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  1. Omg
  2. Because you kinda feel robbed you said.. I think that are big words!
  3. Seriously? Then sell your key to someone that wants to be part of this!
  4. I'm fine with the Alpha plans! Proud to be a part of it!
  5. Welcome to the world of Battalion
  6. I think the only way mouse and (some sort of) keyboard will make it on consoles: Xbox and PS need to make their own ones. Official ones.. It's not up to the developers of the games I think.. Well maybe they could start the discussion but that's all Don't see it happen tbh...
  7. It will be a pay once full access title! (micro transactions are for cosmetic unlocks only, and with that money new FREE DLC will be paid!) Skins where in the game from the start (but not flashy and now they are, you can like it or not but you don't have to use them!) Yes, Competition is at the heart of Battalion! It should be.. Hope you all still would love to play and shoot me down I'm looking forward to it
  8. Lol I live in North-Holland
  9. Thx for the answers
  10. Thx for the answers
  11. Welcome Played CoD1 (still am actually) and I did play in a few clans but that was many years ago
  12. Thank you info train
  13. I'm from Holland and I don't really understand what the Backer Surveys are.. Are they send to the KickStarter backers only or are they also being send to the HumbleBundle Alpha buyers?
  14. Hahahaha in this case it's great to be a number also
  15. Super nice