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  1. Ehh, locking maps behind DLC or a Season Pass wouldn't work for a competitive game. And it's generally not a great practice anyway.
  2. This has been a bit of a talked about topic over on the Discord, (btw if you're not on there you really should be, really neat way to talk about this game with other people) and i figured i might as well make a thread about it on here since i haven't seen any threads talking about this. Basically, i was brought up to the possibility of paid DLC in this game. Basically, BigTuna made a tweet saying that they were considering "Some paid DLC" whilst lowering the price of the game overall. While a lower price on the game would be nice, it's a bit concerning considering we don't know what direction this DLC could take. I'm aware this isn't confirming anything, and for all i know, this may not happen. But if it's going to happen the community really needs to make themselves heard on the kinda stuff we DON'T want from this. Which is basically anything to do with multiplayer. Bit of a no-brainer but you know. Basically, if this is going to happen, what would be the best way of going about it?
  3. I generally go by Pink, although if you find me in the Discord server for B1944, i'll go by Poinka. I live in Florida, and i heard about this game through youtube, mainly a guy named Jackfrags doing a video on it, i think. Or it might have been someone else. Basically, i heard about it while the kickstarter was still going on, unfortunately i do not have the money to be able to support this game financially. I'm also a mod on the Discord, for some reason!
  4. This is a really good idea.