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  1. Battalion 1918!

    I'd get a lot of enjoyment out of a WW1 game, but don't think Bulkhead would make the type I would hope for. Too much emphasis on the comp community. I think that works for WW2 and beyond, but Battlefield 1...I was so turned off by it not feeling different due to all of the automatics and above trench gameplay. Not too far different than a normal BF game aside from the maps. I honestly cannot believe I am actually bringing this game up in a positive light, but Darkest Hour. What I'd like to see is something like what they did with the Battle of Antitem. Many NPC's all around who where only deadly if you let them not be thinned out by shooting them. Every human player should spawn with 5 or more AI soldiers who are essentially pretty effective until the player dies. While the player is off respawning with a new set of 5 bots, to do it all over again, the leftover AI gets a significant accuracy and health penalty so they are essentially just there for cosmetics for the enemy side to mow down. Then...force some sort of reliance on trench to trench fighting where the sheer amount of targets make human attackers have a chance of getting into the trench. Bottom line - I'd love to see a WW1 game that went full on immersion over...player/weapon handling and quantities.
  2. graphics/maps (not too dark/grey)

    If there is one area DOW does well it is their maps (granted they may have had a "head start" on some of them if you know what I mean haha). But I prefer the dark and gloomy. Especially if the gameplay can match it. Take DOI for example. Grungy style with gore galore. It works and feels right. So really when it comes to maps....how the game plays also contributes to it's overall impact if you really want to dissect what is perfect for that specific game. DOW was too arcade (even before they completely mutilated it) for the level of realism their maps (most of their maps) had. Now they are stuck with a stock set that clashes with achother. You have half that are realistic and half that are arena shooters with lighter lighting and bright colors all over the place.
  3. Days of War ?

    How I feel in a nutshell: http://steamcommunity.com/app/454350/discussions/0/1457328927831002771/
  4. Days of War ?

    I am here to state I agree with the recent hate towards DOW. I have always been a ardent defender of the game. Like I have said numerous times, I see EA's for what they are and give them a long leash before coming up with a conclusion. I still feel DOW has room to become a fairly decent game, but with a small community in the end, however, I do not think I will be one of them anymore. I have been told over and over again that you assume a risk as a KS backer in that the game can and will change like it is our fault for being gullible instead of passionate players actually putting our money where our mouth is and HELPING a new and promising game. However, just like a game possibly changing is a risk to us backers, that does not mean it is not a risk to the developers from Kickstarter backers backlash and that is exactly what you see happening now. Okay...still nothing new. Its unfortunate., but it happens. Granted the recent moves from DOW are perhaps larger changes than you normally see in these things...but that is still the risk. However, here is where my recent 180 on this game comes into play. Before I backed DOW for a extremely large amount of money to purchase a top clan package....I spoke to them. I was specifically told everything that would be DIFFERENT than DODS. Because for us, we liked that it was going to be a game we would instantly feel used to (we where coming out of a HL2 mod)...but more importantly, some different mechanics too. We where painted an excellent sales pitch apparently and even promised much more than what we ever dreamed of with a actual realism game mode added in by the devs and where asked to start gathering details about the realism mode(s) we wanted to see. We where literally talked into supporting them....for around $1000. Every single thing promised has since been removed...most coming in the most recent updates. ---I guess now you guys get a sense of what tips me over the edge. For the love of God, if you are asking for funding via kickstarter....don't mislead people. If you do, then expect well deserved backlash. I still defend EA games and agree they can and are allowed to change without getting too bent out of shape over...but if the funding of the game comes from a KS campaign....you are morally bound to deliver what was promised IMO.
  5. For any who have never been involved in a Alpha version of a Kickstarter backed game before. Keep in mind that you will be playing only the very first 5% of what the entire game will have to offer. Not only that, much of that 5% will change a lot from what you will see the first time you play it. I have been involved in several KS backed alpha tests and even knowing this I am still surprised how "rough" these games are, so those who have never done one before are in for a surprise. I guess what I am trying to say is, don't form conclusions in your very first play through. Be open minded, expect problems and most importantly, know that you are a backer. Not a "see the game first" player because what you will be seeing is hardly enough to call it "the game" yet. There are some VERY tough critics out there regarding the recent surge of WW2 games (Fog of War and Days of War). People fail to understand that all they are playing is the foundation of a game, not the game itself. It is a long road and surprisingly, it may very well be COD WW2 through the Gate first when all is said and done yet they announced a full year after. That is what you get with games developed by huge companies and endless funds. Anyone here who has backed and started in a Alpha before can and should describe your experiences for those who will be doing this for the first time to help them not get disheartened. Obviously this is not a warning post any developer will ever post else that would kind of be a bummer lol, but for us players, let's help out each other in spreading awareness and understanding about games going through development.
  6. Before shots are fired. Reminder!

