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  1. Lol.... You obviously missed the point. The point isn't that they're going to practice. That's an obvious. I will be one of them lol. But the difference is, I'm not the one flaming the forums and getting angry over the offline topic like some of you. Then you guys complain to devs saying using "bug hunting" as an excuse just to play offline when that is out of the studio's comfort zone for security reasons. Then when they give you a reason to why they made this decision, you guys blow it off as if it was an excuse. Lmfao...
  2. You guys talking like alpha is for you guys to practice, but using "bug hunting" as an excuse. This is an alpha to test multiplayer, and the studio feels comfortable if they take the week to make a new build for the weekend. So be patient, just play on the weekend. It really isn't that big of a deal, lol. Also, alpha was never guaranteed for offline play. Last I asked Tuna, he gave me a "soft" yes but wasn't sure as it was too early to tell. Now that we're closer, we have our answer. You pay $70 for every version of Battalion 1944, and to have your values implemented into a game that has potential of running for a while. So let the devs do their job in alpha and we do ours. Calm down lol. inb4 many downvotes.
  3. RIP. Looks like I have weekend plans for May and June
  4. We need more NA players let him buy your key!
  5. somebody sell this dude a key
  6. I think Silent Jumps aren't good. I actually brought up that wallride a few months back. The devs thought it was too much of a bug to implement but could be a possibility. So we'll just wait and see
  7. Watch Dust's interview with Joe. He says it there. They are wanting to do crazy skins, but of course, you can turn them off on your own server.
  8. I agree, Matt. I really like the idea of adding 1 SMG or another weapon. Maybe have this sort of built into the card system they are developing? I'd much rather have more guns rather than have guns taken away and having pistol rounds
  9. Lawbreakers has discord integration into their game for voice. I'm sure it's possible to do this for chat. That would be amazing, honestly. Split channels into different regions. You can type in-game into discord channel directly for scrims or anything. Great idea dude!
  10. Yes please, something to help us colorblind people :'(
  11. Already confirmed that lean is in the game. Behaves exactly like CoD4
  12. sick shotty
  13. Yes this is the case. If there will be SD in alpha, it'll be a VERY basic version of it.
  14. You won't be able to see what your enemy has, you'll have to read and follow what they use. It's similar to how CSGO in game leaders read enemy economies when they save or not. But my 2 cents, I hope that the reinforcements system lets us add additional weapons (like phan said, an extra SMG or the trench gun or another sniper). Whenever you're on a round win streak this could bring hype to spectators, honestly.
  15. Yes, but they will be trying to make another Omaha map.