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  1. Lets talk Taunts

    YES! Lmao my favorite one that I had bound was "Try again!"
  2. Wallbang's

    I prefer no wallbanging because in CoD2 it was perfect. In CoD4 I feel it was too strong. So many things were bangable (giggity). Maybe have less material bangable?
  3. Wallbang's

    The more I play alpha, the more I'm realizing that this game would feel better without wallbangs, or very little wallbanging. Makes holding angles more viable since you can't get walled through the corner, but that's my opinion.
  4. Battalion 1944 NVIDIA Video

    Yeah im sure they're so far ahead of what we see. They just want the community to test bits at a time so somethign doesnt fall through.
  5. Battalion 1944 NVIDIA Video

    Yes finally some more weapons!
  6. Lets talk Taunts

    MOHAA easily had the best voice taunts. Out of any game I've played. If something similar to this was in the game (you get basic team ones at first, then you unlock voice ones through the crate system). Ideas :thinking:
  7. No Shotguns please

    Thursday.... hurry HNGGGGGG
  8. oh its c9 grego. I played in a server with you during alpha. I'm hoping NA can set up scrims and stuff soon but I assume that isn't for a while
  9. Leans

    MOHAA <3 Literally my childhood from like 11 to 17. Game was amazing (sniper only here). The lean won't be as extreme as it was in MOHAA. Think similar to Call of Duty 2 and 4
  10. Possible API Acces?

    I'm actually interested in this as well. I'm sure they will have one but it won't be for a very long time.
  11. Didnt received survey/discord invite

    It says in alpha email to just register on forums and Tuna will give you a forum tag. I assume just be patient and wait for the forum tag to be placed on you to see the alpha forum
  12. Filmtweaks?

    From that screenshot, there's a binds tab. I'm sure you can bind a key to "exec map1.cfg" or something similar
  13. Filmtweaks?

  14. Where Are You From? [Poll]

  15. Supported languages

    Just 4 Miley they have a publisher so maybe