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  1. Welcome @sumacz, did you buy the alpha? because you need to wait a lot less that way I can not wait either.. But it's coming close now
  2. Welcome to your dreams Let's play some alpha soon about +/- 2 months
  3. This game will be the next big thing.. so i'm sure it's worth waiting.. Maybe some of you that can't wait can use the time for saving money for a gaming pc..? Not sure you like mouse and keyboard.. But it will be worth the waiting.. seriously
  4. Hahahaha well maybe one day the server owner can turn on the flamethrower at his own server.. but I don't think we need it.. Ok, it's fun.. but the whole game is fun I vote no.. sorry
  5. Hahaha well it feels like a long road to go.... hahaha
  6. Lol maybe he is tossing it to one of his mates
  7. Thx for sharing!! This is how we keep each other up to date
  8. Fount this on the web: During EGX Rezzed (30 mrt. 2017 – 1 apr. 2017) developers from Bulkhead Interactive will host relentless 4v4 matches of Team Deathmatch in the tight, focused, and competitive Manor House map. Then on Saturday at 1pm Senior Producer & Designer Joe Brammer will take part in a developer session during which he will discuss what "old school" really is when it comes to shooters as well as looking to the audience for ideas, features and requests. Those not at EGX Rezzed will be able to watch the live stream on Twitch or catch it later on YouTube. So it will be Twitch for me
  9. It's not really really confirmed it will come today.... But please let it be!!
  10. Omg omg omg #Drop the bomb!!
  11. I don't see something different.. maybe there were a lot of users online??
  12. Idk.. I'm just focussed on Battalion right now..
  13. What the *** is that bullet doing??? Don't like that!