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  1. heady89

    Balancing, higher time to kill (ttk) on Smgs

    Well most of the things in this game tries to mimic different aspects of that gaming ERA were call of duty is a central part, and they've not exactly hidden that a lot of inspiration is taken from games like it. Anyway that aside, it's still a very high TTK in combination with easy hip fire accuracy. Would really like to see a slower TTK and maybe up the recoil or down the accuracy a bit for hip firing in general.
  2. The smgs badly need a higher ttk, especially in hipfire mode. It doesn't really take any skill at all and you can easily jump out and just double tap someone and they're instantly dead, often by cheer luck. Plenty of times when I've been in close encounters deciding to jump out to kill someone and by cheer chance even got someone behind by barely touching them. Just doesn't feel right and doesn't mimick cods ttk at all.
  3. heady89

    Outdated graphics?

    Disagree and have to back him up on that single point tho. I think your point is flawed tbh, if someone has such an utterly outdated computer and so happens to be a pro, leave him behind. The whole game and scene shouldn't revolve around pleasing such needs just because he or she happens to have a name to themselves and equipment that is 10 years old for their hobby/job... ?! Its simple duh, get a somewhat updated computer. We're not talking much here, or anywhere near BF1 ultra. If you've a stable income and put some money into your hobby you'll get a computer maxing out a decently graphical game soon enough. For the folks living with parents you're still dependable on summer-jobs or what your parents get you, doesn't mean it has to be a toaster for 100$ and that developers should take their que mainly from that. Overall the answers are valid, yes it's a game aimed at competitive play and with minimum distractions, so its just natural that those things are a priority, and that we may or may not get a certain amount of eye-candy. That said and having gamed competitively myself since mohaa I can't help but agree with his overall message, even back in cod2 days i thought i was quite sad to run dx7 renderer and was always thinking, "fuck, just up the minimum specs seriously, only reason im running dx7 is to have just as much of an even playing-field on the twats lowering the specs to a minimum to get an edge." Demos and fragmovies always got rendered in dx9 at least
  4. heady89

    Please don't over-design the maps

    Somewhat clear maps, yes definitely, designed like CS, no, and thankfully it doesn't look like they are. It doesn't need to be cluttered like a out of the box mp_Crash from cod4, that's too much, but cod always had faster gameplay where movement was an whole extra dimension to the gameplay compared to something like cs which plays a lot different, even when sprint wasn't a factor. (one of the reasons being movement & leaning, another one layout, another one gun-handling etc.) Being able to move around some obstacles like boxes etc is vital, having it extremely clean like cs just makes for a whole other type of gameplay with a lot less options for creativity. Cod1 and 2 did not have "cs clean maps".
  5. heady89

    Sniper rifles should not beat AR/SMG in close range

    Looking at say Cod1 and Cod2, if you engage or encounter someone up close with your sniper you should have an ability to use skill and luck to get that one-shot kill, however if you miss you should defiantly be punished by the bolting. If you miss that up-close shot against someone decent in cod1, 2 you are usually dead, especially if they carried some sort of automatic. I do however hope that foot-shots and lower-leg doesn't give rifles one-shot kills.
  6. heady89

    Player Cap?

    Don't see a reason to cap it for public or custom servers, as for the internal competitive mode obviously it's capped and balanced. If people want carnage, 3v3 or anything else why not, those who don't can just avoid those servers, key is not locking down the entire game, that's what most AAA developers do to the extreme.
  7. heady89

    Any CoD UO players out there?

    Foy was one of the favorites for me. As for gameplay i enjoyed the assault modes in public but nevertheless we continued playing S&D in clan, parallel to the main game. I preferred additional features such a sprint etc over the tanks, they were cool but it was very obvious that the engine wasn't built for it and more a cool gimmick in my opinion.