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  1. I think they're doing a 1 AM dev test
  2. I guess you can say Bulkhead is sprinting to alpha Sorry, bad dad joke
  3. This. COD4 had mini-nuke grenades. It was insane. Made you scared of rushing.
  4. According to phantasy's video, there's going to be smokes, flashes, and grenades
  5. This game isn't locked to 5v5 man. This is just the standard size for competitive. Dedicated servers allow anyone to make any size server they want.
  6. me every day when I check twitter
  7. CoD4 went to MR12 for a while. I honestly think MR12 may be good for this game because every round is essentially a "full buy" round. In CSGO, there's many rounds that are kinda "throw away" because of eco and pistol rounds.
  8. I don't really like ADR because this game has regen so this stat may become a bit inflated. I really like the 1vX wins also, like ESEA had.
  9. Welcome back Tuna!
  10. This would be interesting. What sort of stats would be good?
  11. He was an ex-pro CoD4 player. He just plays CS for now until Battalion comes out. Check out his stream its pretty cool
  12. No minimap would be bad for competitive players honestly. But we'll have to see some alpha. Back to topic: I like this idea. Built in replay feature would be awesome honestly
  13. This confirmed? Where at if so....
  14. yeah im pretty sure phantasy will be the main one for tips and stuff. westie will probably be variety youtuber
  15. phantasy is a pretty good youtuber who plans on posting LOTS of bat44 stuff