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  1. WASD = movement.. Q - lean left E - Lean right ...
  2. Community keeps growing fast... Welcome all we need you
  3. Did you saw the pre-alpha footage? Not dark at all..
  4. A rifle should be a 1 shot kill (upper-chest and head) We are just wannabe mods and we can't handle the game and we are trying to troll but we can't and we are inexperienced and confused and want conflicts... That is what you want to say right.... sleep well
  5. Sounds really nice.. hope so
  6. The testers are the people who did put their trust and money into the game when there was no proof this game was going to be great.. the only thing we knew was what the devs told us.. So we trusted them and backed the game.. in trade of that we are the testers now! Fair enough.. And this game is the one MANY people are waiting for for years so they will buy it.. doesn't matter a billion other games are releasing! And about the trolling.. people that are very helpful on the forum need to point out to search before posting.. it's a forum rule.. not nice if you call them wannabe mods.. the forum is flooded with the same questions every week.. Edit: If you want to put all your money in the game: possible when the game is released!
  7. And more news.. not really E3 but it's interesting:
  8. The kickstarter campaign ended 12+ months ago...
  9. You know you make no sense.. troll You are full of disrespect..
  10. Damn why did I vote for removing the downvote button Could really use it in this thread..
  11. I don't know what API is, but do you know the devs are talking to ESL?
  12. On steam you will be able to buy the game when it comes to early access.. If you want Alpha and/or beta the only way is the "black market".. I would not recommand that!
  13. The scope of cod ww2 seems a bit strange.. I prefer the scope from Battalion 1944: