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  1. How did they find the National Geographic guy to make a gameplay vid!>?
  2. Not everyone wants to move around like quake, have to play against people who use scripts to quick fire or tweak every inch of performance, and want a more tactical approach and utilization of teamwork. Even though wehn comparing kickstarter videos, I would had thought BAT44 would be the game that leans more towards realism with how it showed Germans running with their rifles, assaulting defensive pillboxes and slower assault up a main street utilizing cover....and DOW looked like a 100% fast play run and gun type ; it is DOW who is throwing bones to the casual players a bit more and even intends to add a complete realism mode for servers wishing to run it that contain a lot of what people like us want. I have never understood the comp communities obsession with being totally against allowing casual or role play players a chance to do their own thing. They always say "mod it in". My vote is with the game that says you wont have to, we will do that for you. Again this goes back to how much love we can expect over here if you are a representation of who the game is to be catered to. Just look at how you picked out Omaha. Omaha man!? Serious? They literally made a video on it too look just like SPR to get us role players excited. How then or even why would you make it so unrealistic to be "balanced for competitive purposes". By knocking on Omaha and Foy, you are attacking fans of casual and immersion. Who those maps where made for. If the overwhelming "sane" negative reviews at DOW are about the games speed and difficulty, it is clear a large portion of players would agree that even in the most self proclaimed ultra comp games out there, it is okay and even needed to throw some things in for the casual and realism players. It is well known anyway that the community always ends up making the best competitive maps. For me, I am all for a game simply catering to both. Make a separate game mode that has all the little tweaks that the other half wants and let the players choose. For $25, DOW is a solid game and will be a very popular title once released with. Which by that time you can expect 50+ very playable and enjoyable maps (granted a lot of DODS ports), all kinds of game modes, gameplay/sound/immersion/movement/optimization to where most current players are happy with and expect... I do not see any scenario this game fails unless the entire Dev team just dropped dead today. The only thing many of these unfair reviews will accomplish is causing hundreds of people on release day to hold off on buying it and will only get it much later down the road once the player base has thinned out again to just the regulars. And believe it or not I am not a DOW die hard. I stand up for any game, especially EA, that is getting unfair treatment that I happen to enjoy and think they are on the path to making a good game I can see myself playing. Same goes for BAT44 once it starts taking it's unfair hits. Head over to Fog of War and see the same thing happening over there. All in all, How about let's quit trying to sabotage Days of War and let these two companies push eachother to make the best game. I literally want both games to be great. To be the best. There is obviously going to be competition with the two because they are basically making the same type of game and are advertising it to the same player base. Why help make one of their jobs easier so they quit reaching higher? It makes no sense at all.
  3. Game Mode (Each game mode, unless otherwise specified, only gives the player 1 life per round. Once they are killed, they remain in spectate until round is over and then they automatically rejoin the team they where just on) DODS "Classic Mode" One side attacks while the other defends. Match ends when last defender or attacker is slain. Then roles switch and unit who just defended are now on attack. There is time between rounds for leadership to prepare defenses and come up with a strategy. Only certain parts of a map can be defended. - Recommendation more emphasis is placed on defending a certain land mark rather than last man standing Strategics Search and Destroy Defenders have a minute to place a objective anywhere on the map. Once planted, it creates a radius in which defenders are forced to stay within (say 40 yards). Anyone not in the radius is transported automatically to where the objective was planted and now "trapped" in case they are a potential Rambo. Attackers then have to destroy the objective. 1 life each team. Patrol Attackers must have one man reach 3 objectives in order from 1,2 and 3. All the while defenders can use this to move around the map and lay ambushes. COD Classic S&D Defending team gets forced into two teams. Team A stuck in one part of the map, Team B stuck on the other end. Maybe kept there by a player block "radius". Attacking side must destroy one of the teams and plant a timed bomb. Once planted, this opens the forcefield around the other defenders who now must attack their other teams old objective and defuse the bomb. Server Configs Appearances - Different skins to illustrate who is designated the realisms leader for each side (like Cpt. bars) and squad leaders. - Ability to upload your own images to be used as a maps in game mini map. Allows units to draw up private battle