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  1. Project update #56

    Ok understand.. love to see the new map and leaning on thursday Nice to hear about all the tweaks.. awesome! I love to read this kind of updates and the trust gets stronger and stronger.. FPS of the year (it better be, we need to play this for the next 10 years )
  2. When will the game release on steam?

    oh lol that was the question
  3. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    To trust is good, To check is better
  4. What languages will Battalion 1944 support?

    I would like to proof-read the Dutch translation that Dark would like to write
  5. When will we get the key for Steam?

    Nope you will get it maybe a few days before Early Access starts.. Probably somewhere at the end of Q1 2018 (so maybe March?) It's just my guess.. could be sooner/later but somewhere around that.. The game is now still @ Alpha.. Beta will start sooooon I guess (January) Early Access will start after the Beta EDIT: Early Access is CONFIRMED ==> Q1 2018
  6. Next alpha weekend?

    You can find the answer right here: Click And if you don't like to click: Surprise! Announcing Alpha v0.5 (14th & 16th December)
  7. Fake download sites

    Found another posted 4 hours ago on youtube:
  8. Hello!

    Welcome very much
  9. Isn't it ok to type in your own language if you do the intro in English and tell there it's for (in this case) FIN people? I got no problems with this
  10. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome to the forums Roel, hope it feels like home
  11. Hello!

    It's still under NDA so we can only discuss that on the closed forum section. (we can say it's awesome )
  12. Hello!

    Welcome to the forums What? Is "Racist" your surname? Or "Caffers"?? I'm confused now lol...
  13. Days of War ?

    yea I saw the update.. they at least say they have learned from their mistakes.. so they finally saw their mistakes. I hope the game will be good for their backers.. Me not included, I backed Battalion
  14. Can't report bug in game because game won't launch

    Game is only live when the test is live.. so the 9th and 10th of December.. And you are not allowed to report bugs on the normal forum, ONLY at the closed test forum.. Hope this will help
  15. When is the next beta?

    Before the latest alpha the game was like this: Now they have worked a LOT on the game and are much further in development..