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  1. I bought (backed) this game because of my cod1 roots.. I wanted a game like that.. After playing battalion I did try to play cod1 again and for me clearly battalion is even better in this stage.. I like the movement (i see that minor changes could make it a bit more fluid) and this game makes cod1 a bit unplayable for me.. So I wanted a cod1 remake, but are now sucked into this game a lot and I like it. + ADS is great (that's what I don't like about CS and what I wanted back) + Strafe jumping gives an extra dimention + Sprint gives more options for positioning And I just like it all... But tweaks are always welcome
  2. WeAsOne

    Strafe jump poll

    I think the point is that this game will never be that "unskilled" game, because of the setup and the reason why this game is built.. I would like to add that I never used strafe back in the days.. I did not even know it was ever possible.. But now I know and try to learn how to play with it, it is really satisfying when you get better at it.. So people get upset because someone makes a strafe-jump arount the corner and kills him.. Maybe some tweaks about jumping advantage could make it a bit less frustrating, but removing it is just not an option when you know where this game comes from and for who it's made.. Maybe one day you get the strafe "feeling" and maybe when some tweaks are done, you will finaly like it.. The playerbase will grow, but not by changing the DNA of the game.. that would kill the reason why this game is special... Good morning btw
  3. You know this is a forum in English only? This way it will not work.
  4. WeAsOne

    Strafe jump poll

    I don't want to read all the posts.. because this subject does have WAYYY too many discussions. But Bunnyhopping = chaining jumps one after another without being punished.. In this game when you jump you are "stuck" to the ground for a short time and that makes BUNNYhopping impossible! Why vote about Bunnyhopping if that is even not possible in this game
  5. I just feel like i'm 15yo again and have a blast with it.. Sorry I have nothing to feed the discussion, but I feel like it's important to hear when someone in satisfied as well Seriously downvotes on this? Something is wrong with that part of the community.. sad.
  6. WeAsOne

    Toxic community..

    Nice one.. Wise one..
  7. WeAsOne

    Toxic community..

    Hope to see you back soon
  8. And most of them could return some day.. I understand why some people don't want to play with bugs.. It can be reallllly frustrating, especially when you try to run your own servers.. When the game is 99.99 % bug-free I see them coming back in That's my vision
  9. WeAsOne

    Toxic community..

    ^ that seems the only solution.. on every game
  10. I love CoD1.. It's my childhood.. and I pray for the return of X-Fire.. But I need to say that after playing Battalion, I prefer it ABOVE CoD1.. When I compare CoD1 to Battalion then Battalion has a better movement to me and it just feels a lot smoother.. The maps imo are also much improved in the last update, and I want to play this game every day! I love this game! And when I boot up CoD1 it just doesn't feels right anymore.. Still love it but I think Batt is better.. (just not fully done)
  11. I can tell you a lot have been changed in a good way I love the game!
  12. WeAsOne


    Well, I understand it if that was the last thing you did enjoy in "old games".. I was good at nade cooking as well.. and that means it's not that of a skill So it should NOT be possible to cook them, but I understand why he suggests
  13. WeAsOne

    Colors around avatars top screen.

    Good idea!
  14. WeAsOne


    Idk.. I can only compare the minimum specs to your specs and see what is the difference.. Minimum: 64-bit processor and os [You say "64.bit" so that should be fine] 64 Bit Only: Windows 7 SP1, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 Intel Dual-Core 2.7 GHz or AMD Dual-Core Athlon 3.0GHz [Idk how many cores Battalion can use.. anyone?] 8 GB RAM [Here it needs a bit more according to the minimum specs] NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB [Same, together with RAM it needs a bit more] DirectX: Version 11 20 GB free disc space But this does not mean you can not run it.. I believe there is a website that makes the - more real - minimum specs list.. anyone?