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  1. This man can frag while drunk! Pick him up!
  2. solaze

    How did you found your nickname?

    Just sat one night trying to name my new WoW char back in 2013, tried solace, didnt work, do the X&Z formula aka can i change something with these fancy letters. Funfact: Solaze is some sort of tablet prescription drug in india and the philipines apparently.
  3. solaze

    Greetings, I am phantasy, QA & jr CM on Battalion

    Was very happy when they announced that you joined the team. Been following you for years since you started posting videos. A great addition of experience and definitely solidifies my trust in the future of the game.
  4. solaze

    For consoles: aim assist

    Haven't played console fps since 2010 before i made the permanent switch to PC. I'd say some sort of aim-assist is almost a must. Some of the cod games had the option to turn off aim assist and it does not feel fluent to play and it just emphasizes the issues with raw joystick aim. Just my opinion though, I'll be playing the game on PC but just from previous experience I can't imagine playing a console fps without some type of aim-assist.
  5. solaze

    What keyboard do you have?

    CM Storm QuickFire XT with Cherry MX Blues. Simple, clean, and works fine. Had a Qpad MK-85 MX Reds and i do sort of miss the armrest but I was craving some MX Blues and i didn't have a ton of options with norwegian keyboard layout so i was a tad limited to choice. Originally wanted to go with a Ducky Shine 3 but as mentioned before, didn't have the layout i needed.