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  1. So ive been MIA for a bit (readin up on posts).....what have i missed and how is everyone!?
  2. Day of the Alpha

    you in Mineola, LI? lolol
  3. Day of the Alpha

    can't wait to get mine so i can get it all ready!!!
  4. What mouse do you have?

    Im on the Razor Mamba 2012 flow lolol (razor fanboy you can call me i guess lolol)
  5. Discord Invite

    it seems that you already sent out the information on the survey because you have your forum tag, so you should have received it right after you sent it out check your email, the one you used for the kickstarter. It should be there
  6. Forum Reputation System

    Zeak, quit it you are being straight up hypocritical, you don't help it by spreading the "drama" on discord either. You are part of the problem I speak of. Those of you who downvoted me are just proving my point and those that are telling me to "elaborate" and to name people are doing nothing more than trying to instigate. No matter what is said those people will not take responsibility for their actions nor stop it because their personalities are "i am the elite and my opinion is the only thing that counts". Cool thats great....go bring that somewhere else where 12 year olds look up to you
  7. Forum Reputation System

    as we were doing before the toxic comments and attitudes? i agree, but you miss my point too.....anyway im done talking about this because noone needs to take any responsibility for their actions and things are swept under the rug.....
  8. Forum Reputation System

    speaking like a person with a true guilty conscience lol
  9. Forum Reputation System

    no not at all amma post what i said in Discord. Banter is fine, this about something totally different honestly it doesn't (if the reputation system matters) lol but it does at some point only because of how people perceive a positive vs a negative review of things. Hell, in the end we are all just usernames on a forum and in essence a "product" that can be reviewed. The issue is more of someone getting a bad review because of trolls their opinions not taken as worthy
  10. Forum Reputation System

    like i said, i don't have to because you already know m8
  11. Forum Reputation System

    don't have to, you already know
  12. Forum Reputation System

    here is a poke at you seek, guilty conscience?
  13. Forum Reputation System

    dont feed into this....some people poke at it all day and dont let up, if they were professional enough they would PM you and take it there if it is such interest to them to know who it is. Secondly its not about the fake +1 or -1, its about the principle of the thing. If you are going to use a system like this it should be for the right reason. Some people are abusing it and that is why there is a huge discussion on it and how some people, including me, would really like to see people own up to their decisions and to eliminate the trolls and toxicity from the forums. We didn't have this problem for a while then now closer to release we see an influx of it and its absolutely disgusting. People have stopped checking the forums because of it and many of the conversations within the topics are no more than one person saying "im better than you deal with it and you suck. My opinion matters more than yours and so there *crosses arms* *hmpf*" like a child. Some people who came in here who are "pro gamers" and other "competitive type" personalities have really stirred the pot quite abit and then you have the randoms who just like to troll
  14. Forum Reputation System

    couldn't agree more...its absolutely pitiful....
  15. Forum Reputation System

    I had this " glitch" and saw who downvoted/upvoted and what not. So I did my own research on a couple people that were heavily downvoted for no reason and it seems that there are people who target certain people's posts. It is consistent with almost every one of their posts, including a few of mine. The same people downvoted that person's posts every time no matter the content. I honestly liked the fact i was able to see who did what lol
  16. What antivirus

    Anyone have an opinion on Malwarebytes Pro?
  17. Game-Modes in Alpha

    Hows the flood going? Will that delay the Alpha?
  18. What keyboard do you have?

    I got the razor deathstalker, thing is quiet and smooth
  19. Game-Modes in Alpha

    As i said, im +1 with Farq because we share the same view Do you not see the obvious sarcasm within the message? Nd apparently the other two that downvoted have the same problem....
  20. Game-Modes in Alpha

  21. Attack and defend gamemode

    this isn't a bad a idea what so ever but i don't think its applicable to Battalion though. Technically we already see this in BF1 in the operations mode. It works well but some maps will have the attackers at an advantage or vice versa with the defense. The fact there is nothing destructible in Batt44 will also cause this gamemode to render slightly on the "boring" side. I love the idea and im sure the modders will have plenty of ideas to make into reality!! Lets see
  22. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    Hmm, idk. Its wierd in the EU server my shots connect every time, well much more than NA. No bullets pass through anyone lol yea they camp a hell of alot more but if i get a SKS or Kar98 with a 4x or 8x they dont usually last lol the only thing i have trouble with, it seems to me its lag, is when im in a close range fight (NA or EU servers) the shots may seem to connect but they dont damage the other person. Example would be i put 3 pump shotgon hits with no choke at max effective range while the enemy had no armor but didnt go down. Meanwhile i nail his buddy beyond effective range with no choke same weapon twice and gows down....idk is it RNG?
  23. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    Ah well i hope everything turned out well and you are good to go! Shoot me a message if you wanna get some games in when im on
  24. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds

    I gotch you on steam don't i? i know you see me playin! Its been constant for me, all the time....its a killer but the good part is, it stops (sometimes) during a firefight. I feel like it only does it when other players are around