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  1. Your PC Specs?

    Just to gather information for the devs to see where everyone is at in terms of system performance so they can hopefully optimise it. Formatting of your post:1) System2) CPU3) RAM4) Graphic Card I'll start 1) Windows 102) Intel Core i33) 4GB4) GTX 750
  2. Welcome Switz! It's jackson price by the way mate (4RAR) Have a good one!
  3. Hello Battalion 1944 Gamers

    Welcome mate Oops already welcomed you

    When he pulled the pin of the grenade using his teeth, that made me cringe. Also when old mate picked up the blown up torso and used him as a meatshield, like wtf? Still a great movie
  5. Character customization

    This as far as I am aware is correct!
  6. -[GBK]- GloBal Killers PS4 Clan

    Goodluck old mate! Remember to post on the clan list to be featured!
  7. Hello Battalion 1944 Gamers

    G'day mate, welcome to the Battalion!
  8. Official Battalion Steam Group

    Hi mate, yes most of the early backers are here but how games work is to grow instead of maintaining a number as people lose interest and stop playing, always happens. Steam groups are a free way to access a large amount of people. ----- Humble brag ON get rekt Ryan <3
  9. Official Steam Group?

    BigTuna made it hours afer I posted about this, very quickly on his behalf! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/OfficialBattalion
  10. American Civil War Game

    Of course you would Howard It's a Civil War game using 19th centuary muskets. They focus extremely heavily on historical detail and accuracy, if you don't like that it's probably not the game for you bro
  11. Hey lads, just letting you guys know about IMO a pretty awesome American Civil War Game. Currently in Tech Alpha, which I am playing. Has some bugs but can be worked out fairly well. If you're interested in the time period here's the website: warofrights.com And if you're looking to join a unit for the game we'd be more than happy to accomodate you: http://2nduswor.my-free.website/ My contact: http://steamcommunity.com/id/JacksonPrice/ Enjoy
  12. M1 Garrand Sniper

    Although I'm not always for snipers and campers and such, I'd still enjoy playing the class. Day of Infamy gets it pretty well, balanced as its recoil may not compete with an M1 Carbine or Garand when you're using the german rifle. Not a highj rate of fire, bolt action rifle. Very greatly balanced. Something like that should be in B1944
  13. Battlion 1944 Clan List

    Cheers mate