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  1. Ladies/Gents, i said this before and ill say it again, THE TIME IS ALMOST HERE. GETTTTTTTTT HYYYYYYYYYYYPED
  2. I am sure we will have a D-Day Landing and Carentan maps through our modding community. Don't you all worry lol our Modders will not disappoint either!!!!
  3. not gonna lie, if there is a competitive side to a game....i usually ONLY play competitive because i see casual as a useless waste of time. Unless im trolling, practicing, or bsing with friends, i won't play casual. So ill see most of you on ranked soon enough make sure you stay outa my scope!!
  4. agreed they won't but those post usually end quickly and are quickly forgotten. I don't see a rule being made by saying "no stupid posts" but i understand your frustration
  5. thing is though, even the Devs have said this, that we should treat the newcomers with repeated questions with respect and answer those questions. Their reasoning, which i agree with, it opens up new discussion to old topics and it isn't a clutter to the previous post. So as much as we used to say "use the search bar", we should just keep our cool and answer the questions without hesitation. As per clarity, the topics that matter have (most likely) been saved by the Devs. Honestly there should be an option that instead of "following" a thread and getting a hell ton of notifications every time someone posts, there should be an ability to "favorite" the topic. That way you can go back to it without the search bar
  6. http://www.ign.com/articles/2017/04/26/first-call-of-duty-wwii-multiplayer-details-revealed-co-op-confirmed?abthid=5900db339890943d5d00001b interesting modes that are possibly going to be in the game
  7. amma guess they are doin the same thing Division did in its trailers......show a WHOLE bunch of awesome stuff then dumb it down at release lol
  8. I wanna see the spec requirments lol MINIMUM TITAN X and then Recommended would be 4 way SLI 1080s lol
  9. i saw the possibility of going back to the times when COD had tanks....HMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM
  10. So on a different note......WHOS GONNA WATCH THE REVEAL!? lol
  11. I am used to Alpha access having full offline/lan through the ones i participated on. There is no reason to explain to me what i already said, but thank you. Kickstarter is a "pledge" that come with rewards. I could have pledged a buck and it would have sufficed as to "i support and like your idea', but when the rewards include closed Alpha access and Beta access, id like to have them especially when i paid over $120. I don't remember how much the pledge was exactly but it was the two copy one which was around 250 or so pounds. Non the less, maybe i am in the minority that will not have time to participate on the weekends but i should have access to the alpha non the less through offline. Anyway, its not going to happen so conversation over.
  12. This poll is to make a collective yes/no for the alpha access discussion. Vote and post!
  13. Listen, I am not attacking a single person other than the grand idea. Tuna is the one who wrote it yes, but it takes a team to make a decision for development of a game so what ever i have said isn't directed to Tuna personally but to the grand idea. You do not have to reduce the transparency of your posts and it is great you can do what you do, but when there are situations in which people get upset you shouldn't "reduce the transparency and be more closed lipped about things". This is a forum for discussion. I am sorry if i came across, in this topic, as headstrong but i like to play the advocate. I do have the personal belief that the game should be offline as well but I just want to clarify that i did not attack anyone directly. My discussion and posts were only about the decision of not having an offline. In the future don't have any "soft" yes answers, just say "at this time we don't know and will update you on the decision we make closer to the alpha". That way it will be a bummer but not a full blown "WTF" situation. The other thing is just the fact by keeping it to the weekends you are cutting out a % of people who are willing to play but cannot due to life. Anyway, i hope to be able to participate on the weekends and that my schedule frees up to test on the weekends.
  14. I am not disagreeing with the possibility of the bad view of the fact there will be people looking to break the game but that is what a game needs. It needs to be broken in the alpha in order to be fixed for the public release. I am sure people who will join in on the alpha weekends will be able to test their hearts out but what about those who cannot play those weekends? What if out of (lets just say) 10 weekends, i can only play 2 of them? My money for alpha access and the ability to impact the game from the closed alpha has now completely been diminished. I will not be able to hold conversations other than from the theoretical standpoint, instead of having fact behind your "theory". I understand the fear but, for me and its my opinion, its unjustified and would benefit a competitive game like Battalion rather than hurt it.
