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  1. mazh

    Battalion Discord

    the alpha discord is going offline during after this week I think
  2. it sucked, at least an Hi to acknowledge the people that were asking if they could go pee after 2 hours... top kek ... but hey, 1 feb is almost there and It doesn't seem like days of war shit tier
  3. The German models have those red cloths in the arms, I know you can't add swastikas but could Iron Crosses be added? An Iron Cross would be just fine. the games looks amazing, can't wait!
  4. done, thanks Dark
  5. congratz man, first 9, then 69, then the 3rd lucky charm 498
  6. 44 - that stg44 needs my hands
  7. mazh

    Why I love Insurgency

    i'm playing this game waiting for bat44, the gameplay is a little meh but i find it fun, 1 shot 1 kill love it
  8. mazh

    Freezetag should be a mode

    miss that mode from MoHaa so much
  9. mazh

    Alpha gameplay

    the game is looking amazing! the STG44 is a little much thinner as addressed by Brammertron but it's iron Sights gave me a mini orgasm, jesus christ It reminded me of CoD1, absolutely well done! Those cars, those textures, that time to kill, everything looks very good. The class choice UI and the music in the pre-rounds hooooo is just.. Perfect! The score very simple and straightforward, looking great. Good work! Your game will definitely be successful can't wait to get in there. Thank you Bulkhead
  10. "it's only cosmetics" but it leads to this stuff eventually https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZSpP3Ge-dq0
  11. yet they need this to "support" the game... so much bullshit but we have what we deserve, people buy that shit, they get that shit even more. lick it all
  12. mazh

    Destiny 2 on PC

    battalion 1944 and ashes of creation, all indie. fuck "AAA" moneywhores
  13. mazh

    CODWW2 beta public

    new akimbo perk