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  1. Server Admin ideas

    good ideas, not sure if the toggle wallhack/esp could be an invite to exploit tho an advance playback with features like slomo and rewind would be awesome tho
  2. Server Admin ideas

    I have another one. sometimes the little boys clans share their scripts and hacks amongst each other, giving admins on public servers the ability to force clan sides was an idea in the cod total war mod, maybe add to that switchable ability to "separate" in autobalancing people with the same clan tag, you get two clan members join a server they are forced to opposite sides.
  3. Let's talk about health regen

    I liked health pack drops you win a battle you get a health boost
  4. Fear is knocking to the door

    again proves my point, CS the original was a mod of a predominantly single player game, yes it was developed from then on but the original concept and most of the funding to produce the engine and therefore subsequent updates were not primarily pushed by esports but by commercial ie casual or popularist ventures, without halflife it's likely there would be no CS..
  5. Fear is knocking to the door

    lol you really are a dreamer aren't you
  6. Fear is knocking to the door

    TBH I don't care, no doubt if the devs didn't do it some modders would, but the flip side is the pro competitive guys slam down on anything that is seen as popularist or casual but without those features there is no game. toonbes post proves that, he sees his reference to a list of top paying esports prizes as evidence that the competitive angle should be a priority in development but the reality is, because that angle was ignored by the designers, the games were of eminently high quality without any consideration to esports and thus sold so much it made those prize funds available, without those housewives paying to play dota there would be no esports prizes.
  7. Fear is knocking to the door

    lol dream on, I know at least 4 housewives that play DOTA.
  8. Fear is knocking to the door

    no, I simply said the "pro" side of things should be much less priority which is true, are there any games in which the "pro" side is held over any other aspect?
  9. Fear is knocking to the door

    not sure why you have quoted me there...nothing to do with what I said.
  10. Fear is knocking to the door

    umm a lot of stuff to mull over, not sure I agree with the cod1 being competitive and going casual, personally think it was the other way round aided by the mods like AWE and TW tbh it's not hard to strike a balance, simply draw lists of what is considered pro and not then make them switchable via server admin, CODs hardcore mode goes someway to demonstrating that. and.. I am not sure the market for "pro" gaming is worth considering as anything more than a marketing approach with widescale cheating being uncovered on a regular basis the only credibility there is net café style events where the environment is lan based and controlled making all the "pro" customisations defunct.
  11. Some ideas for boosting combat immersion

    1 and 2 I agree totally but 3 is a problem in that you don't want random sounds so you can sneak up on others, but it will add skill and pace if having judged the firing to be sufficient to cover heavy footfall you can then rush in to kill.
  12. Where is the line to be drawn?

    PB still works for COD2? but you post raises a good point as to mods, from what I have been reading there will be many of the mod features adopted from past mods as the devs think fit and I remember the early days of cod where myself personally found it too dull to return to playing vCOD after spending some time on a server running the totalwar mod, hence vCOD "lost" a player (not much of a loss I know ) suppose we will just have to wait and see. I appreciate what others are saying about in competitive mode things will be vanilla but tbh that is a very small side of a game in terms of number of players and whilst some take the online competitive side very seriously, due to the huge amount of things that can be done to "tip the balance" I cannot really give it any credibility.
  13. Where is the line to be drawn?

    whilst the theory is correct we all know it's not that simple, many exploits have surfaced even in cod such as the ability to achieve much higher jumps with certain frame rates, allowing people to access areas and quickscope over obstacles the game engine and map designers did not account for. I was simply trying to get a picture of why in this day and age people would want to their game to look like Wolfenstein especially if it is likely to make little difference and whilst we all wish the game to be free of defects allowing exploits increasing any alters the statistical likelihood of such.
  14. Where is the line to be drawn?

    not wanting to restrict anything but several discussions are on about soooo much options for customisation it occurred to me where is the point where it is almost like playing another game. In the discussion on recoil it was suggested having separate customisations for mouse sensitivity depending on whether you are ads or not, another point was about minimising graphics to the extreme, I wondered is it going to be the winners are the ones not who play better but who "tweaked" the most
  15. many of the topics that come up on these forums are about peoples preferences for the game features, some want extreme customisation in game play making it essentially possible to create a huge variation in gameplay, is it possible anyone thinks that is contrary to making the game hugely popular. An example to this would be "chess" allows no customisation but is still played today god knows how long after it was invented.. if we look at codwaw as an example the devs tries to limit this to basically two different types of online play, hardcore and non hardcore with minor variations such as use of perks etc, for some reason this game has not been hugely mod'd the way vCOD and COD2 were but until the PB support went out the window this was probably the premier online ww2 game. so the big question remains is, if the customisation is allowed to the extent some want, will it fracture the player base as each gravitates to a server that allows his own preferences meaning much lower player counts on individual servers.