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  1. Australia New Zealand Casual/Competitive

    Gday Progdog, I see that you have been a member of the forum for a while, but like myself, are not a very active poster. So first things first, welcome! It's always good to see more ANZ Battalion players. Welcome to your entire clan, Paradox Gaming and I hope you find many members to grow a Batt44 team. It is for this reason, that I reply to you now. Although I do not have intentions to join your clan, as I am currently unavailable, I did wish to ensure you are aware of Pacific Gaming League and our intentions to support an independant competitive scene for Battalion 1944, in Oceania, at the very least. We are a non-profit community, and were the hosts of the Insurgency competitive scene in Oceania. You mentioned you play INS, so you may have heard of us or perhaps Insurgency ANZ, the name of our PacificGL staff team who manage the INS community. We also have hosted several PUGs for Rainbow Six Siege and have countless players in Squad, so will undoubtedly cross paths again. Pacific Gaming League have set up a season for Oceania, using our websites competitive framework and are ready in waiting for the chance to offer the community this exciting opportunity. We are thrilled to welcome another potential team, or at the very least, fresh meat for the Early Access. We have several members involved in the current Alpha testing, but don't expect a large influx of players until later in development, so for the time being, we will see you around the forums and feel free to talk to us about ideas for Battalion 1944 in Australia and New Zealand. Maybe one day we will see you competing in our season or against my own team, in a major tournament. For more information about us, in terms of Batt44, check out our original post in this forum. Welcome again and we hope to see more of you! Keep up the ANZAC Spirit!
  2. First, a bit of information for those interested and not familiar with Unreal Engine 4; Battalion 1944 is an Unreal Engine 4 (UE4), Code Project, which includes C++ classes and not just Blueprints A Blueprint (BP) in UE4 is a form of visual scripting unique to UE4. It's C++ in flowchart/graph form. It allows people to make games without knowing C++ When Code Projects are packaged for release, it runs the code through a compiler and does not package the Code files, only the assets Assets are Textures, Animations, Skeletons, etc. (the stuff you want for making maps, skins or whatever else) From my understanding, although Blueprints are a .uasset they get compiled as well and not packaged. They are, after all, a form of C++ I should note that I have not even tried this next part myself, this is just my understanding of what could work for you. Mostly I work on my own projects and the modding I have looked into for UE4 have only been ARK and Squad. Each of these are found under the Modding section of the Epic Games Lanucher (which you use to launch UE4). Battalion is not there (yet?). If anyone else who has been modding with Battalion 1944 assets, or perhaps the devs themselves, wishes to chime in with better info, please do! Providng the devs have deliberatly allowed this type of thing for modding sake; Alpha backers with Alpha 0.1 installed from the last testing weekend, can navigate to; *Your Steam Directory Here*\steamapps\common\BATTALION 1944 TEST ZONE\Battalion\Content\Paks Then open "Battalion-WindowsNoEditor.pak" with UnrealPak or your prefered method/software You can then use those assets in Unreal Editor by adding them through the Content Browser of the editor and start creating away If the devs have made it so that you can't unpack it, or it's encrypted, etc. then you can get other WW2 assets and just use those
  3. Australian servers ?

    Obviously you now know the answer, but for anyone else who stumbles across this post, yes there were in fact ~12 Australian servers at Closed Alpha 0.1 launch. Absolutely brilliant that the devs haven't forgotten about us. It isn't easy/cheap to host servers here so it's so great to see their support of us. We will be sure to support them back by providing plenty of Alpha feedback. As for hosting ourselves, they mentioned that this would be allowed and a key part of their mission, as modders will be able to run their custom configs and our competitive theaters. Exciting! I run Pacific Gaming League with a team of people, a few or which are part of this Closed Alpha. So stay tuned, because we have plenty to offer, as soon as they allow us to offer it! I posted the above 2 paragraphs in reply to this thread on May 29. For some reason it started a whole new thread, rather than a reply. I have just now noticed so reposting here. Deleted the original post it made. If this was moved by mods, I apologise for undoing the changes. I am unsure if it is my mistake or deliberate on your end. Thanks!
  4. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    To quote @PGL_Thrillzyy earlier today; "So I bought RS2 today..." *10 seconds of silence* Think I'm gonna return it." haha After what I hear about RS1 and the love for it, that was a shame to hear, but my heart is with Battalion anyway. Don't want to split my focus TOO much. I never played RS1 unfortunately but hear nothing but praise. Guess sometimes the good ones from the past should stay there.
  5. Due to the larger player base in EU and NA, major companies like ESL tend to dominate those regions. Lots of money in it for them apparently. The aim of Pacific Gaming League is not to divide communities but offer an alternative that is run by the passionate gamers who play those games. For example, I lost interest in Insurgency after Season 4 in Oceania, but we had a team of dedicated members run 2 seasons themselves, so far. That's what we are all about. Putting the right people in charge and not doing it for money. If the people in EU or NA want to see a non-profit alternative to major leagues like ESL and the player numbers are substantial enough for us to invest in it, we would be more than happy to offer an EU/NA season. It's just currently our focus is Oceania, though another season can be made at the click of a button, should it be requested and supported. So in short, no current plans but fully capable should you wish us to. Thanks for asking!
  6. </3 Shattered, but I guess that's all part of being Alpha testers. They need room to work on the feedback they have, before moving forward.
  7. VOIP Implementation

