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  1. Out of data client?!?!

    No you don't your test zone will still work
  2. Battalion 1944 Animation Suggestion

    Nice idea, could definately work
  3. Currently downloading the beta...

    Yes, you will have to download the full game on February 1st again, as It is a completely different client. The test zone is one thing, and the Full game is another.
  4. Nyvek's here.

    Welcome buddy, see you in game!
  5. Frames per second INGAME?

    It's likely they may raise the FPS cap in the future, however it's set at 200 to avoid giving an advantage to players who can hit higher than 200.
  6. Incentive-Based Tweaks to Card System

    I'd hate to see cards destroyable, they act as a 'bait out', so if your teammate is killed, Another teammate can watch the card for an enemy to come and snag it. If they were destroyable, that feature would be completely lost as There would be a lot of people destroying items on purpose. Having them shown on the map is a nice idea perhaps. Anyways, I'm sure they'll be considering a lot of card feedback given by the community in the Early access stage
  7. Cosmetics

    I'm with you, I love cosmetics in any game. I think being able to customise your character is a good idea, however like the image you sent, I'd have to say that It would be better if players could only recieve clothing items like 'Flowers' attachable to your helmet, or a different kind of helmet, Possibly things like spiked helmet's or something. What I'd hate to see, is people with the ability to change their outfit, clothing and such. It would create a lot of confusion for opponents seeing all of these different clothing and ignoring shots because they may appear as a teammate. So yeah, Maybe cosmetics like Attachable flowers, Funny little things to attach to yourself would be nice.
  8. more rifles ?

    Since the game hasn't even entered It's Early Access stage yet, I'm positive we can expect A LOT of weapon additions along with much more features and content!
  9. Yeah, count yourself as a CHOSEN ONE
  10. Competitive map picker

    I'm sure the map range will be balanced out more, HattonGames stated the same thing