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  1. In b44 you will have a knife and 2 guns. Maybe even a pistol. I much more prefer it binded to a key than to scroll until I have the weapon I need. Even when nades would be hotbinds.
  2. Scrolling for weapons? I have a key for every weapon. Much more convenient than scrolling 'till you have the correct gun/nade imo
  3. I am sure the fov-value during ADSing will be a setting we can pick ourselves in the settings menu.
  4. yes probably Havnt thought about this one. We'll see what method that is in the alpha.
  5. @scaR @xXclusiivE Suggested from csgo: spray patterns, economy system. And regarding spray patterns I always said that they could be tight as to allow fas movement + no inaccuracy while moving. What I did was take ideas of CSGO and translate them to how they can suit battalion gameplay wise and make the game more interesting. Never did I say that I want csgo type of gameplay. Whenever something is mentioned not resembling cod2/4, it doesnt matter where it comes from. I suggested plenty of things not linked to csgo, you guys are all over it saying how dumb it is and that cod diddnt had it and that this game was so good blabla. Often a real discussion is impossible due to these type of reactions. F.e. the health gen system. This could be so interesting as game mechanic and I suggested this several times, but no r e a l discussion was held about it, because cod had normal health regen and it was good. 'did you ever play promod? No? Ah well then you cannot know' what is that type of idiotic reasoning? Like honestly? Childish? Well I would disagree. There are a lot, but really a lot of ignorant people on this forum. Many of them from the console suggesting the most stupid things, old grandpa's whining about skins not resembling the world war (seriously?? Who cares man it's a game and 90% of the players will like skins), there was even one guy suggesting the pro scene should be on the PS4. Like wow? Mind blown. These type of things and the ignorance and unwillngness to discuss on this forum is very irritating and I don't care to show you guys that I am irritated. And I also don't care to be strong in my oppinions. If you'd come with real arguments I could change my mind. I am not the 'bringer of truth' or anything like that But w/e. I am waiting for the alpha and the closed NDA forum and discord. Minds will be more open there and prob a lot less ignorance. Can't wait to see some of you in the alpha servers;) Produces faster gameplay? This is hardly the case mate. Running, while you run press key for grenade, press left click and throw all while running is not slower then running and aiming your gun to the sky (how stupid imo) and press a key to throw a grenade. Both are done when running and are as fast. You just need to start 1 sec earlier with equiping the inventory nade. It is 1 extra key press, but nonetheless you are still running. There is no slow down or anything.
  6. Well, this type of reasoning is exactly what is wrong with this forum. It's not because it was in cod2/4 and you were used to it that it was a good mechanic. "yeah but is was in cod, so it is good" (c) the majority of this forum
  7. Not cherry picking, but still you pick out 1 argument and ignore the others I have given.
  8. So ez to cherry pick one argument and crticize
  9. Hey Duke, well I try to explain but everything that is not "cod-like" is often just ignored or hate upon. Why hot key is not the right option: -it means you only have 1 type of throw, you press button "x" and a nade is thrown. However, in some situations you want to regulate the distance in which you want the nade to travel (short, medium, long range). In a system where a nade is an inventory item you can left click mouse for long throw, right click for short (pop flashes etc..) and left+right at the same time for medium. -it is cluncky in set up situations where you need to coordinate an attack to a bomb site with f.e. smokes. -accidently pressing a key might lose you a very valuable piece of utility -using nades become one dimensional, f.e. flashes, mollies and smokes are all thrown in different ways which require different distance throws -etc... Let the downvoting begin, because it does not resemble cod2 or 4!
  10. You mad cause a called you a wannabe pro gamer? haha this is funny.
  11. Hi Kinda, I don't say that I am right. I just voice my oppinion and react to the oppinions I do not agree with. This is a forum, so the whole point is to give your oppinion also if you disagree with something. I always say why I disagree or why I would like a certain feature. I am not the bringer of the truth. I have my own ideas and they are very shapable if there are actual arguments given and not just "blabla you only want CSGO" or "this is a cod inspired game, please leave" type of arguments. I don't dispise anyone. Just bring good arguments I am happy to discuss. I meant that I do not aspire to be a pro player or the best player in my country or w/e. The first reason of me playing CS is because I enjoy it a lot. It is a hobby. However, it is the competitiveness, the team play, the high skill ceiling, teammates, etc... that make me enjoy the game. So in that sence I am not "casual" in the sense you are using it. I do play to win and to reach global elite/good esea rank.
  12. Relax dude, there is no need to get personal. I just did because you did and I diddnt really mean anything by it. I don't mind if you think I am an asshole based of my forum posts. Stuck at LEM? Let's see I should rank up to SMFC sooner or later. We'll see. I play the game in my free time because I enjoy it and not really for the rankings. Same will be the case in b44 (if it is enjoyable). Let's rest this little argument
  13. Waw, the downvotes.... I agree with you mate! The Kar98 and weapons a like, can be 1 shot kill when hit from medium range and closer in the chest and above. Snipers as well, but from long distance too. Regarding the automatic weapons, yeah I very much agree with you that the time to kill needs to be high. Nothing more exciting than a 2/3 second gun battle. Reward the tracking aim and not just the point click. They are focussing on movement now. I am sure they will tweak weapon values to make gun fights interesting.
  14. Like I care what my "forum reputation" is... You get downvoted for everything. "Acting like a 12 yr old" "some sort of disorder" sais the one who pretends to be like a pro gamer, made me laugh haha
  15. You don't scroll to get to a weapon/nade.. ever.. Yes the majority of the cod community, which is in general #€&@*. Just take a look around this forum and what is being posted/suggested. "most games back then" please enlighten me. MoH, WET, CS1.6, CSS,.. All had inventory nades. It is just a retarded mechanic that was ported over from the console to the PC in the later cod games. But w/e this game and forum is filled up with cod fanboys trying to cling on to a distant memory of a mediocre console port game with a mod to even have a chance at playing normally.