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  1. Multiplayer Game Modes It is very important for Battalion 1944 to become a game for everyone. By saying this I mean all age groups as well as big groups and small groups of players who want to play the game on-line. Young people and especially teenagers have a lot of free time and due to their age group are able to gather a lot of friends to play on a single map. This means that they can play every single game mode available. What about game veterans like me and my friends who are beyond 35 years of age? Married people who with jobs and very little time for gaming? Most of the times, and I can only speak here for myself and my friends, as a person gets older his circle of friends becomes smaller including only a selection of very few true friends who happen to have similar interests. Due our family and work commitments we don’t have a lot of time. We want to play amongst each other and have fun. Not to be in a map with other people who we don’t know. Especially teenagers and younger adults. We don’t want faceless opponents we just want to go up against each other for a bit of a laugh and to have something to talk about while drinking beer or having a coffee. The Headquarters Game Mode is ideal for us because it can be played with even a minimum of 3 vs 3. No matter how big or small the map is the action will be focused around the place where the HQ is located. Smaller maps are preferable as you don’t have to run too far to locate the HQ and both sides can meet at some point on the map to fight over who will capture the HQ. GAME TYPE 1: HQ – Headquarters In this mode, teams capture a set point in the map (the "headquarters") to gain points. It is one of the most popular game modes, as it offers experience per time that the headquarters is held, allowing for larger sums of points earned. Teams must coordinate a steadfast and solid defensive perimeter around a captured headquarters in order to hold it. In addition to a HQ game mode securing bridges in specially made maps based on Operation Market Garden is also a good idea.