plans for a match and assign small units different routes, position callouts, objective numbers and notes. - "Match" Config option to disable viewing in spectator - Remove Teammate icons over heads - MG Suppression effect. Blurred/Frantic vision when being shot at. Classes - Medic Class instead of self healing. And/or a blend of the two in which a Medic can heal to 80 health and a player can only heal ones self partially. Gameplay Shooting/Weapons - ADS only way to fire. If hip shoot is allowed, is wildly inaccurate and very unreliable. - No Crosshairs - Nerfed grenades so they do not travel as far - Ammo count not by rounds, but by magazines / If reloading half empty mag, you lose the rounds inside it - Unable to fire weapons while on ladders - Shorter hand grenade and rifle nade timers (2.5-3.5 seconds) - Larger blast radius of grenades Gameplay Movement - No bunny hopping. Should have a time limit on when a jump can be performed and cannot fire in animation. - Leaning Left/Right - Holster/Sling weapons when going up ladders (with animation and climbing animation) - Slower strafe speed - Higher recoil while moving in ADS or hip fire Gameplay Misc - More Fall damage - Lower footstep sounds - No ability to stand on ledges, sign posts or other non-realistic areas - Voice Proximity (can hear anyone chatting in team talk within a 10 foot radius)
  4. Or to block out a legitimate response to a growing trend of people "who liked the game" but gave a negative review because of player count. You do realize that they can get players with just the click of some buttons right which makes it a pretty useless review? EA games are used to get more funding and feedback from their future player base because they do not have enough funds or a publisher to help them complete it all on their own. It also allows anyone to get a glimpse of what to expect. Once they finally get to a point they are very happy with, they will unleash the sales and marketing to instantly kick start the game again if needed. The fact that they have not held any sales before they feel they are ready is a good sign that they are not thinking they are close to a final release (thankfully so because it has only been two months since release). Anyone can go on the DOW store page right now, scroll down to the review section, tick mark RECENT and NEGATIVE and you can see them. - Day of Infamy went through this. Not as bad, but they dipped very low on player base enough to see 50+ of these types of reviews and they even had a publisher. - Fog of War is now getting hammered by it. Went from Very Positive to Mixed in just two weeks because player base dropped. - DOW has been getting wrecked by it for the past 5 weeks. Also lost it's Positive score. Other Areas That You Have To Consider Then you have to take into account that there are 50+ prior WW2 games (a very highly popular theme in gaming) that every single gamer has a favorite from. So when DOW, DOI, FOW and/or BAT44 does not live up to what they loved the most, they are very critical. I can already tell you that BAT44 will get the same reviews from these same types of people because the games are looking similar. "Too fast", "Too hard", "Recoil too hard", "Strafing not realistic", "Jump/shoot not realistic", "Quick load is a cheat". Already sounding familiar? The next is those who give a negative and then refund. 2 hours is not enough time to allow yourself to get used to any game. I have played plenty of games where every urge I had was to uninstall shortly after startup, but the more I played the more I started to love them. Plus competition is high. I do not notice it with FOW, but DOW has had three people thumbs upping every negative review since day one. EVERY one. Because there is this unneeded rift between a very small percentage of "fanboys", I would not be surprised to see someone doing that to every future BAT44 negative review. Or who knows, they could had been DOI people trying to hurt the game to get players back into theirs and spare BAT44 because they are finally good to go on players. Either way, it is a shameful tactic to try and bump every negative review to the top of the list. Lastly For some reason you have a hateful obsession with Days of War and wish it to fail much like those who troll the negative review sections. I do not see the benefit in wishing any of our 2017 WW2 games to fail. I prefer to see each strive and constantly try to make a game better than the other. Because in the end, we win if that happens. You seem like you are FULL IN on BAT44. Either financially or just a huge fan of a game you have never even played yet. But you guys will have your overly critical EA reviewers just the same who will be complaining about everything from price to amount of content for a unfinished game. They will drag down it's score from what it should be and then as a result will cause the casual player to think twice before purchasing. How would you like to see someone bumping to the top every one of those negative reviews and then plastering them all over another WW2 games website to laugh at? Would you think it is a fair assessment of a game that has the potential to be a very fun game once completed? Just think before you do things. If anything, this gives me a bad taste for BAT44's future community. Being a realism player, how much love can we expect over here if anyone with different views are made fun of.
