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  1. just no Please search the forums before asking thx The exact words from Dev BigTuna: CLOSED ALPHA IS UNDER A NONDISCLOSURE AGREEMENT (NDA) By downloading the Battalion 1944 Closed Alpha, you've agreed to adhere to our NDA rules. This means nobody is allowed to share videos/pictures/media or discuss the game outside of the following three channels...
  2. But people that are no dads also can be daddygamers.. so the name is no good Its like calling someone gay because he is scared... no sense
  3. I'm a daddy gamer.. and i love competitive.. that's why i'm here.... Why call it "daddy gamers" and not just "non-competitive" or "casual gamers"...? It sounds really weird to me.. so please stop discriminating the daddy's here...
  4. G DATA Internet Security here.. works fine for me!
  5. The CoD1 community in the Netherlands was huge!
  6. Welcome, also from the Netherlands Dus de Alpha mag niet gestreamd worden (so it's forbidden to stream the Alpha) Also talking about your experience is forbidden outside the Alpha forum.. See you in game
  7. This week if i'm right...: "What To Expect From The Closed Alpha Next week we’ll be releasing an update that details exactly how the Alpha weekends will be organised and the content & features that you can expect during Closed Alpha testing."
  8. They shouldn't have a car and a knife either
  9. Or burn their important pc parts so they can only play MineCraft
  10. Cool that Bulkhead Interactive is talking to ESL.. love to see where it brings the best of us..
  11. And I was thinking.. They WERE able to make their gun purple or green.. Don't know someone actually did it but it WAS possible.. Go back in a time-machine to ww2 1944 and try to make your gun pink/orange.. I bet it will work So let people decide by them selves if they prefer a skin (doesn't need to be flashy) or not! And you do whatever you like most!
  12. Welcome @mbk & @Bee Spread the word of Battalion
  13. If you sell that Commodore... no don't do that.. A thing like that needs love