    Happy to see someone bumped this. I meant to before Alpha released but never got around to it. I am already seeing the expected "hate" threads. SMH. Just know, what you are playing is NORMAL!!!! Do not fear, do not have reservations and definitely do not form a conclusion. I have not even played it, but it is the same thing every Alpha version game I have ever played. You have many many many months to go before you can accurately make those decisions about the game or any other game you play before release from a smaller or independent studio (because most of the time you play a "EA" from a large title, the product you start out with is eons further in development). Instead, with these smaller studios, you are starting at the very first framework of the game. The very first 5% of it. It will always 100% have lots of issues. _____________________ Now for your second PSA now that Alpha has been released All those bugs you and others are finding - ADD THEM! Hopefully a good system is in place for organizing them all from the Devs side. However, this list will be large if you all get to see it. It will take all the way up to EA before 90% or more of these are corrected. BAT44 has not announced their EA dates yet, but we can assume it will be very late 2017 or even 2018. So if the list is say 125 items....that is only 5 items a week that you can realistically expect to be repaired. And that is of course if they update each week which is rare after the first few weeks. Youll see some very small changes every update in the next half year, but not anything huge for a while in terms of making the game drastically better or different. Just go ahead and accept that. But eventually, content will come once the Devs are in a good place. That does not just mean more maps, weapons, classes, etc. That also means lighting, ambiance, shaders, blood, effects, etc etc. What you are playing now is basically all of the eye candy turned off since that is not the most important item right now. So remain patient for the most of you. And for the few who are very demanding, honestly....take this as a learning lesson and stay away from letting yourself get into the "I can play it first" mentality before you ever grab a EA or earlier version game again. You guys do so much harm to the games ratings, future and Developers willpower to make the game what it can be if only a little patience was/is given.
  7. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    Until a developer responds it is hard to assume what their work load is that they can handle. I seriously doubt they did not plan/budget unexpected development. They may hold off answering until after Alpha release to judge how far they have made it and where they are on schedule. I think I saw somewhere that one map alone has been thrown away and retried three times (DDay one). So they clearly do not have a very strict policy and instead are willing to throw it all away to start over from scratch which would entail they budgeted for this. So until they can probably judge where exactly they are they may not be able to answer this request right away. Or they could respond the first second they see this is being requested and state that they will not be doing it. But hopefully at the very least server variables they may not have thought of before can now be considered to help us realism folk (and other popular mods/game modes of old) can be easily implemented without the need for much modding work.
  8. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    In all honesty, how many of you would be actually complaining if a game just like BAT44 was going through this a year ago. Same movement, same strafing, same weapon mechanics, but it was aimed at realism arcade instead so it had realism based gamemodes and not team deathmatch. It had medics instead of self heal or time heal. It had weapon jam/drop instead of well...nothing. What would you be saying? "We have not had a truly competitive game in ages, you are so close to it, why not make a comp mode for it". Granted I know, it would be easier to remove than create, I get that. But just remember, I and us fellow realism guys are from the same communities you guys come from. Same games we grew up on and same reasons we are here and in DOW if they ever get some big updates completed. I can't speak for the COD community because I was never really involved in it, but the realism community in DODS easily made up 20-30% of it. But someone mentioned DOD realism never being popular because we did not run 24/7 realism mode. Sure, the game mode may not had been played 24/7. However, the server default (out of realism mode) had a realism elements that ran 24/7 in our regular play not found on normal servers. We had medics or self heal, different weapon and ammo loadouts, different health levels and some servers even had bleed out. It was not just the game mode that made realism servers popular. Another reason we did not play the game mode 24/7. The script was not perfect. It still required LOTS of administration and headaches dealing with rule breakers (hence the reason it would be preferable for the Devs to work on it instead of a modder). There was no way to force a player to not Rambo as defense was setting up or ghost when dead. Then having to explain he rules to a new join...it grows tiresome after a while. It would be a much different scenario if on the main title screen you can specifically choose what game mode you would like to browse servers for. Deathmatch, S&D, Realism, Gun Game, etc. And again, I am not complaining. Even if a dev resonds and says they will add it, I could care less if it was added dead last or even post release. It is not my goal to see BAT44 change it's core gameplay. If all they want to cater to is one part of these old games communities then fine, Days of War already shows interest so it is not a complete loss and maybe the modding tools can give a modder enough to be able to make a realism script that can be better than what we where forced to have to use in old games. But I for one see a segment of these old shooters who will be instantly drawn to the game and feel like they belong, something we often had conflicts with in our old games with people saying we should go be in other games constantly.
