks are displayed at the scorelist beside the player's nick. Wouldn't it be more reasonable to display the skillgroup icon instead of the personal rank? Could be easier to estimate the skill of the people you are playing with. Full adjustable playerconfig Crosshairs should be full adjustable, a function i really miss at the moment. Furthermore brightness and contrasts should be adjustable as well (I know it is actually in the game but still greyed). Overview in the menu I'd really like to see an personal ,,stats and rank" overview in the menu. I would like to see the level, name of the rank, rank icon and the full list of player statistics. These ideas are just meant to be just the first of that topic to make a start. I hope we can gather some future ideas together that will help to make more people being interested in this game and play it again or buy it. Many apologies for my rusty english skills.