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  1. maddog-b

    Annoying UI features

    Couple of things imo could be improved 1. Would be nice to have to double click a server before joining it in server browser, many games have this allowing to select a server to get status details etc and switching to battallion I am sure many like me forget a click on a server without actually meaning to join, this is exacerbated by the second item. 2.leaving a internet server returns you to the main menu would be really nice to take you back to the server browser or even better two buttons with the option of either... otherwise game is looking quite good...
  2. maddog-b

    OTT Jumping

    I wonder if a server side mechanism to introduce a 30-40-50% chance of going flat on your face when jumping on the same level surface would do the job...
  3. wow I tried it for first time tnight, jumped in checked settings ofc they all screwed up, so spent 20mins reconfig, dived into unranked internet server and within mins game had crashed to point of resetting pc..... i'm a firm believer in the infinite monkeys theory. 100 casuals will break a game like no pro ever could and,,,, if every pro bought 100 copies of the game still wouldn't earn them enough to achieve mu3 as quick as 1 in a thousand casuals buying a copy. They seem to be betting on the theory that the pros will via publicity make this game a success, I have a feeling that the only people who are likely to be influenced by those "pros" will not have enough left over from their pocket money to buy a copy.
  4. maddog-b

    Major Update #2 and Tournament

    There seems to be a conflict that no one acknowledges, the fact it is a game based on a factual scenario which completely ignores facts when it either looks cool on youtube clips or is probably easier for developers to implement. As there are many games which have incredible gravity and physics defying stunts available I really do not know why anyone would implement a game which would draw an immersion crowd, which ww2 games invariably do, and those people like to have some semblance of reality involved. The best example of this would be to actually try and use ironsights or a scope whilst jumping in the air in real life, bet you lose an eye before you get a single shot within 2 meters of the target [VS-UK] same crowd involved in the total war mod for cod? best mod ever
  5. updates, what updates?
  6. maddog-b


    here 's an idea to cure bunny hopping, every time someone jumps twice within 3 secs, Max Payne "bullet time" kicks in and those in the vicinity have several seconds to riddle the jumper with bullets
  7. maddog-b


    I quite agree with the comment about people refusing to "move on" I am sick of hearing how wonderful COD4 with promod was, wondering why those players don't simply keep playing that? but isn't the jumping that is being complained about here the constant bunny hopping rather that peaking over walls?
  8. maddog-b


    think you are missing the point, for the game to be successful and return to higher player numbers it needs to be made universally playable, if quick reaction times are the only thing dictating success then yes the game will only appeal to 13 years olds and then the game is probably at its peak number of players achievable now. reaction times do not vary that much in relation to other factors, i'm sure I read some recent research that came up with a figure of approx. 15% over 15 years after mid twenties, as the avg. is about 200ms I think that works out at a diff in ping of 100 -80 for a player of 50 vs a twenty yr old, not a lot as you will know from playing. whilst I am not one who agrees on modifying game characteristics for players (I mean who starts a game of chess saying oh you are 50 so you can have three queens ) the most obvious solution is to follow "real life" characteristics so that experience counts for a lot more in playing.
  9. dam what a pain trying to find a server you were on last week !
  10. maddog-b

    Battalion 1944 future.

    if the developers made it look like far cry 5 then the "pros" will find a way to make it look crappy by tuning off all the graphical effects to squeeze an extra fps anyway