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  1. sh0tyz

    Kill feed should be seen in console

    I agree. I often press my console key out of habit to see who killed me and chat
  2. I can upload our BOMBDeck0.json if you want it. Got it working on our server. Edit: Added BOMBDeck0 to replace on your server BOMBDeck0.json
  3. sh0tyz

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    I was thinking about making one but I wanted to get more info. Also, BAR NEEDS ANOTHER BUFF! That gun makes me cry, might as well use default
  4. sh0tyz

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    I could actually see MP40 staying the same, as the recoil animation makes it hard to just hold mouse 1 and win. But the hipfiring is why I say give it a slight damage nerf because hipfire is super accurate (which is fine, they're SMGs after all)
  5. sh0tyz

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    Appreciate it dude, hopefully it gets checked. A lot of these would help the in-game experience tenfold.
  6. sh0tyz

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    I don't have a reddit account if someone could be so kind as to make a topic and direct to this forum, that'd be nice
  7. sh0tyz

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    yea I play heavy a lot right now and headshots are harder to hit, they're tiny
  8. sh0tyz

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    well in literally every iteration of COD, there has been landing lag. Check cod4 and cod2, all have landing lag after a jump (unless you take damage). Which is why in COD4, there was such thing as "boosting"
  9. sh0tyz

    Gamplay + coin system

    I was always a fan of "only 1 person per class" Each class has their set utility and no one can just pick up utility. This removes that whole economy system but still introduce tactical playstyles and setups as you have to play around who does what and what classes have utility.
  10. sh0tyz

    sh0tyz's Feedback (as of 2/18/2018)

    Leaning should be key in high skilled matches, but currently it gets you killed more than benefits you.
  11. [GUN-PLAY] Pathfinder Needs a direct damage nerf. The fire rate and hip-fire accuracy will still keep this gun very relevant and powerful close range. But the way it is right now, you have almost no time to react when fighting an SMG close range…. Even against an operator Operator This class is EXTREMELY clunky. The screenshake is very laggy and can sometimes teleport the player. I suggest removing the screen shake altogether. Slow down fire rate. The fire rate increase was a step in the right direction but I feel it was a bit much as it is just too strong Increase the spread. This will reduce the long range “rifle-like” kills and make it a more consistent kill closer range. Shotguns are supposed to destroy close range, and at this current moment, it feels more or less like a hit or miss gamble close range. Rifleman / Marksman I might suggest possibly adding a bit more aim punch to help keep these classes in check. I know a lot of people don’t like aim punch, but it’s needed so that way these classes aren’t crazy strong when getting tagged still. COD2 best implemented this aimpunch. All weapons I’m not sure if double switching was purposely left out (to prevent cod4 wait bind abusers) or not, but it feels so clunky when swapping weapons. If this was indeed done to prevent that, might I suggest mimicking COD2’s weapon switching. The faster switching will help keep the gameplay faster and less clunky. At the same time, if the double switch was implemented (double switch when pulling out a weapon to cancel the weapon equipping animation and immediately do an action out if it), it would also keep the speed of the game faster. [LEAN] Leaning feels useless in a higher level play environment. Leaning gets you killed more than give you advantages currently. You just show way too much of your body in 3P in comparison to 1P. Because of this, this encourages people to just spam their jump key. I feel like if leaning or slow peeking a corner was a viable option, there would be less people jumpings corners. Another perspective, as someone who’s leaning a corner; since you show a lot of your body / hitboxes, someone who jumps the corner on you has the advantage because it’s easier to hit someone leaning. Leaning (in my eyes) should be the most optimal way of peeking / holding angles, because that means your positioning is better. Jumping should be used as a curveball peek to throw someone off. Again, in my eyes, COD2 implemented leaning the best (in my eyes), maybe a slight bit more. This will indeed slow the game down some, and reward players who are leaning and positioned better. It will also help punish players who jump out a lot because it’ll be harder to hit someone leaning an angle correctly. Rifles and Snipers will benefit from this, but mix this in with the increased aimpunch will help keep them in check. [MOVEMENT] Jumping There needs to be a more harsh landing lag. The more I scrim teams and play, the more I realize the most efficient way to cover a part of the map or take part of the map is mashing your jump key on every corner. I suggest adding landing lag if you fire a shot while mid-air. This will help keep some fluidity in movement (early round sprinting), but make it much more risky when jumping a corner and shooting. I feel like jump height is crazy high right now. I understand that this might not be good to reduce based on fluidity of maps. I would suggest decreasing the height of regular jumps, and keeping crouch jumping the same height. This will add an extra skill layer in movement that the average joe gamer cannot do consistently well without good movement practices Strafing I feel like strafing is way too easy. Strafe jumping is supposed to be somewhat skillful when doing. I’m not sure how, but I feel like making the “inputs” for strafing more strict to do a strafe jump. Again, this will increase the skill ceiling in terms of movement, which is a large part of the gameplay in Battalion. Speed I feel like the movement speed is in a good spot right now. My suggestion would to be to slightly increase walk speed with pistol out. This will help bait rifle shots by “jiggle peeking” with pistol. [GAMEPLAY] Health Regen I feel like it is WAY too slow right now. Doesn’t fit the speed of the game. I saw spectator and see that regen jumps to the closest 5th factor, then regens 5 every regen instance, maybe bumping this up to 8 would help speed up the game a bit. Kill-feed Please give us an option to remove the “white” from kill-feed. I’d much rather see Red / Blue as I can glance down and see which direction the flurry of kills are going. Also, the white name kill-feed is really buggy as even assists make it colored weird. I am posting this as a player who has been here since 0.1 alpha. Since being able to actually scrim the game at a high level, these issues were glaring. This post is meant to be from a Competitive player's standpoint and focuses heavily on ingame mechanics and gunplay. I truly hope the devs read this and takes this feedback into account. The game's playerbase is slowly dwindling, even the hardcore people who were waiting for this game to scrim has been dying off. Some of these gameplay fixes will help keep the Competitive players in, the matchmaking server fixes will help bring in newer players.
  12. sh0tyz