  5. Looking good guys. Not sure yet about the claim its better than DOW (looks just like DOW Alpha did), but hopefully the mechanics are there and less bugs than DOW. Looks like it was only one map, is that the plan? One map all through Alpha? If it is then that is fine, just want to get a sense of how far along you guys are. But looks are not everything of course. Core gameplay is the most important at this stage. Looks like you guys have some excellent animations, looks smooth, looks fast paced, maps look a bit more in the open (hopefully), I noticed some hat tips to HL2 based games like DOD/S (so it's not a complete COD tribute).....looks like you are on your way to delivering your promise. Happy to see the game being made. Will be watching like a hawk.
  6. Absolutely agree they should nerf reviews. If you refunded your review should be removed and removed from statistics. Playing time over 2 hours Prime example. I just played "Fog of War" a new game on steam. I wrote my review just after 20 minutes and TBH rage quit the server due to bad teammates and not understanding what was going on and hated the weapons feel. After forcing myself to play again I started to see more. I saw tanks finally, AT Guns, how commanders on each side either made your team way better or sucked.....It all started to come together and I can honestly say, bugs and all, I am REALLY enjoying this game and have plans to edit my review. (Review was positive as I'm nice with EAs, but was pretty critical in what I wrote). Another is Days of War. I am very intuned with that game and have read every single review. Many attack the game for doing exactly what it says it is like being too fast paced, too hard to shoot, etc. There definitely needs to be a time limit. The more you play, the more you see what the game is aiming to do.
  7. Easily done. Have those as well for the Sniper Course on the other side of the range (not shown and no image for it). Except the targets are about the size of a basketball.
  8. Here are some images of the Rifle Range I built in a HL2 game. We will be porting this over to Days of War and then later BAT44. It is a recreation of the USMC's 500 meter marksmanship qualification range. It even has a "pits" area for players to pull targets down, show where shot impact hit, grade and raise back up for shooter to see. We plan to make one map where no grader is needed and a scorecard is next to the shooter at each shooting distance. Even comes with a speel line from range control: I was still making it here. Added spent brass on the ground where the shooters will be (at the tick marks, here is the 200 yard line) along with worn grass/dirt to show it gets used a lot. Here is a view of the pits for players to pull targets down after every shot to grade and send back up Not our rifle range, this is a quick reaction course in another training map, but shows the Dog Targets you would rather have in your OP. The Dog Target is only used on one of the relays on the USMC 500 meter range so we did not include it there for less confusion.
  9. Come Join Us In Days of War We are currently active in Days of War and are hosting bi-weekly Realisms (See below for video) as well as conducting early training, joint exercises and inner unit events. We normally stick to helping other units populate their servers than ours for random pubbing, but can always be found in our Teamspeak while doing so and anyone is invited to come hang out with us while we play. We are growing at a steady pace and saw our first sets of recruits from the EA launch in January pass recruit training and join our active duty rosters and have room for more! We have a great system in place and are expected to do very well now that we have shed away from playing in random Half Life 2 mods and in more mainstream titles. It is the perfect time to get in and get ahead in the unit before we grow even further! Watch our First Realism https://www.twitch.tv/videos/119959262 Since this was also a sort of meet and greet event for each out the unit's members, it took some time to get the match underway. Below are the time marks: We are explaining the rules of classic realism and going over the mid-lines at the 18:00 mark Plan of attack begins at 37:00 The match begins at the 45:00 mark (This was also the first realism we have had in a game like this, DODS, COD, etc. The rules are much different in the game we came from called WW1 Source)
  10. (I am not sure why, but I can no longer edit my previous topic or reply - must have a time limit on global) New TeamSpeak Channel Server: vs34.tserverhq.com:7013 Password: -None Used- Name: The 3rd Marines Teamspeak greg
