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  1. WeAsOne

    Player numbers back up?

    https://steamdb.info/app/489940/ Maybe this helps a bit?
  2. WeAsOne

    Hi from a MoH:AA / CoD 1 veteran

    Hi welcome A kind of clanbase will be built-in into Battalion i heard
  3. WeAsOne

    Got banned?

    You can try to contact @[CM] BigTuna on the official discord or maybe twitter..
  4. So people tried to help you and now you are yelling "dead game" to their beloved game... not so nice!
  5. WeAsOne

    How about change everything

    Just getting sick of everything that sounds like "dead game" 😅
  6. WeAsOne

    How about change everything

    178 in game.. it's growing.. and in 2 hours 500 in game.. But hey toxic will be toxic @sLL
  7. WeAsOne


    I don't think we are able to play mu2 beta when it's not beta weekend.. But I don't know how to play 1.0 again between the weekends.. Anyone can play right now?
  8. WeAsOne

    Holland calling.

    Welcome :) nl
  9. WeAsOne

    Major Update #2 and Tournament

    So let's check this Friday
  10. WeAsOne

    How about change everything

    ... But you care about the game.. that's nice
  11. Please speak for yourself.. thx
  12. Wow you just changed my whole future vision.. In a great way Thx guys
  13. WeAsOne

    How to tell version number

    I also want to know that about how you can see its updated or not.. Idk about the stutter.. I've seen a bit stutter, but I think that was from lag (i'm from europe and play on NA server)
  14. Big chance you shot me in one of these 😍
  15. I heard before the early acces lounch that after full steam release it would drop for consoles I understand, but this game is targeted at the lovers of the old-school titles.. and the ones that are sick of the modern pay2win and killstreak rewards.. And that group is the minority.. so a lot of people will just hop on to the following title. They are listening since day 1, and they would like to show you what they did with all the feedback in the following big update! Give it a shot