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  1. you know...i need the flamethrower because its just TOO DAMN COLD FOR TOO DAMN LONG here where i live.....i need to warm this place up.....
  2. been thinking about picking up this game.....ive played ALOT of playerunkown's battle royal in arma 3. It was ALOT of fun. Amma gather up some cash and probably get it, when i do ill let you know so we can link up!
  3. Not so much as you think considering the Geneva convention after WW1. The frags that were being thrown left and right were either in open fields with direct line of sight of the enemy without fear of civilian casualties. WP rounds from tanks and grenades were also used towards the end of the war due to the effectiveness of clearing a floor. it was also very brutal and banned (if im not mistaken) after ww2. The other time WP was used was the Vietnam from the Vietkong but rarely...if i remember correctly.... towards the end of the war when citizens were ordered to resist and were more or less being used as human shields...yea they were throwing frags left and right instead of risking their lives for someone who probably would want to die for a lost cause
  4. Agreed but there is also collateral damage to take under account. Now we have flash bangs that replace the concussion and explosiveness from your typical m67 nade with a bright flash and loud noise to disorientate anyone in a room without collateral damage.
  5. nice post as for the grenade its obvious its just a distraction nade.... lol tbh that joke could be true....not practical but possibly true. Grenades being thrown with the pin near by so whomever is on the recieving end are going for cover instead of covering the door/area they previously were. Hmm i wonder if there will be dummy grenades as well in BAT44
  6. wall of shame!!! do it!!! (btw this topic of flamethrower has been totally thrown to the side....)
  7. lolol nope, upvote me and ill get a notification....ill downvote you and the next post ill up vote, you will see the difference.
  8. Nope only notification i got was that you quoted me ND HOW DARE YOU DOWN VOTE ME!!!!! im gonna go cry now
  9. I don't think you get notified when you get downvoted lol at least i think...
  10. im more than happy to teach ya and anyone else that may have it and would like to play a nice online campaign. I took over the world multiple times there with no allies from Germany, Russia, US, and Japan. Difficult as hell as Germany and Japan, all the pieces need to be perfect lol
  11. Didnt play it so i can't say yes or no If its cheap on steam ill give it a try. Try playing Hearts of Iron 4 m8, that takes a while to learn more so than Wargame in my opinion
  12. bahaha its all good man, doesn't matter who it was...just find it funny how the downvote spam is real and some people didn't see it as humor. BUT ITS OK!!! oh the napalm explosions hu? something like this then?
  13. this is a like a hybrid of RUSE and Company of Heroes. Seems interesting but the last Wargame i had the tanks were just overpowered from one another. The units were just absolutely inferior from the US troops. The game i had was Wargame: European Escalation. I love RTS games but i am reserved when it comes to the Wargame series. They just don't get it right i really hope this game will be something that will turn the series around
  14. Devs, any update on this? Have you guys chosen a type or made one of your own? Whichever it is, will we find out what the ranks are before the Alpha?