  9. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    Thank you two for the follow ups. I understand your POV, but I never really had intentions of demanding any realism mode in this game. It sort of transpired into it because someone said the same thing I have heard 100 times from the comp community "mod it in". Mod - it - in. Every single time. Gets old. Yes, we have been nodding it in for years. Same as gun game, king of the hill, zombies, search and destroy....how is it these game modes get added to some titles but never realism? Coming from DODS, the realism community worked wonders on sourcemod and AMX to bring a realism script with functions that would seem impossible. But it still had its limitations. Things that could not be done without more access or know how. And the community for it was huge. By far the largest community under competitive. There where 10 realism servers to the gun game servers. 30 realism servers to the King of the Hill and so on. WRM as I understand was a pretty big deal in COD and realism units and servers did very well. I just find it pretty barreling that the second largest mode in these classics are still getting the run around mentality. DOW was on board unmediatly when a few of us from the realism community approached them about it and echoed the same thing about how large the realism community was in DOD/DODS. Realism mode belongs in any throwback games is all I'm saying and have been saying when someone asked why we are even talking about mods before the game has even released. But now, yes, it is a direct request to the Devs if someone can point them here. Why not? I understand the work. I understand it is not the games focus. But a major pitch and part of this game is to bring back the classic feel of the games we loved and the realism modes from those old games is in fact what some of us are itching for most. It would be good to know if maybe they want to look at it or not. Or....May lead them to being even more liberal with their server config options they plan to allow with the click of a button or a change from 1 to 0. (Typed on phone so many spelling errors/corrections)
  10. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    Weren't you just saying any modder could just simply make it yesterday? All of this is nothing new. In every game the comp community attempts to shit on the realism community. Drive us off, force us to make ours own stuff, cry like babies when we don't accept some dumb tournament invite, add our suggestions....how hard is it to just let us have our own thing? All you guys are doing is just arguing. I have yet to see a dev hear say their official stance. Until then, you are just showing me and the rest of the community what we can expect to see on how the realism community can be expected to be treated. This all started when someone asked why we where even talking about mods. And it is a obvious answer, we played these classic games and the MODS we fell in love with back in the day as well and want to add them again. So since these mods where just as much as the old games as the default game play was back then, why not see if they have any plans on adding more of these classic mods that so many of us grew up playing and over time became the preferred method to play. I'm done posting here. Way too many fanboys on this thread.
  11. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    Just because it was modded into the game in the past, does not mean it should always remain "mod it in" status. I have seen custom maps go on to become stock maps I have seen game modes created by modders end up in newer games as a default mode I have seen ACE voice system get integrated and made into the default VOIP But as soon as you say "Realism mode" people lose their minds?! Chill out, what is the big deal and trying to steam roll it if recommended?
  12. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    Wrong, asking for a separate config. Not for them to change the base/default game. Just like being able to choose between Search and Destroy servers and Team Deathmatch, I would like to see Realism added. We (Realism players) are here for the same reasons you are. Was their a "Squad" back in the late 90's and early 00's? You do realize it is for nostalgia reasons us wanting to have a realism mod server in a classic fast paced game right or does your general disdain for the realism community blind you from seeing that? Their target audience is people waning the classic feeling we all had. We (Realism players) are ALSO that audience whether you like it or not. If you want competitive...go play CSGO. See how stupid that sounds? You are here for the same reasons I am, we just prefer different modes. Only difference I am seeing is, I have no expectations of seeing my mode for years to come and do not expect it (if the devs do decide to work on it) to come until the very end so all of you can have your precious 5vs5 settings. And for clarifications, the DOW devs have been up from about the realism config from the very beginning with myself and other leaders of the community who have put together sources from WRM, DODS Realism and MOH. It was confirmed in pre-alpha, mid-alpha and EA that it is still the plan to add it at the end. They are the ones who asked for us to put together a list of all the options we would like added. Not something we did on our own. And yes, some of them are aware and even where fans of realism servers and mode in DODS.
  13. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    You have to consider what needs coding in order to make a realism server in a game like BATT44 which can be said about every old school shooter types. Coming from DODS, every realism server operator had their fair share of grey hairs setting servers up and lurking sourcemod forums for new mods and active download links that would break servers with compatibility issues and many hours of trial and error to get right. Plus we never saw some mods we where hoping would get developed because no one simply knew how to make them. DODS had a major nodding section so that leaves me with a lot of skepticism that all that should be in a realism server can in fact be added by as you say, the average coder who are plentiful. Can they set up areas of the map attackers cannot cross or defenders leave? What about weapon drops and jams? Can they change the health system to add a medic? Just three of 100 changes that would be required and yes, all of which can be added, but by who? I have a post somewhere (on phone so I can't link) that details all the "requirements" and ganemodes we (the Days of War Realism Community) presented to the DOW Devs for the realism config that they will be adding. I think I posted it somewhere in the suggestions area IDK as a reply to a existing thread talking about game modes or mods. Anyway, that goes over all the changes that would need to occur which are pretty much the same as BATT44 except ADS mode firing mechanics. If some stranger who knows some code can pull that off???.....no way IMO. So honestly, what is the harm with encouraging Bulkhead to do the same as DOW and cater to their future realism community which will 100% be here as they are in every COD game. And just like DOW, we are not asking that they change the actual game, just make us a separate config once all is done.
  14. Before shots are fired. Reminder!

