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    Battalion 1918!

    I'd get a lot of enjoyment out of a WW1 game, but don't think Bulkhead would make the type I would hope for. Too much emphasis on the comp community. I think that works for WW2 and beyond, but Battlefield 1...I was so turned off by it not feeling different due to all of the automatics and above trench gameplay. Not too far different than a normal BF game aside from the maps. I honestly cannot believe I am actually bringing this game up in a positive light, but Darkest Hour. What I'd like to see is something like what they did with the Battle of Antitem. Many NPC's all around who where only deadly if you let them not be thinned out by shooting them. Every human player should spawn with 5 or more AI soldiers who are essentially pretty effective until the player dies. While the player is off respawning with a new set of 5 bots, to do it all over again, the leftover AI gets a significant accuracy and health penalty so they are essentially just there for cosmetics for the enemy side to mow down. Then...force some sort of reliance on trench to trench fighting where the sheer amount of targets make human attackers have a chance of getting into the trench. Bottom line - I'd love to see a WW1 game that went full on immersion over...player/weapon handling and quantities.
  2. Switz

    graphics/maps (not too dark/grey)

    If there is one area DOW does well it is their maps (granted they may have had a "head start" on some of them if you know what I mean haha). But I prefer the dark and gloomy. Especially if the gameplay can match it. Take DOI for example. Grungy style with gore galore. It works and feels right. So really when it comes to maps....how the game plays also contributes to it's overall impact if you really want to dissect what is perfect for that specific game. DOW was too arcade (even before they completely mutilated it) for the level of realism their maps (most of their maps) had. Now they are stuck with a stock set that clashes with achother. You have half that are realistic and half that are arena shooters with lighter lighting and bright colors all over the place.
  3. Switz

    Days of War ?

    How I feel in a nutshell: http://steamcommunity.com/app/454350/discussions/0/1457328927831002771/
  4. Switz

    Days of War ?

    I am here to state I agree with the recent hate towards DOW. I have always been a ardent defender of the game. Like I have said numerous times, I see EA's for what they are and give them a long leash before coming up with a conclusion. I still feel DOW has room to become a fairly decent game, but with a small community in the end, however, I do not think I will be one of them anymore. I have been told over and over again that you assume a risk as a KS backer in that the game can and will change like it is our fault for being gullible instead of passionate players actually putting our money where our mouth is and HELPING a new and promising game. However, just like a game possibly changing is a risk to us backers, that does not mean it is not a risk to the developers from Kickstarter backers backlash and that is exactly what you see happening now. Okay...still nothing new. Its unfortunate., but it happens. Granted the recent moves from DOW are perhaps larger changes than you normally see in these things...but that is still the risk. However, here is where my recent 180 on this game comes into play. Before I backed DOW for a extremely large amount of money to purchase a top clan package....I spoke to them. I was specifically told everything that would be DIFFERENT than DODS. Because for us, we liked that it was going to be a game we would instantly feel used to (we where coming out of a HL2 mod)...but more importantly, some different mechanics too. We where painted an excellent sales pitch apparently and even promised much more than what we ever dreamed of with a actual realism game mode added in by the devs and where asked to start gathering details about the realism mode(s) we wanted to see. We where literally talked into supporting them....for around $1000. Every single thing promised has since been removed...most coming in the most recent updates. ---I guess now you guys get a sense of what tips me over the edge. For the love of God, if you are asking for funding via kickstarter....don't mislead people. If you do, then expect well deserved backlash. I still defend EA games and agree they can and are allowed to change without getting too bent out of shape over...but if the funding of the game comes from a KS campaign....you are morally bound to deliver what was promised IMO.
  5. Switz

    Before shots are fired. Reminder!

    Happy to see someone bumped this. I meant to before Alpha released but never got around to it. I am already seeing the expected "hate" threads. SMH. Just know, what you are playing is NORMAL!!!! Do not fear, do not have reservations and definitely do not form a conclusion. I have not even played it, but it is the same thing every Alpha version game I have ever played. You have many many many months to go before you can accurately make those decisions about the game or any other game you play before release from a smaller or independent studio (because most of the time you play a "EA" from a large title, the product you start out with is eons further in development). Instead, with these smaller studios, you are starting at the very first framework of the game. The very first 5% of it. It will always 100% have lots of issues. _____________________ Now for your second PSA now that Alpha has been released All those bugs you and others are finding - ADD THEM! Hopefully a good system is in place for organizing them all from the Devs side. However, this list will be large if you all get to see it. It will take all the way up to EA before 90% or more of these are corrected. BAT44 has not announced their EA dates yet, but we can assume it will be very late 2017 or even 2018. So if the list is say 125 items....that is only 5 items a week that you can realistically expect to be repaired. And that is of course if they update each week which is rare after the first few weeks. Youll see some very small changes every update in the next half year, but not anything huge for a while in terms of making the game drastically better or different. Just go ahead and accept that. But eventually, content will come once the Devs are in a good place. That does not just mean more maps, weapons, classes, etc. That also means lighting, ambiance, shaders, blood, effects, etc etc. What you are playing now is basically all of the eye candy turned off since that is not the most important item right now. So remain patient for the most of you. And for the few who are very demanding, honestly....take this as a learning lesson and stay away from letting yourself get into the "I can play it first" mentality before you ever grab a EA or earlier version game again. You guys do so much harm to the games ratings, future and Developers willpower to make the game what it can be if only a little patience was/is given.