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  1. Thoughts on dow alpha

    Yes but the thread is about battalion.its supposed talk about what we can learn from Dow that we can apply to battalion.
  2. What are your thoughts on Dow alpha? What do you like and what don't you like?What things can we learn from dow that we can apply to battalion 1944?
  3. Battlefield 1 sucks and the player count is rapidly dropping because of these reasons. 1.lack of content,bf1 at first is fun but it gets boring after you unlock everything. their are not a lot of weapons and most of them suck which brings up the question will battalion have a lot of weapons AND will they be challlenging and fun to use. 2.TOEASY,Battlefield 1 is to easy. On my first game I got about 20 kills.if you get a hero pickup you can easily wreck people and it's unfair to the enemy because they can't do anything about it which is frustrating as hell.Don't make any weapons easy to use at all.if you don't then we will have to master each gun which will take a long time and will let their be more things to do.if the games to easy then people which ditch it in a week or less. 3.Snipers.snipers are so annoying in bf1.if snipers are 1 shot in this game thencit will ruin it even if theirs a restrictions. In the early footage of battlion sniping looks super easy.if it remains this way snipers will destroy people at any range.you need to zoom the gun out
  4. Need new gameplay

    We need to see new gameplay to keep a growing community!We can't use the gameplay from the very early alpha because it looks shit and nothing is finished and this will turn players off from the game. If you show gameplay on one of the finished maps with done animations and good graphics,more players will be in the forums and there will be a higher playerbase and you can't keep the same gameplay for over a year.
  5. Self reloading

    Maybe their could be a feature where you have to self reload each bullet by pressing sqaure for each bullet.this is only for bolt action and semi automatic weapons.this would make the reloaded faster and make you feel more like your actually their
  6. Reloading and Techniques

    maybe for snipers the could be a feature where you have to press square to put each bullet in.this could add more skill to the game and make it more realistic.this could make reloading faster.
  7. Artillery (merged topics)

    Not sure what I was supposed to title this but maybe for snipers the could be a feature where you have to press square to put each bullet in.this could add more skill to the game and make it more realistic.you only do this when you have no bullets left in the sniper and you have to do a full reload.this could actually make the reload faster
  8. Artillery (merged topics)

    I think we should be able to throw smoke grenades for cover and an engineer class could call in call in smoke artillery.the smoke should be thick,cover a large area and stay for a long time.this is not a scorestr
  9. Melee animations

    The battlefield 1 melee animations are amazing.maybe you could add 3 or 4 animations when I you get a melee kill.the animation won't be an automatic lock on,you will actually have to am at them to get the kill
  10. Game Type Suggestions for Battalion 1944

    Not sure if this is possible or if it's a good idea but maybe their could be gamemode where it's like tdm but it doesn't end and you can get a ton of kills.When you leave your stats save. This could be good because alot of times people don't want a match to end because they want more kills and it would be unique
  11. pilot/bomber crew down?

    Could you explain what you mean
  12. Competitive battalions

    Also maybe their could be a mode where more than two battalion take each other on.first two battalions must play than the next 2 and so on.the winners of the first rounds survive.then th surviving battalions fight till the last.up to 8 battalions can join
  13. Paratrooping

    Maybe on a certain map or gamemode we can parachute at the start of the game.