    Not saying they will, but it is always more fun when you "make" things instead of tweak/code. BATT44 has not even gotten into update phase while people are in game. I have my doubts they will be slow, but too early to judge. People are extremely impatient on Steam. BAT44 will have it's haters just like the rest in EA. Just a insane expectation and general hatred/trolling towards development. Enjoy Alpha/Beta while it lasts with like minded folks who are supporting the game rather than complaining about everything on the planet and act like 2-3 weeks between updates is undeserving of their precious time. BAT44 is taking a unique stance with weekend only playing times. It is already cathing flak, but it will help more with development and actually is a move for the betterment of the community/players than anyone realizes. It just won't ever "prove" itself to those who think they know more so it will always get blasted. Just a small taste of hat to expect when you get on Steam. (I hate EA's....not the games, but the communities! OMG I hate them. And if you try to talk common sense into people you are labeled a fanboy. Hopefully with a publisher BAT44 can just sit in Alpha/Beta for a very long time before suffering through it)
  15. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    Military ranks with levels within each rank. Someone mentioned bronze silver and gold. Unless I read it wrong, instead of how they mentioned it in which a gold Private would outrank a copper Major, just make it cycle through each color per rank in rank order. Rest of the post is not serious, these where some forum ranks we used to use: Nasty Recruit Motivating Recruit Busted Down Private Working Party PFC Salty LCPL ...... ...... Sergeant Major of the Marine Corps John Basilone Chesty Pullers Ghost
  16. It is pretty ingenious TBH. I do not know if it has been mentioned yet, but by limiting times it can be played, you instantly increase the life span. Not saying the game will die or anything like that. You'll see plenty of that from self proclaimed EA police on Steam that all EA's have to suffer through. But you'll not have instances where a player will log in one day and only find a few people playing which is the risk you will 100% run 3 weeks into Alpha if running 24/7. By setting up a specific time that player can play, people will naturally try harder to actually be there because they will not take it for granted. A lot of you will be in for a rude awakening if you have never played a Alpha version of a game before based on your expectations and unflinching support I have noticed which will make you prime targets for becoming disengaged which is even more harmful than the average troll. Ignore the naysayers and trolls. Yes I know I get pegged as a Troll for talking about the KS comparison, but that is not a critique about the actual game itself and moreso about other things which I will not do (or respond) here and derail the thread. But there will be bugs. You will find a partially playable game. That is how these things work and don't let others get you down. With only specific playing times though, this will be the best course of action. Then of course it also lowers the amount of bugs that are found. Sure, wisdom would say find as many as possible, but humans can only fix one bug at a time. This will help not overwhelm the devs.

