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    Gday all, It occured to me that I never introduced myself previously. My name is Dean or Dr. Ace Misanthrope on Steam, but most just call me Ace. I have been reading this forum since it started and registered since 21 Dec 16, but not much of a poster. I will be making more of an effort to get involved as soon as I play the game tonight. Super pumped for the release of Closed Alpha 0.1! I have a rather indepth knowledge of the games development, but have probably missed a few posts here and there. I hope to see a lot of Aussies and Kiwis on tonight. 3AM game session, lads! I'm a Master Sergeant Kickstarter Founder, thanks to my mate @PGL_Thrillzyy finding the game on Kickstarter, long ago. We run a community called Pacific Gaming League. You can read more about it HERE (posted in this forum). We look forward to seeing Battalion grow and are very impressed with the developers so far. A Closed Alpha to my friend and I, is a great chance to asses the bugs and issues with a game, as well as gain productive, first hand experience from the gamers that will ultimately be playing it. We are super psyched to hear that the devs have provided Australian servers for the Alpha testing and will make sure to capitilise on this and provide as much feedback as possible. After hearing the negative responses from a certain section of the community, I can't help but feel bad for the devs. They have done such a great job so far and are always looking for feedback and ideas, so they released a video and copped an earful. I think that their focus to improve the mechanics and balance before graphics and realism, is by far the best approach and as a result, CANNOT WAIT to play it in a few hours. A shame so many people focus on the wrong thing (in my eyes) but nevertheless, all feedback is good feedback right? A huge applause for the devs and their tolerance and I hope to hear some more positive feedback from the Alpha backers once they get their hands on it. If you wish to add me on Steam, shoot me a message or comment, etc. as I pick and choose a bit, due to my distaste(?) for some younger and more immature types (no offence meant). They don't call me Dr. Ace Misanthrope for nothing. Good luck, have fun and happy gaming. See you on the battlefield!