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  1. "it's only cosmetics" but it leads to this stuff eventually https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSpP3Ge-dq0
  2. yet they need this to "support" the game... so much bullshit but we have what we deserve, people buy that shit, they get that shit even more. lick it all
  3. Destiny 2 on PC

    battalion 1944 and ashes of creation, all indie. fuck "AAA" moneywhores
  4. CODWW2 beta public

    new akimbo perk
  5. phantasy, alpha 0.3 gameplay video please man proud of you guys
  6. Store

    Are you guys planning on launching a store with battalion 1944 merchandising soon? I need a black shirt with that logo man
  7. only one map showed for alpha yet?
  8. Beta Release

    playing WW2 beta made me desire Battalion 1944 even more, what type of bag of shit is that?
  9. Beta Release

    Yes, Masser already told me that. If RAFF and Dark read the whole thread before, they would read that. Anyway, Brammer stated the price will be 10.99$ in his Pretty Good Gaming interview. I will have no problems with microtransactions if this is the case, in fact, I encourage it now. My problem starts at 50$ box price. I will definetly buy this game and play it for hours and hours, and wait for it buy some cosmetics
  10. Beta Release

    If they have a price tag like 15-30, i'm totally ok with it. My problem is if they charge 50$ and then more for microtransactions. Just because it doens't affect gameplay does not mean its ok to do it. "People like you" are the ones making this type of shit ok in every game nowadays
  11. Beta Release

    agreed, if the price is in that range, I can't complain about microtransactions
  12. Beta Release

    are they releasing the game at 15$? where did you got that information?
  13. Beta Release

    that's a lie told by many developers that many people believe today. I agree with the DLC point, let's wait to see if they can hold the money desire on that point