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  1. New to the forums? Introduce yourself!

    W e l c o m e !!
  2. Price Strategy

    fully true!
  3. Hey! What's up?

    Welcome .. so we need to check out Plaguesville..
  4. Battalion 1944 NVIDIA Video

    Thx for sharing!
  5. Rifle Balance

    The rifles need to be kill at upper chest + head because that's the only way the weapon makes sense.. If you are usind the "real life argument" Lets try to shoot with a kar98 @ your chest and see if you survive.. [I RECOMMEND NOT TO DO THIS]
  6. Hitbox damage areas

    I agree.. that's how it should be! And for me CoD2 or CoD4 damage areas.. I'm used to CoD1 but I can get used to Batt I have no idea on how the damage area's are exactly at CoD1..
  7. Joe Brammer @ DDL

    Thx for sharing! +1
  8. How is the sound/nades in this game?

    I agree that's too much!
  9. Beginning my UE Learning Experience

    That would be great fun!
  10. Battle Cry

    There has been a talk on this in the past.. Probably 1 cry per player per round
  11. Battalion's community health

    The ACTIVE people are active on the "private Alpha forum" (like Ryan said).. no-one is fading away
  12. D - DAY MAP

    We are still testing the "mechanics".. hold on, it will come!
  13. Fan club / page

    I don't have facebook (hou niet van vleesboek)... luckily But I'm a HUGE fan!
  14. Your age?

    That's not an age.. you know that