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  1. same for me
  2. mi no comprende
  3. well this is just how modern gaming communitys are get over it m8. take a deep breath and dont take it personal u cant change it.
  4. there will be a option like this but cry babys cant handel it
  5. nah man u have 2 wait for early acces.
  6. total war games in general i play singel player - i love the grind pokemon on emulator if i am rlly bored
  7. 23
  8. yeah looks like it... u know how much u paid? ~20€ early ~40€ beta ~60€ alpha
  9. use the search function m8
  10. when i read competitiv and aim assist (consol) in one sentence 4Head
  11. yeah gotcha m8 but i think this will be a community projekt to find the right path
  12. guess this will be set within alpha and beta or even early acces
  13. @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON great interview ur such a nice personality couldnt agree more with u m8 thx for sharing dust
  14. ps4 hahaha u must be joking? fk off consol plebs with ur aim assist no skill shit pc masterrace