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  1. Px-Progdogg

    Australian Community Post

    + 1 Kiwi got a group of maybe 5-6 currently keen on Batt, missed out on the Alpha but will be following closely. Recently been playing a lot of Black Ops 1 and started back into CoD4 and WaW. We used to run HC CTF scrims back in the day with BtR which is about as competitive as we got, feel free to add on steam fellow Anzacs. http://steamcommunity.com/id/progdog/
  2. Px-Progdogg

    "Netcode" - Tickrate, Update Rates, Lag Compensation

    Thanks @BattleNonSense glad it didn't take me long to find a thread about netcode and tick rate! I bring this topic up in the CoD community on almost every new release as my online experience has been well below par in any of the CoD's since BO1. It's to the point that I stopped buying at BO3 and continue to boycott. We always get the same non-information from the devs, this year it is "We update packets at 60 times per second in both directions when network bandwidth allows." I am pretty gutted I didn't catch this game in time for the kickstarter but will definitely buy as soon as early access releases. The BF1 rental server program was a huge let down. What Battalion is doing is how all FPS shooters should be! Server files, server browser, MODS!, rCon tools! Add 60hz dedi's and I will wee myself.