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  1. So I am taking from @Soldat Ryan and making a version of my own to show that there is more concern from various members. The single thread is great but i feel sometimes there needs to be multiple like this one. Original belief: This game was advertised as a WW2 shooter that will eventually become competitive and will try to bond the bridge between competitive players and non-competitive players by making the servers user friendly. So when i saw this as a game that will use the historical perspective of WW2, throw a little twist of their own, and do something other games haven't. Also it was said that it would be a game that brings back the roots of the old games like COD1/2/4 and MOH which i still feel it will, to a degree. I want to see a game that will be competitive in a WW2 scenario but it should stay in the WW2 era with its weapons, characters, battlegrounds, and even the hud style. I was excited, and still kinda am, till recently where a few things have been said im not exactly agreeing with. What is happening now: -First off there was a topic about grenades and if they should be or shouldn't be "cookable". I am pro grenade cooking because it adds more to the game and will be used by players of value (not trolls who go on suicide runs) to a great degree of strategy. Players will not be able to hide in a corner without the risk of no exit and will always have to have an escape plan or some sort of awareness of the enemy player. Those of you who think it is not competitive im sorry to burst your bubble but it is. If it such a 50/50 thing it should be taken under consideration to turn it off or on through the server. Over time there will be one that has more traction over the other. -Second, I understood that this game will have aim and shoot through sights and scopes. NO spray patterns. That made me very happy but there were topics that talked about the game turning and becoming a spin off WW2 mod of CS:GO. This is something i will not accept. If it turns into spray pattern I personally will only play it with friends. It will no longer be a casual or competitive game for me. I also don't see how it is possible considering chuck of the arsenal during WW2 were bolt actions. How can you have a spray pattern for those other than where the barrel points the bullet goes, as it should be in every game. Anyway i need some clarification of this. -Thirdly I will not accept any kinda of camo skin that wasn't part of the WW2 era. I cannot see anything in my brain that will allow pink weapon skins along with a possibility of people turning their characters into clowns. I mean if thats the case it will make them a nice vibrant target but i do not agree with it what so ever. The thing that i loved the most was when it was said there will be an ability to etch into your weapon a design or letters or what ever else on the wood stock/metal. That in of itself is epic and had no reason to change or be added upon with color skins. The other thing was the wear and tear of weapons and gear, what ever happened to that? Why not focus on that as "add on skin" instead of stupid (sorry to say this) child like colorful weapon skins? -Fourth. many people on the forums have a very one sided view to how they want to play the game and all power to them, but please understand its not all about you. What you believe isn't correct and what i believe isn't correct but there must be a healthy argument in order to find a common ground. Many times in the forums i see people blaring at each other and i tend to stay out of it, it needs to stop, especially if you are one of the active members. Its all understood that the devs have the final say but the devs also have a responsibility to take the arguments under consideration. The forums needs to be moderated slightly better and there needs to be some sort of punish system if people become too toxic. I would just like to see this game become as popular as COD and for it carry on for the ages. For it to be one that resonates through the next decade as the "remember how awesome it was" after multiple titles from these devs. All of us are looking from the outside in and this response from me only from things that have been said and seen around the forums along with the announcements. I do not want to see a cartoon WW2 shooter and if were to turn into one i would be highly disappointed. Id like to see more community nights aswell. Backers and nonbackers gathering together for some fun and smack talking through a game would be well needed. Doesn't need to be a shooter or maybe it should be!
  2. Not so much as you think considering the Geneva convention after WW1. The frags that were being thrown left and right were either in open fields with direct line of sight of the enemy without fear of civilian casualties. WP rounds from tanks and grenades were also used towards the end of the war due to the effectiveness of clearing a floor. it was also very brutal and banned (if im not mistaken) after ww2. The other time WP was used was the Vietnam from the Vietkong but rarely...if i remember correctly.... towards the end of the war when citizens were ordered to resist and were more or less being used as human shields...yea they were throwing frags left and right instead of risking their lives for someone who probably would want to die for a lost cause
  3. Agreed but there is also collateral damage to take under account. Now we have flash bangs that replace the concussion and explosiveness from your typical m67 nade with a bright flash and loud noise to disorientate anyone in a room without collateral damage.
  4. nice post as for the grenade its obvious its just a distraction nade.... lol tbh that joke could be true....not practical but possibly true. Grenades being thrown with the pin near by so whomever is on the recieving end are going for cover instead of covering the door/area they previously were. Hmm i wonder if there will be dummy grenades as well in BAT44
  5. wall of shame!!! do it!!! (btw this topic of flamethrower has been totally thrown to the side....)
  6. lolol nope, upvote me and ill get a notification....ill downvote you and the next post ill up vote, you will see the difference.
  7. Nope only notification i got was that you quoted me ND HOW DARE YOU DOWN VOTE ME!!!!! im gonna go cry now
  8. I don't think you get notified when you get downvoted lol at least i think...
  9. im more than happy to teach ya and anyone else that may have it and would like to play a nice online campaign. I took over the world multiple times there with no allies from Germany, Russia, US, and Japan. Difficult as hell as Germany and Japan, all the pieces need to be perfect lol
  10. Didnt play it so i can't say yes or no If its cheap on steam ill give it a try. Try playing Hearts of Iron 4 m8, that takes a while to learn more so than Wargame in my opinion
  11. bahaha its all good man, doesn't matter who it was...just find it funny how the downvote spam is real and some people didn't see it as humor. BUT ITS OK!!! oh the napalm explosions hu? something like this then?
