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    I re-installed our server at GameServers and updated it. Ran 12 players last night without crashing. I was only able to monitor it for a short time. Will let everyone know what happens.
  2. Server crashes a host problem?

    Yesterday I re-installed my server and updated it. It ran with 12 players and changed maps properly. Only had a short time to monitor it, will try again tonight.
  3. Server crashes

    Bet you right. I have Gameservers looking into that now.
  4. Strafe jump poll

    Agreed! Please fix the fundamental issues such as not being able to have more than 8 players without our server crashing and numerous players having a hard time starting and entering games. One of our clan members spends 5 minutes after every map change trying to get in game. He makes his living in the computer world. He knows what to try, but still can't connect without crashing most of the time.
  5. Server crashes

    Before the latest update we could run a max of 8 players on our server. 8 was fine. Now the server crashes with 8 players. Can't even run more than a couple maps in a row. Also when it loads a new map, it hangs on waiting for more players even though we have 6 players. The player count is set for 2 to start match. Start type is set for player count. This worked ok before update. I have to run the command to change to next map to continue. Clan members are still experiencing crashes trying to enter game. One member has 7 or 8 crashes while to trying to get in game. This happens to him every map change. Poor guy gets into match 5 minutes after everyone else.

    I lowered max players to 8. it always stayed running with 8 players before. Last night it lost connection to host with only 8. Clan members are still having as many problems getting in to game as before. One member has to go through numerous crashes to get in. This happens to him at the start of every map.
  7. Server crashes a host problem?

    Now we can't stay connected with only 6 players. Please fix. Than k you!
  8. Server crashes a host problem?

    Our server crashed with 12 players after one round with full server. Tried again this morning and crashed with 11. Our clan members still experience crashes trying to get in game. I hope they have another fix for this soon. Wouldn't you think the server crashes would be the number one priority? Players keep leaving the game due to server crashes. Please fix this FIRST!! Thank you!!

    Ours still crashes when loaded. I tried again this morning and crashed with 11 players.
  10. Strafe jump poll

    After waiting until 3-9-18 around 6PM EST our server was finally up and running. We had high hopes even though clan members still experienced problems with crashes while trying to get the game started. We had 12 players and lasted one map when it "lost connection to host". Our clan members felt that the player movement was faster. Anyone agree? This is frustrating. My main concern was the inability to have more than 8 players without crashing. The other stuff is secondary. Since we have to pay for a minimum of 12 players and can't run over 8, I may just cancel the server until it's truly fixed and go back to playing our COD4 server that runs without crashing. I tried again this morning and it crashed with 11 players. On March 10th in the PM it crashed with only 8 players. It seems to be worse now.
  11. Strafe jump poll

    "respectless people"? I'm not even sure what you mean by that. We just like playing the game in a way that we have played for years. I have run our clan servers for 13 years now and on our clan servers there is no strafe jumping allowed. As shown by the polling results so far, other people also enjoy our style of game-play. "respectless"?
  12. Strafe jump poll

    We used to joke back in the Medal of Honor days when someone jumped from high up. We would rate them, such as 8.2, like the Olympics. Maybe they should be judged for their ballet moves with their strafe jumps. You know, get xp for style ! But seriously, no jumping on our server.
  13. Strafe jump poll

    Call it what you want. With a lot of players hopping it still looks like popcorn popping. Looks like their are still players out there that prefer to not have it.
  14. Hi its oldman from the UK how do I input the 66.55.154 etc.   I have a mate who plays and cant stand the bunny hopping.  Thank you



    Great work!! Thanks!