  15. my 2 cents is for the testing, not play time....i couldn't care less about "practicing".....i wanna test the game on my own time and be able to say i feel i have done what i can to improve it in the closed alpha
  16. I can't even deny that people do that because they do lol but still.....i don't know, still not good enough in my opinion. More good than harm will happen
  17. its a leaked version on a torrent site, would you really judge a game based off of that? thats like saying "ill buy a bootleg movie from the random person on the street but it has to be 10/10 quality before the DVD or the movie released in the theaters". You then open it up and the only thing the DVD had was the trailer lol Would you be pissed at the movie/movie makers? Or pissed at that random person when you bought it for 10 bucks? lol
  18. then explain to me how offline would affect negatively if crashes, performance, and other hardware problems were happening during the week, and reported to be fixed by the weekend, instead of mass hysteria during the weekend and having to wait another week to "test" that problem?
  19. lolol YEPPP Nahh second one isn't something that is a killshot to the alpha community. It would much appreciated if they can add it because we get to test A LOT more but its not a deal breaker. The offline being taken off totally, is...
  20. I understand but you have to realize the videos that they have released and what not are just as revealing as the game itself. The only major, and obvious, difference is that in one you can actually play the game. It still makes 0 sense to me how you can release the game for alpha testing and not have offline, and possibly LAN, testing. It just defeats the purpose of buying Alpha access to test the game. If i wanted to just play the game ill wait till open beta or early access on steam where most of the problems would have been already solved and any input would be minuscule. Its a month away till the testing begins, lets see what the devs decide.
  21. think bigger m8, the game will be cracked and released on any torrent site as an offline thing after the early access. The point is to close the loops that allow cheaters to find their way in from now. Let them cheat, let the people who know how to cheat find the loopholes and tell the devs to close them, and let the players make the game better. Your analogy was correct but this is the internet, things will get leaked and there will be people who break the NDA even with just weekend plays. Also once the game is downloaded the devs no longer have the ability to stop people from going into the files and taking what they need to leak the game.
  22. Tuna, its not that the Alpha isn't worth the money but the Alpha comes with OFFLINE play. It also comes with the ability to gather with friends to test the CRAP outa all the maps, as others have said, which include exploits and glitches. It is fantastic that we will have a direct impact but alpha access backers payed for something that we thought was going to give us full access all the time to really give a higher impact in the game. We are all certain that you have tested your maps and gone through all the stages of trying to make things perfect but in the world of art and design a second (or hundreds) pair of eyes will reveal things that maybe you didn't catch. I payed for Alpha access not only to have a direct impact on the game but to test it aswell on my own free time. Limiting to the weekends basically says "well screw your schedules and adhere to ours." What if i can't do weekends because of A, B, and C reasons? What if the most important things i need to do is on the weekends or what if some of us need to work through the weekends and our only time to really test is during the weekdays? I understand things will change from week to week but that gives you NO REASON to cut out people to just weekends. Things changing from week to week will allow people to test the current build to the T and spot EVEN MORE things, if there is anything to spot. Then the update will change the last week's catches and the week after you will have more things to add upon the update and so on and so forth. Once alpha closes you will have a community which has given you feedback up the wazoo and your game will be that much better for it. Are you afraid that this game will leak online and it will be accessed by others? Ok so what? Its alpha. Let people take it and play a game which isn't finished, that isn't your problem. Your ideas are already within the game and will be releasing soon as early access on steam. You guys may not be that large AAA title but you need to stop taking away from the initial and give more now. This is the time to give and the more you take away the more people are gonna be "welp here we go, typical AAA status. They talk talk talk and say they will give and then last min they take it all away and then add paid DLC". I don't want that to happen to you guys, but you are taking away things and adding other things which makes people wonder how far you are willing to stray from your original kickstarter pitch.
  23. Understood but thats what the NDA is for.....will it stop it? No, but i am fairly certain even in offline we will have to access steam as the Devs already do.