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  1. Help us decide our competitive rank names

    back to 2007?
  2. ffs thought we can play now another hour 2 wait
  3. Day of the Alpha

    same for me
  4. equipo español para competir.

    mi no comprende
  5. What happened?

    well this is just how modern gaming communitys are get over it m8. take a deep breath and dont take it personal u cant change it.

    there will be a option like this but cry babys cant handel it
  7. Can i still Back the kickstarter?

    nah man u have 2 wait for early acces.
  8. Do you play Single Players?

    total war games in general i play singel player - i love the grind pokemon on emulator if i am rlly bored
  9. Your age?

  10. yeah looks like it... u know how much u paid? ~20€ early ~40€ beta ~60€ alpha
  11. ADS sensitivity

    use the search function m8
  12. Feedback from competitive players

    when i read competitiv and aim assist (consol) in one sentence 4Head
  13. A Lengthy Interview with Joe Brammer

    yeah gotcha m8 but i think this will be a community projekt to find the right path
  14. A Lengthy Interview with Joe Brammer

    guess this will be set within alpha and beta or even early acces
  15. A Lengthy Interview with Joe Brammer

    @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON great interview ur such a nice personality couldnt agree more with u m8 thx for sharing dust