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  1. New map leaked?

    In the kickstarter video they are talking about Sainte Mère Église right..
  2. When is the next beta?

    Did you see the footage? It's just a modern CoD.. Nothing like Battalion, so no need to worry about that! There are just people who prefer the modern CoD style and there are people that prefer the "oldschool" style.. I agree the forums are really not exciting right now...
  3. Yeah: A Finished Game Ok i understand it a bit but I wouldn't call it as dramatic as a kick in the nuts.. But that could be personal.. Maybe I'm like a little child, I understand.. but I would be SUPER happy with just a skin or something
  4. They said they would release the update but it's still quiet... I understand.. but I think we will get a hell of a game in january.. an update we dream of! This devs ARE delivering.. don't forget that.. They are humans I think the update will come this friday or next monday.. and it will say we have to be patient till january.. so let's be patient
  5. I doubt it will be today.. i mean i don't think so..
  6. I doubt it.. that today will be the announcement
  7. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Hahahahaha no thx.. but welcome to the community
  8. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    Welcome, glad you found this Keep your head up for the early acces that is probably the firts possible entrance.. you can expect that Q1 2018..
  9. I got a link to share with you all: http://www.esports-pro.com/articles/people/bulkhead-interactives-joe-brammer-talks-competitive-battalion-1944-when-we-
  10. Beta Release

    Maybe its a good step for younger cod players.. play cod ww2 first and get used to the weapons, and then discover battalion
  11. Beta Release

    3 Alpha weekends is not a lot.. but if the devs could get enough information to make a good base it's ok by me
  12. Beta Release

    The guess is BETA in January (closed beta) But Early Access is coming Q1 2018, so there in a slight chance the beta is end of this year and the EA begins in January.. Still guess BETA January and EA February or March!
  13. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    Oh boy.... I'm so curious....
  14. EGX Thread Battalion 1944

    I think anyone can start a server on their own pc/server.. for free.. Or pay a bit for a server, but plenty of people will do that so I'm not worried.. My own server was 3v3 S&D Carentan so for me it's in no single way an issue..