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    LFT [EN/PL]

    Welcome to the community Great to hear!
  2. WeAsOne

    Getting steam keys instead of ps4

    Hi Mr B, The Alpha, Beta and EA are on pc.. Only finished product is planned on PS4 So you did nothing wrong
  3. WeAsOne

    RIP the official forum?

    The game could get a player blast when the marketing kicks off.. that will be at full release (2019) With SquareEnix on their side it could work out very well
  4. WeAsOne

    RIP the official forum?

    I'm still here 😉 My Opinion: Battalion is shaping up really great and its a good game to play right now.. The player-base is small right now, and the intention is to keep it that way until Full release.. So the game is good now and the playerbase should grow when the "full release marketing push" is out there! If you would like to play right now: On servers in EU you can find people playing in arcade.. idk about NA or others
  5. Found another one..
  6. WeAsOne

    Make bomb visible when it's carried

    Not bad.. 👍
  7. contact tuna on twitter https://twitter.com/BigTunaAlex If you have no twitter i will do it for you Or maybe he responds to the call for help here @[CM] BigTuna Edit: @Joben you have everything now?
  8. WeAsOne

    Cant Play at all

    I heard that the NA playerbase is alive.. still not able to join even after re-install? Anyone from NA can confirm that there is a playerbase playing the game on public servers?
  9. WeAsOne

    Kickstarter backers

    Ok haha, but the game is still in EA and you can find the roadmap here: http://battaliongame.com/
  10. WeAsOne

    OTT Jumping

    imo it's a good game right now.. I hear people come online and say "this game is actually good now".. (this is after 2.5 update) I'm curious about your opinion.. you own the game? If not I guess it's better for now to watch a few games at twitch and maybe wait till full release or update 3.0 for your decision.. I think that's best for now, wait until the marketing push But in other words: It's going well and the devs put a lot of love in the game.. Every update brings the game up, not down You decide
  11. WeAsOne

    Game unpl;ayable due to dark screens.

    I had this also when booting up the game after the update.. (first i was thinking they finally solved the "tanning bed" start screen 🤣) just go to settings and try "Tune for: performance" and after that solved the issue (hopefully) you can tweak the settings from there.. let me know the result plz 😉
  12. WeAsOne

    Update on progress please

    Ok there is some truth in there, but they never made an fps before and the game feels better than cod1 right now (my good old beloved game).. I am impressed by what they accomplished till today and never lost my faith.. The cod team had a lot of experience when they made cod 4 and with the promod it was even touched more.. And what I really like to see is that they never stopped working on the game.. Seems just normal but we also remember "Days of War".. However they could put some love in this forums again cause it seems really abandoned.. (but on twitter and other media they do inform us well about the updates)
  13. WeAsOne

    Cant Play at all

    What region are you searching?
  14. WeAsOne

    Kickstarter backers

    Game will be released in 2019 i believe and idk all about the rewards, but i know there is a skin for kickstarter backers released a while ago. edit: 2 kickstarter skins! 1 for Kar98 and 1 for Garand
  15. Hey Tuna, great topic 👍
  16. WeAsOne


    Welcome 😄
  17. WeAsOne

    Player numbers back up?

    https://steamdb.info/app/489940/ Maybe this helps a bit?
  18. WeAsOne

    Hi from a MoH:AA / CoD 1 veteran

    Hi welcome A kind of clanbase will be built-in into Battalion i heard
  19. WeAsOne

    Got banned?

    You can try to contact @[CM] BigTuna on the official discord or maybe twitter..
  20. So people tried to help you and now you are yelling "dead game" to their beloved game... not so nice!
  21. WeAsOne

    How about change everything

    Just getting sick of everything that sounds like "dead game" 😅
  22. WeAsOne

    How about change everything

    178 in game.. it's growing.. and in 2 hours 500 in game.. But hey toxic will be toxic @sLL
  23. WeAsOne


    I don't think we are able to play mu2 beta when it's not beta weekend.. But I don't know how to play 1.0 again between the weekends.. Anyone can play right now?