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  1. Amigaman

    Active Battalion servers.

    Thanks Ryan for the post. Please support the game. Stop in and give us a chance.
  2. Ryan of the 506th clan and I are trying to breath life back into the game. I run our "AMI Clan No Strafe-Jumping No Hopping" server Fridays and Sundays 7 - 9 PM EST. Ryan 509th is running Tuesdays and Thursdays form 7 - 9 PM EST. His server: www.509th.net tactical #2 Please stop in and join us. We encourage other clans to operate their own servers. Post times your clan is on and we'll all work to help populate your servers. You can rent a server from Ping-Perfect for $1.22 USD a slot. We have our AMI clan server with them. Cheap and easy. Click to rent server: https://pingperfect.com/aff.php?aff=310 Thanks to Ryan and the 509th!!
  3. Amigaman

    what you been working on?

    Hope they come out with rcon programs soon. Need to be able to ban also.
  4. Amigaman

    Free For All

    Stop in. Our server is called: AMI CLAN No STRAFE-JUMPING No HOPPING Try us Fridays and Sundays between 7 and 9PM EST Servers in New York City.
  5. Amigaman

    Free For All

    And it don't seem to be a priority either. Guess I can't blame them. Most people play TDM or other modes. Just some of us old "Run and Gun FFA" old farts that still enjoy this mode.
  6. Amigaman

    Free For All

    Just wondering when FFA will be available? Our clan has run FFA servers for 13 years. With all the emphasis on competitive play and e-sports I hope that we'll still have enough players like us that are more casual gamers. Will the rentable servers have a ranking system. If not I'll bet that we'll have a much smaller player base.
  7. Amigaman

    Any MOH: Spearhead or AA guys here?

    Loved Spearhead. Started our clan server, AMI, back then out of New York. It's what I hope Battalion will become.
  8. Amigaman

    RIP the official forum?

    Thank you for putting the word out on our server. Everyone is welcome. We just don't allow all that hopping around crap.
  9. Amigaman


    I assume you meant delete? The game? It plays great now after update. Don't give up now.
  10. Amigaman

    Bug Steam with Battalion 1944

    Thank you for the tip!
  11. Amigaman

    what you been working on?

    Looks great. Good job!
  12. Amigaman

    Multi core?

    Does Battalion 1944 support and use 6 cores? Also does it use multi-threading? Thank you.
  13. Amigaman

    Modifying .json files?

    Thank you. I'll look into modding the market json. I made a copy of Market0.json and removed machine guns and renamed it to rifles.json. I then made a copy of default.ini and called it rifles.ini. . I had to change references to Market0 file to rifles. Where it said market0.json I changed to rifles.json. Where it said Market0, I changed to rifles. Seems to be working and allows multiple ini files. Hope this makes sense. Thanks for everyone's help.
  14. Amigaman

    Modifying .json files?

    Have you had any luck since MU2? I had a rifles mods and a few others set up. Things were changed after MU2. In the defaultgame.ini it references "market0.json. I tried to change it to point to TDMDeck0.json and no luck. I even removed Reference to Market0 under TDM mode and in Battalion Game Mode in ini. Game still ran. I don't get it. I just removed all json files except market0.json and it worked ok. I am running TDM only. I tried running TDMDeck0.json only and had no weapons. Almost as if the other json file aren't needed? Don't make sense. I also can't find any references to any of the json files except Market0.json in the defaultgame.ini.
  15. Amigaman

    Rifles Only Server Setup - How To

    Ty . Worked great. Now after mu2 it no longer works. They now also have a file called "market.json". Unable to get working. Anyone have any luck? Thank again.