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  1. WeAsOne

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    I guess after this one.. CoD1 Harbor Russians vs Germans
  2. WeAsOne

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Yea I also have high expectations on the collaboration of SE and BH.. should be best combo possible.. Really curious about the new map "Docks"
  3. WeAsOne

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Can I have your skins? ?
  4. WeAsOne

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    I know... ? But it can not fade away my love for this one
  5. WeAsOne

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    That must be true in a way, I hope it will be a good thing.. I don't think we will see "buy to win" things EVER in this game.. Actually i'm sure that will not be the case And I also don't think they will make Battalion 2 a mobile game ?.. sry I needed to make the Blizzard joke
  6. WeAsOne

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Hope you understand I mean the negative people (and they do not play the game, they are haters) I love everyone playing!!! But it really hurts to see you say they never stuck to anything they have said or promised.. You have the right to feel that way but they are so honest and imo are just doing what they have promised that it just hurts.. Why is gaming world (or internet) so harsh these days..?
  7. WeAsOne

    Bulkhead Interactive Update

    Maybe i'm strange but.. This sounds good to me.. I'm a bit sick of all the negative after every update.. I would rather see the big splash coming in after a time of silence.. I hope it will be like a "new start".. But don't get me wrong, I'm highly in love with this game so far (except the current player count).. So hopefully this "new start" will attract the right people and will please them.. Everything for a higher player count. But... we really need a launch without problems by then.. really So I can find myself in this part: "This overhaul requires work - but more importantly, a healthy playerbase to enjoy the new game. It's important for Battalion 1944 to make a big splash at full release, and recapture the hearts and minds of players who fell in love with the concept earlier this year - as well as finding new players who were reluctant to join the fight back then because of the tech issues around the Early Access launch." Oh sht this tease really got me: "We hope you’ll support us in this journey going forwards through to full release, as we’ll be preparing our Mosin-Nagants ready for action on the servers next year...
  8. WeAsOne

    Free For All

    I would love to play on your FFA server... I'm just casual.. and oldschool ?
  9. WeAsOne

    More weapons!

    xD ok sorry I did not understand hahaha.. Told you I was confused :P
  10. WeAsOne

    More weapons!

    Huh, you confuse me.. The Kar98 is in the game.. with iron sight AND a sniper one.. (EDIT: or you mean without the little "arch"?) The Springfield on the other hand is only sniper (for now) Kar98: Kar98 sniper: Springfield sniper: M1 Garand: An example (found on Call of Duty wiki) of the Kar98 without the little "arch" (From CoD1):
  11. WeAsOne

    More weapons!

    Not updated? you mean the unannounced maps? As far as I know they are still following this roadmap so no need to update it.. and the names of the maps/weapons we hear at the release of an update And Q1 means Quarter 1 and a quarter of a year is indeed 3 months I agree it looks like the Q4 (winter) update will be not in the fourth quarter of 2018 but a little later like Q1 2019.. So they will work on it in Q4 but will release in Q1.. We will see
  12. WeAsOne

    More weapons!

    MU3 should roll out in this or next month I guess (between 23th of September and 21st of December).. Then the next Winter Update should be before 20 March 2019 And full release somewhere after that and before 2020 (My guess goes to May 2019) All my info comes from their official roadmap http://battaliongame.com/
  13. WeAsOne

    More weapons!

    ppsh: Russian sten gun: British And I know they want to implement the British and the Russians, but that will be after full release as far as I know.. But they want it just as much as you and me The things they are working on for full release are: * New Competitive Map * Spectator Mode Overhaul * In-game clan system for scrims, ladders and competitions with high tick servers * Theatre Mode * New HUD / UI * New Casual Map * General Fixes & Patches ready for full release! After that: Free DLC
  14. I'm not a competitive player but here are my thoughts: 1. The pistole is holy to me and I would like to keep it as my secondary. 2. Re-selling the weapon sounds good to me, but do you mean before the round or when the round has started? 3. See 1.
  15. WeAsOne

    TDM Settings?

    Is that maybe in an empty server with only you? So the round is a draw (or win or loss, idk) because of the lack of players? If that is the case you can try set RequiredPlayers=1 to RequiredPlayers=2 so the server waits till you have a second player.. Idk but if you want me to guess i would say: RoundTime=720 is 720 seconds = 12 minutes.. so a round should be 12 minutes with your settings.. not 30 seconds..