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  1. Amigaman


    I assume you meant delete? The game? It plays great now after update. Don't give up now.
  2. Amigaman

    Bug Steam with Battalion 1944

    Thank you for the tip!
  3. Amigaman

    what you been working on?

    Looks great. Good job!
  4. Amigaman

    Multi core?

    Does Battalion 1944 support and use 6 cores? Also does it use multi-threading? Thank you.
  5. Amigaman

    Modifying .json files?

    Thank you. I'll look into modding the market json. I made a copy of Market0.json and removed machine guns and renamed it to rifles.json. I then made a copy of default.ini and called it rifles.ini. . I had to change references to Market0 file to rifles. Where it said market0.json I changed to rifles.json. Where it said Market0, I changed to rifles. Seems to be working and allows multiple ini files. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for everyone's help.
  6. Amigaman

    Modifying .json files?

    Have you had any luck since MU2? I had a rifles mods and a few others set up. Things were changed after MU2. In the defaultgame.ini it references "market0.json. I tried to change it to point to TDMDeck0.json and no luck. I even removed Reference to Market0 under TDM mode and in Battalion Game Mode in ini. Game still ran. I don't get it. I just removed all json files except market0.json and it worked ok. I am running TDM only. I tried running TDMDeck0.json only and had no weapons. Almost as if the other json file aren't needed? Don't make sense. I also can't find any references to any of the json files except Market0.json in the defaultgame.ini.
  7. Amigaman

    Rifles Only Server Setup - How To

    Ty . Worked great. Now after mu2 it no longer works. They now also have a file called "market.json". Unable to get working. Anyone have any luck? Thank again.
  8. Amigaman

    Ah well!

    Did anyone ever stop and think that the reason you see no-one playing is because people like you. You see low numbers and give up. If everyone does that...no players. If everyone that says "game is dead" would get in there and play...voila, more players. Got to admit, game has come a long way. Get in there and give it a chance. The only people that can bring numbers up is ourselves.
  9. Amigaman

    Server not right after update.

    Thank you. The company was able to fix it yesterday. Sounds like they did what you did. I really appreciate the help. Thanks again.
  10. I have a server with PingPerfect. After update server version is: 16023. My game version is: 16037. After update when I choose weapon I get a blackened screen. Unable to choose a weapon. Also when I hit escape I can walk around with no weapon. When I look down I can see my unattached arms with no weapon. See attached pics. Please help!! Thank you.
  11. My poll shows that many players do prefer no hopping and no strafe-jumping. http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/9243-strafe-jump-poll/
  12. Amigaman

    How to tell version number

    I do appreciate the help. Thanks again.
  13. Amigaman

    How to tell version number

    Thank you. My server in list shows "12119". In the version check file it's 12125. Guess it's probably 12125? Do you know of a way to tell the most recent version number? Thanks again for the info.
  14. Amigaman

    How to tell version number

    Thank you for your response.
  15. Amigaman

    How to tell version number

    I have a Battalion 1944 server thru Ping-Perfect. I know their was an update recently. I updated thru their control panel. It shows it's thru Steam. How can I tell if it is updated. Is there a place to see the version number? How do I find out what the current version is? Any ideas? We seem to be experiencing a stutter in lateral movements now since update. Anyone else?