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  1. -[GBK]- GloBal Killers PS4 Clan

    Hi Guy´s We are a PS4 Clan coming to Battalion 1944 When it comes out We are around 20 Members right now & always Looking for new guy´s to run with We have been together since 2014 Banter is good , we had good times & bad times , but at the end of the day we are all for 1 & 1 for all . Anybody interested plz do Add me up on the PSN @ baz_millwall_fc Created: 2014-12-21
  2. Hello Battalion 1944 Gamers

    Hi Guy´s Can´t wait for this game to come out , been around for a while on FPS since , Battlefield 1942 , MOH , cod classics , bf4 , now bf1 Just looking forward to playing a good game , seen the trailers & i know this is a game for me Now on the PS4 on a venomX #scrub