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  1. Ladders/tournaments Competition

    But yes, redundancy is unneccesary work in this case, and if continued beyond prototype-stage it will be as a game independent platform that can be branched for specific projects/games. Cheers for informing me about battlerank, totally missed it and hope it delivers
  2. Ladders/tournaments Competition

    As far as I've understood it's an in-game system under developers control ? (which this isn't meant to be) Sounds good if they pull it off without adding restricions, so that 3rd party matches like esl etc can take room without interferring with their in-game systems.
  3. Ladders/tournaments Competition

    Interesting , I havnt heard of battlerank but it does indeed seem to fill a similar void, which is good imo, unusual with developers doing everything right on all fronts No worries and thanks I kinda always wanted to build a platform like this and thought battalion was a fitting/deserving target game. It could be applied to most competitive games in it's current state since the aim is a skeleton platform for competitive play, so you theoretically could add more games similar to clanbase or such
  4. ... little over a month ago when I first joined the Battalion community I was very pleasantly surprised with everything from the community, to the developers and their goals. And as a long time gamer and fan of competitive old-school games I thought I'd help realize the vision or at least inspire more to do so. I enjoy coding different passion projects from time to time and since I havn't had one going for awhile I thought of the idèa of smashing two flies in one and create a prototype ladder/cup-system for Battalion44 with inspiration from legacy systems such as clanbase and esl. The idea is that you can register players which in turn can create teams, these teams can then invite players or players can apply for enlisting. Teams will then be able to join/apply for different events. (The creator of the team will be the owner of the team and rule its administration (in the future support might exist for delegated control). That would include things like approving members, joining events etc. Events are either cups, playoffs or ladders, each with a different rule set containing anything from round limits and player limits, to weapon limits and screenshot requirements. In the first iteration the ladder system will be available. All in all the idèa is to create some core pillars on which people can compete, communicate, and play against eachother with ease, both casually and hardcore with ladders and rules catering towards both sides. Teams should be able to brand themselves as a fun, serious, amd upload logos and information etc. I've been working on this for about a month now and as you probably understand it takes a lot of time, especially since it's all built from scratch without any backend-frameworks or equivalent (price to pay if you want clean code to maintain and extend ;). In its current state I've finished the routing and mvc structure which is the skeleton of the whole application. Login & register systems works and are almost completed a long with basic ER-diagram (database layout). The flow of teams, members, events all works and i'm currently working on the graphical forms for the users to interact with the profiles & teams, also working on the matching backend for ladders. I'm now wondering if there is enough interest to take this project into a production-state ? The goal would be to deliver it by the time that battalion44 releases, granted that the community is interested and that the developers would approve. As a side note the GUI has not been the main focus but gets overhauled from time to time when I revisit the different sections. The backend is structured in such a way that rather drastic changes to the GUI wouldn't be impossible. The frontend mentality is that the GUI shouldn't be too cluttered or complicated to understand while supporting complicated tasks with minimal interaction. Inspiration is derived from legacy systems such as Clanbase and Esl while staying more clean and approachable. If this is something of interest then I'd happily take suggestions and feedback on features and information that players would like to have. Hope you all have a great Christmas and enjoy your Holidays! -heady89
  5. Days of War ?

    I actually don't see them as direct competitors, they seem to aim for a more DoD/ET-styled gameplay, while Battalion44 is a bit more similar to mohaa/cod
  6. Regenerating health or not?

    Torn on this, at the time when cod2 came out I was very skeptical as the whole "health-regen" thing was quite new. It did however in my opinion turn out quite good before going completely overboard in later installments. This being an infantry focused shooter with skillbased gaming in mind rather than only realism, I'd probably be fine with either. In defense of regen, it does keep the coming engagements more interesting rather than having players crippled from previous encounters. I can't say I was ever really bothered by it in games like cod2, it worked very well with the type of game cod2 tried to be. Possibilities for servers/mods to tweak this would solve it for both sides.

    +1 watched it the other week with the girlfriend, we weren't disappointed. There is a lot of bad ww2 Movies but this one has quality that i havn't seen for quite a while. It's up there with Band of Brothers for sure.
  8. Australian Here!

    Welcome Exodus
  9. How Will The Recoil Work?

    Agree that the recoil needs to play a significant part, enough to make an impact and something you could master/understand. I'd personally favor a cod1 recoil system, but even cod2's approach would be fine. Most of todays games have barely any penalty for abusing the guns, and it's imporant to note that it's not simulation recoil that is absolutly neccessary here, just decent recoil for gameplay.
  10. Scores on the Doors

    It doesn't have to be the 'be all end all', it just doesn't make any sense to remove it (K&D) from the round-based gameplay in my opinion. When it comes to whoever wins each round then K&D is actually an interesting statistic, especially if it's competitive. I would be in favor of adding additional attributes that encourage the objectives of that round-based gameplay to be achived, such as individual (not teampoints) points for planting/defusing etc. For clarification, the gametype I`m speaking about is a one-life round-based gametype, not the type you see in ET & RO etc. I've played plenty of those games and would fully support a different approach in promoting team objectives there, like rewarding medics or sticking togheter with a squad etc. But it's not what I was targeting with my original post, it was S&D or the equivalent in CS and other games.
  11. Scores on the Doors

    If you prefer teampoints then perhaps additional modes which doesn't focus as much on it such as CTF, or a wave-based objective-mode, would be something. See nothing wrong with K&D in S&D & TDM, it works just fine in Counter-Strike and the older titles that came around at the same time. It's part of the competitive round-based gameplay.
  12. Battalion 1944 User Interface - Ideas Thread

    Keep it clean and simple, don't clutter the UI with to much stuff, make it possible to switch potentially distracting UI off. Old school scoreboards. Main menu with at least abiltiy to switch between SP,MP and Options. Some games have this wierd idea of hiding options under SP,MP tabs which is just confusing. For audio have a few sliders and not just one master volume.
  13. Map Design Choke Points

    All glory to Dust, but it's also a really empty layout, which works in Cs, but what I enjoyed from the cod maps was also the diversity in objects and other things to use as cover for an more in depth aim-battle. One has to remember CS isnt as much about individual character movement, and neither is it fast in that department. I agree on about 3-4 main chokepoints, but take note of som objects, windows, in passages etc from maps in cod 1-4. Point being, fill the world so it contains objects without cluttering it completly, ala cod2. I can't comment when cod lost its way with this but it wasnt what killed the community/esport , that was so much more and begun with mw2 and locked down match-making games with focus on instant gratification.
  14. Will there be Ip Connect ?

    Will there be an ip-connect feature, either via console command or just a simple inputbox ? A feature that is quite simplistic but adds a lot, especially for the clan community who organizes matches on/from places like IRC or League systems. If you find a war or have decided on a match, the last thing you want to do is spend time inviting people on steam or friending up with the enemy team to find the agreed server. You just give eachother the connect-info instead. example: /connect xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx;password welcome