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  1. oh its c9 grego. I played in a server with you during alpha. I'm hoping NA can set up scrims and stuff soon but I assume that isn't for a while
  2. MOHAA <3 Literally my childhood from like 11 to 17. Game was amazing (sniper only here). The lean won't be as extreme as it was in MOHAA. Think similar to Call of Duty 2 and 4
  3. I'm actually interested in this as well. I'm sure they will have one but it won't be for a very long time.
  4. It says in alpha email to just register on forums and Tuna will give you a forum tag. I assume just be patient and wait for the forum tag to be placed on you to see the alpha forum
  5. From that screenshot, there's a binds tab. I'm sure you can bind a key to "exec map1.cfg" or something similar
  7. #NASquad
  8. Just 4 Miley they have a publisher so maybe
  9. Nice job, devs. If there's AU servers, can I safely assume there's going to be NA servers? If I can give advice, get Chicago based servers. That's probably the most centralized location for NA. Chicago or Denver. See ya in alpha
  10. Yeah I trust you guys. Ready for alpha
  11. hahahha ok fair point jewfox
  12. This. The old maps may be good for nostalgic sake. Maybe not a complete remake but a "tribute" to that?
  13. Yeah I'm pretty sure cars won't explode. I don't know about barrels though
  14. I can't edit. But also add to these cards, upgraded pistols (for SMGs). Upgraded pistol is a revolver or something.
  15. Whenever modtools are released, I was thinking of remaking district and strike, but making it more into a WW2 setting. These maps were so crisp.