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  1. How Will The Recoil Work?

    mp44/bar recoil was so hard/impossible to control to everyone who used to play with 400dps 2-4 sensitivity(70% of players maybe). I think that the perfect recoil is more like cod1, where u can control the recoil at short/medium range, but u have to master(hours & hours playing) it to control at medium/long range. The point here is to balance the recoil to choose the perfect weapong for every occasion, not to just take and mp44/bar with 0 recoil and kill easily a player with rifle at long distances and kill easily a player with smg(- damage) at short ranges. Just my opinion.
  2. DLCs idea

    Just a game updates with new maps and stuff via steam like csgo; the developers just update the game and our steam client download it automatically.
  3. Stance on Nazi Memorabilia?

    A picture is worth a thousand words.
  4. About S&D & Weapons

    First is not about s&d but is important: will be 2 slots for weapons( primary and pistol)? and you ll be able to switch pistol for another weapon of enemy down? Or ll be a system like day of defeat with soldier class with limited weapons? and... what about smoke grenades? yes or not? About S&D: objetives will be plant a bomb on a flack88 for example? there will be a defuse timer?. And another silly question: there will be minimap and players will appear on the enemy if they shoot? i know that the game is in alpha stage and is no time for these small details, its only to have an idea of how it will be.
  5. The reasons are simple; money for lans, advertising of the competetive escene and more important, the intention of the creators regarding this. Just see cod4, the competitive scene existed thanks to the promod(comunity made mod) and there would have been without it. More in cod2 with pam. The point here is the intention of the developers of battalion to do a competitive game with skill based gamestyle, battlerank... long etc.
  6. Day of Infamy: Standalone

    yep, both using source engine. I already have this game, in my opinion is a DoD:S(they re using lot of dod models, textures and decals in maps) with better graphics and more tactical gamestyle. The problem is the price... 18€ for a "mod" of insurgency (8€).At the moment the stand-alone game is similar to the mod of insurgency so u can buy insurgency and play the day of infamy mod for 8€.
  7. Would be nice if you create an instagram acount and post on istagram stories (you only can see a photo 24h) sneak peaks of the process in the studio.
  8. Character movements

    yes, like in cod 1 & 2 and mohaa.
  9. Character movements

    hi, just a silly question; Have you got plans to add tilting movement ( Q & E) in the character?