  11. I remember you, but not the name. You go by something else? Trust me, as a Realism Player I hear it from all sides ALL THE TIME. Literally cannot go a single day without someone completely unprovoked making a ill statement about the realism community. If it is a reaction to something legitimate then fine, but 9 times out of 10 it is simple trolling. You will be happy to know that these are no longer the current backers. They seem to be much more open and see us working our tales off to advertise the game, help to make it better and contribute positively. But the new EA crowd looks like a return to the usual as just today I saw a spike in this sort of behavior on the DOW Steam page and a couple of trolls who had nothing better to do than come and troll our DOW-Realism Community website and Steam Group. You are going to run into these types in any game you go to. And if you are into Realism (which many of your suggestions leaned that way) and especially someone who contributes a lot to the realism community and is very active you will see this sort of crap daily. No matter the game I am afraid. The Realism Community will always have enemies because for some reason, when someone has a bad experience with the 1st Whatever Division and the 2nd Whatever Division they automatically just group every realism unit together. But at the end of the day, there was no illusions that DOW would not be catered to anyone but the ultra competitive. However, guys like you and me also wanted to see more of their other big promise of adding pats of other classics in the game. It is weird how we heard that, but many comp players did not haha. All I can say is that the Devs are 100% still pursuing that path as EA progresses. A lot of your anger I remember was towards the other players in the community which caused a lot of public fighting. You where very critical of the game too. Now I am not saying DOW needs/needed a bunch of "Yes men", but you where a little strong a few times when you got rattled by the community and it loses credibility or allies looking to join that mess and voice in agreement with you. I know I've said that to try and get you back on target a few times as I recall. Did that behavior play a part in them not assisting you? I do not know, but I agree it is no excuse them not helping. DOW Alpha was indeed a gut punch. So you above all others will have a hard time picking your jaw up from the floor come Thursday if you decide to try again. Come with us to the realism community man. We listen, we mod, we make. We always knew some of our more radical demands would never be considered like leaning, weapon jams, voice radius, etc. These where always going to have to be made into a mod. Thats the reason you never saw them mentioned in the DOW forums. I do not think I can link the realism community for Days of War here. Would be unprofessional. But you can find it through my steam groups and/or our Public Steam Group page from our unit announcement in BAT44.
  12. Our new theme is up. http://3rdmarines.org/forums/ Love IPB!~
  13. IPB is by fa the best forum CMS and overall CMS I have ever used. I have literally done them all. Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Tons of built from scratch HTML, Bootstrap, Nuke, MyBB, BBPress, SMF and even site builders. IPB has always been the easiest, most versatile and cleanest of them all. It's anti-spam works perfect, tons of mods, easy to edit themes.....just the best. Im actually almost done with my newest theme (I accidentally erased all modifications I made on my other one when messing up on a Spanish language plugin and trying to revert a site that is completely in Spanish back to English). The new theme should be activated some time tomorrow once I get the final touches done. Five days of work and it looks just like my main website. LOVE IT! I am also using IPB for our new community site for the future Realism Community in Days of War. This time using the newest version of IPB 4.x.x which the guy in the OP uses. Most of those mods have been around for ages like the Twitch Stream, Staff and Calendar. But looks like some new things like their join server page which I can see as being a perfect tool for uniting realism players to realism servers. IF YOU ARE MAKING A SITE, YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH IPB!
  14. Peleliu. Research K Company, 1st Marine Division in the battle and you will see why. They lost their entire company except for 18 men whilst repulsing over a dozen major banzai attacks and hand to hand fighting throughout the first 24 hours of the battle. In what is described as the the most difficult fight that the US Military encountered in the entire war, the 1st MAR Div lost 1/3'rd of it's marines taking that beach only the size of 11 football fields in an entire month of close quarters fighting.
  15. $65 for a Alpha ticket is not too terribly bad. I'd say it is right at that max limit you could ask for, but still be reasonable enough. Now if this was EA or something then yeah, I'd be put off completely. I do not see what all the fuss is about. Me, personally, I am still in limbo about buying a Alpha ticket this instant. It is safe to say I will get it and probably before Early Access, but the indecision is because I know myself and I try to limit myself to how many online multiplayer games I play because I have responsibilities in the game(s) my Realism Unit is in and do not want to side track myself. If not much appears to have changed in BATT44 by the time Alpha is about to role out then I'll hold off and opt for the Beta package instead. I doubt my unit will be ready to expand by April anyway. Now on FINAL Release in late 2017, my unit should be in position to expand by then and absolutely, BAT44 is high up on the possibility chart.