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  1. 32. Phew, I'm glad there are people older than me here.
  2. Spiedel didn't need Hitler's permission. That's not how the German command structure worked and the fact that German generals had relative autonomy is one of the reasons they lasted so long on the eastern front and one of the reasons Rommel was so hard to pin down in Africa. By comparison, the rigid Soviet structure cost them dearly in manpower and cost the Iraqis two wars. The 'Hitler slept in' story is a myth.
  3. D-Day succeeded because the Allies had the commander of the Panzer reserve forces in Normandy (Spiedel) on their payroll, and told him to deliberately hold them back. Had it been a different general it would've been a bloodbath and a failure.
  4. That's entirely subjective. The only benefit actually comes from the mouse, in certain games that require rapid aiming accuracy. The keyboard offers no benefit at all. For the majority of games it's basically shit in comparison. It's not 'superior' for beat 'em ups, for example.
  5. It's not about PC expenses. I have a powerful PC but don't play FPS on it because I find KBM simply retarded and unusable. It was okay 25 years ago holding my wrist at an awkward angle flat on a table but now...? No way. I also can't be bothered with bugs, patches, crashes and drivers. Not to mention no exclusives, there is no Uncharted etc on PC because of theft.
  6. What about even a single mission DLC using MP maps?
  7. God Quake 3. Now I feel old. Literally 1999. I remember feeling a bit disappointed with it coming off Quake 2.
  8. Is it true they still use a modified Quake 3 engine?
  9. I played this game when it came out and was already a COD 'vet' at the time. Coming back to it last year I found it massively frustrating. I put it down to me getting older and sucking, but then I fired up COD2 on the Xbox One and I was as good as ever on that. At the time I saw a German guy on YouTube compared the ping/lag with COD4/COD4:R and the latter was demonstrably worse than the former. So I mean.. did anyone else get that? it was ruinous for me and I simply put it on eBay. I worry about this with upcoming FPS like B1944.
  10. My favourite WW2 movie ever;
  11. Any word on this getting some beefier support on Playstation with Pro support?
  12. Here's my first suggestion;
  13. I've been playing COD2 on the XBone (bought it as a UHD player) again and I'd forgotten how good this gun was in that game. Maybe I'm just better than I remember but I seem to dominate with the weapon, other players haven't caught on. Some trivia: A giant stock of these were found early on the the Syrian proxy war.
  14. It's Battlefield.
  15. They messed this weapon up in COD3. It was great in COD2, COD2:BRO, COD4 and CODWAW... But in COD3 the gun kicked like a mule and the recoil climb was horrific.