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  1. I am not in the mood to make a long past as to why this is the case. This has been discussed in great length before.
  2. You need to learn to read what is actually written.
  3. Comon man arnt you taking this "historically correct" a bit too far? Who cares if it was raining in June '44 in Normandy? I want bright and sunny maps, with easy and crisp graphics and perfect visibility. The rest I don't care about.
  4. Dude, it's an FPS game..... Just practice a bit and you'll soon realize the flaws of a controller for FPS games.
  5. It is nice to agree for once hah;)
  6. 1 tip: switch to discord.
  7. see above
  8. Well I very much disagree with this. The game mode we play needs to be interesting for possibly 90 consecutive rounds (BO3). Plain and simple s&d won't cut it. I think it is very exciting that they are trying to innovate and think on how to take this game mode to the next level. Very good stuff.
  9. This is first and for all a game designed to be played on the PC. If you are in the position to afford it, get a PC and you'll be playing within 6 weeks.
  10. Very nice to read this
  11. Could you elaborate on why it was easy? Did you change BIOS settings etc? Did you use external programs? How did you know the cpu/system was stable, etc..
  12. n1. I am not an overclocker so I got the i7 6700 (non-k)
  13. very much so, although ping might be a problem:p
  14. Yes I would agree with this. For a good review on the i5 7600k read this guru3D review:,1.html