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  1. "Play Menu" shown on Twitter

    Yea best there is! Just shaped like my mouse in 2003 only few more buttons
  2. PS4 Mouse and Keyboard Support

    I guess you can only use m+k that are available for PS4, or buy a mouse/keyboard-converter for ps4.. But who knows..
  3. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    The "great to see new people every day!" is quite general haha
  4. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome Michael & Anton, great to see new people every day!
  5. What keyboard do you have?

    Finally upgraded to this beast: Logitech G413
  6. Closed Beta keys

    Sounds good
  7. Where’s my key..

    U say misleading, I say new strategy.. But what's important....?
  8. next alpah?

    18.00 GMT it will start: Alpha 0.8 times: Saturday January 13th from 18:00 GMT until early morning Sunday January 14th from 18:00 GMT until early morning. And "early morning" is around 6 or 7 GMT I guess..
  9. Bakers

    Is it?.. where did you hear that? You can enter your email on beta.battaliongame.com and hope for the best.. I heard something about you have high chance to get in if you backed.. not sure its guaranteed..
  10. Where’s my key..

    But you will be rewarded with a f$@¥ great game.. and if they reach a lot of gamers by selling it for 15 dollars now, then we have a huge playerbase and hopefully a lot of tournaments for a looooong life to come.. that would be super sick right? I payd around 65 euros for this and i regret no single penny Hopefully this game will get huge.. then we all win. That's imho. Edit: And imagine all the free DLC's.. so sweet..
  11. Is it easy to do or is it hard? Idk
  12. Console Update

    If i'm right it will be the same time as full release.. And i heard somewhere it will be in EA for a year.. So my guess: EA begins feb 1st and that + a year is around January 2019 BUT i can be wrong!!
  13. Closed Beta keys

    Have you backed a tier that gives you Alpha or Beta access? If not: Your key comes between now and 1st of February. If yes: You should already have the key, check your email you used on the survey email (also spam folder) and if you can not find it, PM Tuna with proof of your purchase
  14. cake cake cake cake cake

    Welcome cake and the rest of your cod4 (< sry, needs to be CoD2) heroes Ciao.. 1st read i saw cheese cake
  15. Closed Beta keys

    Sorry yea was talking about the Beta (and Alpha) backers