    Would recommend some love for the USMC for extra content skin. Yut!
  18. Do you play Single Players?

    Never played RTCW. May had come out when I was in the military. HL2 I also did not play until years after it was released so the wowness did not strike me like it did everyone else who played it when it first released. I did not get into PC gaming until DODS. The only CP games I played before that where Total Wars and Sid Mier games.
  19. Do you play Single Players?

    I think a better question is, what shooter has the best Single Player campaign experience? I think that is a tie between the original MOH and the new BF1. Both gave us something so different and full of immersion that they will always be planted firmly in our memories of how we felt when we first played them.
  20. Do you play Single Players?

    Dynasty Warriors and Total War games are great in SP. I would guess the same is said for Paradox games (have no clue if multiplayer is even offered for them). But as for shooters, thats how I used to play all the old console games back in the day so single player remains my preferred method for any shooter. List of games I never bothered playing multiplayer because the SP campaign gave me all I needed and/or the multiplayer was not what the game is known for: FEAR Metro Sniper Doom HL/HL2 (excluding mods - Mods I played multiplayer as most of them where only multiplayer) Hitman Mafia Max Payne Spec Ops
  21. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    Not intentionally bringing it up again, but for those here who where hoping to have a play style like shown in the KS video then yes, we are now here for the future mod tools instead of the actual game. It is not a very crazy concept.
  22. Feedback on Gameplay Video

    But by "modding it in", that means we are without for the next TWO YEARS. Just saying. And that is on the graces of a nice individual with the know how to mod the core game files to add it when in all honesty, just how much time would it take the Devs who know their code inside and out to add it in themselves? The next "argument" will be that "they need every player playing the core game method because COMP is the #1 thing to get right". Funny, because if any casual person ever recommends anything given that thinking then it will be shot down and it is also not like comp players wont be nit picking and playing on default mode constantly to provide plenty of feedback making that argument pretty worthless. Face it, some of you have some sort of agenda to not want realism folk and causal players here. Same story I have seen in a dozen shooters where the casual fan base is attempted to be shut down.
  23. Quick thoughts on battalion1944

    I will have to stop you right there lol. The player base began to die immediately after the update in February in which they instead of focusing on game breaking bugs like server list and weapon polish they instead focused all their effort in making auto's even harder, making bunny hopping "perfect" and took a specific comp players suggestions on tweaking Carentan that was a disaster and took away from the FUN it had with the double cap in the middle of the street - all for competitive purposes. The Realism Community as expected is shot down at every moment we post anything on the forums. When is even the last time you saw a realism player suggest something compared to a comp player who sits on Discord all day waiting to talk to the Devs? No sir, let's not try to do what every comp community does and blames us realism folk. The only thing we "changed" was the fact they will be making a separate server mode for realism servers AT THE END of production. VOIP - Content - Weapon handling - FPS Those are what drove the players away. Not the realism community.
  24. Are refunds even possible at this point?

    Don't get me wrong, the game looks great as far as game design goes. Very smooth, weapons look like they feel good, map design (although so tiny) looks like a good foundation, etc etc. I am not here to give grief or troll. But I also would not be coming to these forums every week for the past year had it not been what I saw in the only footage that gave an indication of what the game would be like. Had instead the KS video showed something more inline with Westies video..I would not have had interest to be this involved in it. I just hope that the concepts we saw in the kickstarter video will come to fruition somehow. Maybe a authentic mode or something that has the large maps like shown in the KS video and the slower movement that relied on using more cover.
  25. Are refunds even possible at this point?

    The biggest complaint I have is that even though I have tracked this game with a lot of interest and read about all of their visions, I was still taken back on Westies video reveal. The speed of the game and very small maps where not clearly shown or explained in detail in regards to their Kickstarter video. Sure, they said a "fast paced game with tight nit maps" while you where watching a concept video showing movement speed I was perfectly happy with on maps that had long streets, strategic use of cover to move up, strongpoints in the middle of forests and what looked like a long spawn area where friendlies where running through a snowy street out in the open. How were we supposed to know to just ignore what you are watching? It really feels like the kickstarter video was intentionally skewed to increase sales to be honest. I know that is a damning accusation, but it clearly outperformed Days of War by ten fold in amount of backers and funds while the Days of War kickstarter video showed faster play and smaller maps. One year ago myself and my unit where looking at both games to decide on which one to fully back. We decided to go with DOW because it was releasing first and also since the BAT44 kickstarter was all concept material, we knew it was having to be made from the ground up and did not want to be gameless for more than a year. That obviously did not mean we would not expand to BAT44 at a later date, but I am not sitting well with how much different the game turned out to be than what a lot of us where realistically predicting. So if the only important part you where supposed to take from the kickstarter video is what they where saying in the background, then why go through so much trouble to make a concept video showing slower gameplay and large and even open maps? Granted I did not back, but had I, I would be wanting an answer to that. I know jumping was not coded in yet, but movement speed is I would think something extremely easy to do. And if maps where going to be made, then why would they not be maps that showcase what we could all expect and not what we will never see?