    Gameplay and gun balance suggestions

    I agree with the Heavy changes. My proposed Weapon Balancing: HEAVY - Higher Damage (2-3 shot kill any range) - Lower fire rate (Around the current BAR's fire rate) - Same Recoil - COD1 BAR ironsights are the best iteration of the BAR in COD, but the current BAR ironsights are fine PATHFINDER - Lower Damage (3 shot close range, same falloff damage) - Same Fire Rate - Add some sort of bounce recoil on Thompson (Like the MP40's recoil animation) OPERATOR - Remove that screen shake (COD2 did it best when "pumping" shotgun animation would come across the middle of screen) - Slow down fire rate by ~7-10%. Shoots way too fast. - Widen spread slightly (would buff close range for less tags, and nerf long range) I'm an Pathfinder / Operator player..... SMG's are OP as fk and Shotguns are still awkward to use
  13. sh0tyz

    Game's Dead guys..

    This^ But to get to this point, there's a lot of work that needs to be done. The card system is about to change a lot (hopefully for the better), gunplay still has issues (SMG and Shotgun specifically), server exploits, etc. Just give it some time, let the game grow in itself once it truly becomes esports ready. At this moment (after numerous scrims and tournaments), it isn't esports ready but its still fun to compete.
  14. That video just shows how ridiculous SMGs are.... Here's what I suggest (and you guys can chime in as well): Make all automatic weapons (this excludes Rifleman, Operator, and Marksman classes) 3 shot kill close range. SMGs will still have advantage purely based on faster fire rate, faster movement speed, and hipfire accuracy. This will help people fight back against an SMG at close range (in the event an SMG player misses or cannot control recoil), but still reward SMG players if they out-position and out-aims another person. Slightly decrease fire rate on Heavy weapons but keep their damage values. Decrease amount of body showing when leaning. Part of the reason jumping everywhere is most efficient is because its not risky. In COD4, leaning an angle was a way to counter SMG's fast jump hipfiring mechanic. If lean is smaller, it'll be harder to kill someone who is leaning, which means the jumper is more out of position. Currently, if you're leaning a corner, you're punished by someone mashing their jump key. ^^ This right here will slow down the game a tiny bit, but make for more balanced feeling gunfights. And don't say I suggested this because I'm tired of getting dumped on by SMGs..... I'm an SMG player
  15. sh0tyz

    Demos for EA?

    Last I official heard of a simple demo recording system (NOT THEATER), it was in a very basic form like last summer. I was just wondering if anyone else heard anything else about it after that. Again, not theater mode being released Q4.