    Firstly, gday @jballou, not sure if you recall, but we did some INS modding together a while ago. Secondly, I agree with your example. Some games like Squad have implemented it well, where you have leader chat, team chat and local chat. The latter being effected by distance, it contains no radio effects, etc. Day of Infamy was a bit of a let down, with the application of this idea, but I think it's something to be considered still. Provided it isn't the only alternative, local chat has its perks. By adding radio ops in DoI they restricted it too much. It should be an option for anyone to talk locally or talk via radio to the whole team/squad/whatever. The downside though with local chat, as always, is the fact that it would be unrealistic to only hear it if you are on the same team, but having the opposite team hear it means MASSIVE shit talking issues and abuse of the feature. Decisions.... decisions....
  8. Australian/Newzeland (Oceanic) Players

    Gday mate, proud Melbournian here. Got 2 mates in Sydney, AUS who also follow Battalion closely and take part in the current Closed Alpha testing.On the first night of launch, around 20 people were in my channel on the official Batt Testing Discord, over 6 of whom were Aussies. It was quite a pleasant surprise. Another thread here is similar and I replied the same;
  9. Alpha Question

    Obviously some people know the answer now, but for anyone else who stumbles across this post, yes there were in fact ~12 Australian servers at Closed Alpha 0.1 launch. Absolutely brilliant that the devs haven't forgotten about us. It isn't easy/cheap to host servers here so it's so great to see their support of us. We will be sure to support them back by providing plenty of Alpha feedback. Thanks again devs!
  10. G'day lads

    Gday mate, proud Melbournian here. Got 2 mates in Sydney who also follow Battalion closely and take part in the current Closed Alpha testing. On the first night of launch, around 20 people were in my channel on the official Batt Testing Discord, over 6 of whom were Aussies. It was quite a pleasant surprise.
  11. Why I love Insurgency

    Gday Masser, Insurgency was amazing. A real shame the lack of competitive support from developers and ingame framework caused its demise, though we had 6 great seasons in Australia. 4 of which, I was lucky enough to run and had so much fun doing it. Good to see more Insurgency players checking out Battalion. I for one, know of several people in Pacific Gaming League, interested in, or actually involved in, the Closed Alpha 0.1. Myself included of course. It's great to see. I remember Link quite well. Many PUGs with him and even hosted our 3rd Oceanic season through The Digital Gaming League along side them. Good times! See you on the battlefield mate!
  12. Region competitions and ESL

    Unfortunately, many companies like ESL, neglect Australia & New Zealand (along with the rest of Oceania) because of our lower player base. Most of these companies simply don't see the potential here, or perhaps more likely, the profit. As a result, we often have to turn to independants and many are quite succesfull. I myself run Pacific Gaming League with a team of staff beside me and we are a non-profit community, hosting casual and competitive events, on a non-professional level. We are certainly no ESL, but an excellent stepping stone into such a thing, or quite often, the only alternative when we get overlooked for a comp scene in a game. You can read more about it at the thread below. We have been keeping a close eye on Battalion and although we hope that it is fully self supported with ingame competitive framework like Battlerank, etc. we are keen to offer a competitive scene in Oceania. This would be something like you mentioned, where we allow the teams here to battle it out and narrow them down to the 1 or 2 best teams, then sponsor them to compete on a professional level. Whether with ESL in NA/EU or an alternative. If the numbers are adequate and the community is booming, we may even be able to offer something more towards a full eSport level. It all comes with growth and that is our goal, although for now we are quite content with providing Oceania with what it is missing and not trying to compete. We aren't poachers or capitilists, looking to make a quick buck, we are volunteers looking to improve our gaming experience in Oceania, both casual and competitive. So feel free to check us out, but I too am keen to hear from anyone with more knowledge on this area.
  13. Where Are You From? [Poll]

    Gday from Australia. Got 2 mates who also have Closed Alpha access and are proud Aussies
  14. Bots for Offline

    That is the very post I was refering to as well I think, from that response though, they do intend to get around to it. But things change. They were very concerned that people would respond badly to their Alpha 0.1 launch, you could tell from their stressing of the fact that it is a "real Closed Alpha". They were probably shocked by the amount of people who were displeased with the teaser trailer, but most of them (in my opinion) are missing the point. Now that they know their game is on the right track and people are very happy, I think their road ahead will be a lot smoother and have room for SP. But that's just one mans opinon.
  15. What keyboard do you have?

    I'm seeing A LOT of Corsair products in the replies. I was never one to buy big brands and expensive PC peripherals, but over the past 2 years I caved and have no regrets. I currently use the Corsair Gaming K95RGB Keyboard as shown below. 10/10 would recommend. Cherry MX Red as I don't like a loud clicking sound, but appreciate the feedback and gentle typing noise that goes with it. RGB just because it was my first decent keyboard. Though this purchase got me hooked and now I also have; Corsair 7.1 VOID RGB Headset & Corsair Gaming M65RGB Mouse