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  2. loved the 3000 options for the axis uniforms in the glorious MoHAA
  3. very minimal HUD, noice!
  4. Brammer have you guys any ideia about the Shotguns? Are they coming in competitive? Still waiting for that info, it's a huge point for me to know. Really hate them in CoD2 for example
  5. teamspeak! voip ingame is used only for allah huakbarr screams and fart noises (i'm guilty too).
  6. wow, good one!! it will be fun, like the whistle in splinter cell
  7. no economy like cs:go ty
  8. inurgency and america's army are like that, day z has no jump even. the movement is a really big turn off in those games
  9. That's what I'm saying, there's no link beetween the animation and the aim. From what I've seen, I didn't play yet
  10. From the videos I've watched, when firing in full auto, the weapon itself doesn't even move, only the aim goes upwards and because of that the recoil of DoW seems really abnormal and effortless to me. I hope you've been enlighten by my opinion.
  11. that's not even recoil, the weapon barely moves when firing lol it just moves your aim upwards... lulz
  12. really liked war thunder gameplay, just not the buy upgrade system went hours playing that rollercoster, really curious about this one too