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  1. Nades

    as I said you are wasting your time trying to explain to those with fixed minds, obviously it is far more skilfull to handle cookable grenades full stop, you have to select the grenade, pull the pin at the right time then throw at the right time in the right direction, a lot to balance if you are using them as suggested to keep an area clear this is a very tricky thing to do unless the nades are uncookable then you simply select and sling but ofc the enemy knows that and will counter with a similar sling meaning you can't progress any further to the so called "better position" any way pretty much making them useless. As stated the only argument against so far is noobish suicide bomber type use, something that can easily be countered in many ways so a nonsense argument.
  2. Nades

    "Sometimes you need to take out grenade and aim at freaking cloud before you throw it,"
  3. Nades

    why is such a simple statement beyond the grasp of your mentality? "having good tactical grenades"??? without cooking there is no tactical use of grenades, there is guessing where a target might be in 6 seconds, that is not a tactic in any interpretation of the word. all this going on about grenades being OP, well if they are, surely there is just as much risk to the guy cooking as there is to any one else, suiciders? no reason to not code penalties into the game for anyone doing this in cod 1 my friend coded a mod that kicked the player from the server after 3 concurrent suicides,. as I said when you look at the arguments against, they really do turn out to be nonsense
  4. Nades

    I haven't seen any explanation ,just a few folks saying "it shouldn't be that way" but the reasons don't make sense, and ofc those who say it are of fixed mind so no point in giving the reasons why they use nonsense arguments against it. For some of us this game will need to be about emersion, to keep us involvedplaying long term, and such unrealistic things as non cookable nades will prevent that causing dwindling numbers earlier than they should. oh and if there is any success in the bat1944 story, nade cooking will happen, just as it did with cod1 if fact for cod1 after 12 months there were very few servers that weren't running AWE or Total War mods which both had cookable nades. that's possibly the most idiotic statement ever made on these forums, the suggestion that a skill based shooter should force the player to spend any time looking up to the clouds instead of looking in front for targets to shoot.......
  5. Which maps do you want?

    what no one mentioning Pavlov
  6. Nades

    well why not just remove them all together then Playing for the last couple of weeks I haven't come across a grenade yet I couldn't just run away from and assuming at some stage I run into a spot where someone threw a grenade at 5-10secs ago, isn't it just going to be pure luck they get a kill, you want a competitive scene where kills are based on pure luck? lol thank god awe and TW mods put that right vanilla sucked without the mods pretty graphics (for the day) but gameplay was average.
  7. Nades

    cooking greatly enhances the tactical function of grenades they are pretty pointless without it
  8. The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    glad you said that, I maybe got the details wrong but the memory was there and not imagined
  9. brightness control

    What's happened to the brightness control? deliberate disable or bug?
  10. The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    can't seem to find anything on the web but thought it was to fix a bug where if people timed prone and jump they could move at crazy speeds across map, not a full blown grenade shock more like a little stun. could have been a mod long time ago now
  11. Cheaters??

    cod1 still had one of the most efficient systems for catching wh's, the show-tris method where you could strip away textures whilst watching a demo, took a fair amount of time on the "pro hackrs" but eventually they got too tired/stoned/drunk and gave them selves away aiming at a far target behind a wall.
  12. The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    in cod1 didn't they have some sort of shock reaction when hitting the ground after a jump? seem to recall if you jumped it left you awfully vulnerable and barely able to move for a sec or two?
  13. BattalionJump 1944

    now I think I get where you are going, compromise problem is if this game is to achieve the aims that have been expressed, ie popularity (wo that there is no real prospect of being used competitively as no one will be interested) and use in competitive play there has to be interesting play, and the way things are going we have one single tactic being used, run round and jump into corners with your quickscope macro, all this is a recipe for disaster. Whilst there is much abuse for the COD franchise it repeatedly tries to produce varied and interesting content, what kills those games long term are two things, so far technology has jumped forward leaving them looking dated, the lack of long term anticcheat methods meaning older versions are overrun by cheats before the next generation of games can widely adopt the game with a renewed marketing push all of which comes froma purely business angle. variety is the spice of life after all and pandering to the quickscoping crew is not going to do anything but kill this game off quicker than a cat in hell.
  14. BattalionJump 1944

    Why just unscoped? in reality you would have just as much chance of hitting anything with a scoped rifle using the scope or not whilst moving let alone jumping. The use of scopes as toys is so silly, I just don't get why a game that is not fiction based would include them and not have the real life restrictions of using such an item, why not have other magic tricks as well such as catching a bullet in your teeth
  15. 1:1 ADS Sens and Scopes

    hasn't this been discussed? surely it would make little sense to be able to adjust these independently, If the goal of the game is about skill you should be laying prone to use a scope so sensitivity shouldn't matter