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  1. yeah so why not pump out a alpha and a beta skin for people who PAYED and PLAYED in the alpha and beta - seems fair 2 me
  2. @[DEV] BRAMMERTRON what are ur thoughts about this?
  3. totaly agree. kinda feel left out in not getting anything special in return to show off we where also here testing this game from the beginning! we payed 65€ get 3 warchest nowdays people pay 25€ get 5 warchest and exlusiv skin - ofc we had fun testing this amazing game buts pls devs give us something 2 remember the alpha
  4. All skins

    hmm that would suck since we payed the same price... and most of had 2 buy humble bundle since kickstarter only took credit card and no paypal
  5. All skins

    does anyone know if humble bundle alpha backers also recive the alpha skin?
  6. Jumping ironsights

    guys can we first get into ea and let the game progress/build a meta instead of changing everything befor anyone had @ least 100h into the game and go from there? i love that everyone is so dedicated into making the best game possibel but pls give the devs some time to figure out the best settings happy fraging see un on febuary 1
  7. Can be balance in this game style?

    uhm there are 3 sniper cards how the fk is everyone going 2 play scope then? + only on low lvl people will start with 3 sniper cards
  8. Jump + zoom

    reg makes the the game more fast paced and viable for more 1vs5 clutches i prefer c then i guess
  9. beta feedback

    a whole team of jumping bouncing sniper u will only face in low elo scrub games for the first 3 rounds after that they get 1 time outsmoked and rushed and fun is over
  10. Will Battalion just be a CoD clone?

    this game is perfect all i ever wished for after cod4 - when i backed this game i didnt expect anything less then we got now thank you devs

  12. yep just got mine gonna give it away tomorrow
  13. Question about Bomb Prop

    cod4 style - u can drop bomb tho
  14. What keyboard do you have?

    after using 10 € keyboard for years i just bought this