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  1. High end pc, poor performance

    yes and def if you are digital artist, I agree I was talking from a pure gaming point of view
  2. High end pc, poor performance

    don't get IPS, good TN panels have good color production and for gaming TN is good. Unless you want epic color reproduction. BenQ/ASUS have good TN models
  3. Battalion 1944 Oceania Discord

    The more to be on the closed b44 discord, as the game is under strict NDA
  4. Battalion 1944 Oceania Discord

    During Alpha and Beta of the game, I think it is better not to split the testers over different discords. Just connect to the official B44 discord. It makes it a lot easier
  5. Changes

    Can you elaborate on this? The animations were pretty rough in the inital gameplay trailers, so curious why the new animations are looking worse. I know animations is difficult.
  6. Discord Invite

    Are you saying that people who bought the game through the HumbleBundle store do not get access to the closed alpha forum?
  7. Discord Invite

    You know easiest way is to just post a link to the closed discord on the closed alpha forum.
  8. Timeline for updates

  9. Timeline for updates

    Hi Joe, where is the final update on the Alpha? I am curious about it.
  10. I just cannot get my head around this. Even if it was possible, you would not enjoy yourself because you would get rekt. You won't have the precision to be competitive vs a keyboard+mouse user. You will be playing a multiplayer game and not a single player game.
  11. What antivirus

    As I said it's free and I have an i7 6700 it won't have an impact
  12. What antivirus

    Malwarebytes is not really anti virus, its for active malware protection while browsing, etc Kaspersky for protection against the classic virusses And windows defender 'cause free pre-installed and why not?
  13. What antivirus

    windows defender + malwarebytes + kaspersky
  14. Game-Modes in Alpha

    Well, you know what they say. While laughing people tell the truth. jealousy confirmed
  15. Game-Modes in Alpha

    Lol you jealous of his internet reputation?