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  1. Hey everyone! My name is Flux`cc, after talking with the dev's, I am extremely hyped up for Battalion 1944! I have been following the game's progress for most of this year and have decided it was time to officially introduce myself and get more involved, with alpha fast approaching. I am a 30 year old Canadian marketing major and formerly a professional Call of Duty competitor in rifles-only game mode, in the original Call of Duty. I have also competed semi-professionally in CoD4 Promod. I have a strong background in eSports, with over 13 years of industry involvement and 5+ years of eSports marketing and organizational / team management experience. I am the former team manager of the CS:GO team that is now under the Splyce organization. I am extremely excited for this game and hope to see it be successful and have competitive support. I have been waiting for a well-built and truly fun WW2 shooter, to be able to come out of competitive retirement and take another stab at making it to the top. I am always looking to use my eSports knowledge and my marketing education to help teams and/or organizations to succeed in the gaming industry. I look forward to meeting you guys on the battle field, if you see Flux`cc in game say hi; I love to meet new members of communities I am involved in and build my gaming network. Cheers, Flux`cc