  12. this is a like a hybrid of RUSE and Company of Heroes. Seems interesting but the last Wargame i had the tanks were just overpowered from one another. The units were just absolutely inferior from the US troops. The game i had was Wargame: European Escalation. I love RTS games but i am reserved when it comes to the Wargame series. They just don't get it right i really hope this game will be something that will turn the series around
  13. Devs, any update on this? Have you guys chosen a type or made one of your own? Whichever it is, will we find out what the ranks are before the Alpha?
  14. so...notifications...."5 people gave you reputation on the topic of Flamethrower" i have 1 upvote so that means 4 down votes lol peeps...my post was obviously sarcastic haha i vote no for flamethrower due to competitive nature of the game. Doesn't mean it can't be on for the "casual" players oh man i got some fuel for some really good fires from that grenade post....its really bad! bahaha
  15. hehehe my time to shine... YES, PUT THE FLAMETHROWER IN!!! Why wouldn't it be competitive?!! You still have to aim and get close enough to use it without setting yourself on fire! Also you have the chance to kill your teammates if you get shot in the tank, you know....home made napalm.
  16. Its obviously the self correcting bullet.....OBVIOUSLY.....
  17. lolol the Batt44 showdown of ToonBE and xXclusiivE lmaoo well in that case, i challenge EVERYONE TO A ONE AND ONLY ONE TIME OFFER OF EVERYONE VS ME IN BATT44 (of course before the alpha gets released...so devs make this happen). Get ready to get stomped!!!!
  18. well didn't know what kappa meant but not about harsh or not....no need to say "this is how i want it and i don't want it your way because hmpf *crosses arms*" lol trust me I aim to the head (most of the time) for the first shot and then pull down for the pattern and i mostly single tap when firing. I have no reason to lie of how i am performing so you don't need to assume what i am doing. But yes i would be more than happy to get some tips and everyone can ALWAYS get better. Meh the deagle is OP lolol and annoying...i can't use that thing for the life of me even though i counter strafe to get the first shot off! Anyway PM me your steam...lets set a day to play
  19. today is better for sure, still has a couple hiccups here and there!
  20. Anyone having a problem with the speed of the forum? The topics and other things don't exactly load as fast as they used to
  21. Better post, till the end lol anyway... I learned them enough to keep myself a live, but i CANNOT stand when i get one shotted by pistols or rifles where i do the same exact thing as these people who "know" and not get the kill. At lease when it is aim and shoot ill be able to say "damnit i missed" not "ugh the friggen spray pattern man ugh!!!" big difference there. I don't like trusting something that isn't me when it comes to mistakes lol if that makes any sense. Im the one that is suppose to screw up, not the spray pattern. Some days i get epic killing sprees of 3+ frags a round other days/rounds i get a nice spray down and the dude turns around and one shots me. I had 8 shots on target with an M4 and only ticked them for 64...explain that!!! Anyway, in the end i just want to know that i screwed up and it wasn't the pattern that defines how well i play
  22. I think they have the soundtrack ready but would be nice to have a community made theme for battalion! haha any musicians here? I play piano, bass guitar, and guitar! Anyone up for a colab if Devs give us the Green light for it?
  23. I didn't mention it for a good reason, there is no point in fighting about it. I highly don't agree with it but at this point its like hitting a brick wall. They are trying to reach some sort of mid ground so i understand but random seems abit too much lets see in alpha
  24. I read all the comments and thank you for everyone who responded it makes for discussion. I am not upset or angry at anything, just wanted clarification. Yes the alpha is a bit over a month away and I CANNOT WAIT to play it with all of you. What i wrote here is from what i took from the forums discussions and a couple things here and there that were said. King cleared things up and that is what i was more trying to get to happen. It makes work on their end but it eliminates many "worry" threads as ToonBE so whole hardly hates. Toon you have some great suggestions but your attitude is sometimes really bad when YOU don't agree with any said opinion. Ive been attacked and down voted at times where i just don't understand why, but i don't back lash at it. So please take a chill pill and i hope to see more constructive posts from you. @scaR you said it perfectly and yes these were all concerns that jump the gun but i rather say them now than later when everything is finished. This isn't just about me, this about US and how we all will enjoy the game. I wrote this topic on the consideration someone, and you did, would come along and say "dude chill its too early". Its fine and im glad you said what you did and i know most people agree with you, but i feel it is my duty as an active member on the forums and supporter of BAT44 to voice my concerns for them to be either ridiculed or clarified. It has happened and we got the answer from King that we all wanted to hear. Also Toon, im not "bad" at spray patterns considering i hold my own in CS with only about 60 hours against MG1+ players. Went up against highest ranking in a custom practice arena game and they had trouble killing me. Not that they didn't have their flicks that nailed me everytime but spray patters are sometimes luck and for those like me who have none...it gets annoying.