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  1. Verdun on Consoles Now

    How is it on the ps4 can anyone tell me ? Large player count ? What does the game feel like ? Have it on pc but all my mates are on ps4
  2. Days of War ?

    Hi guys , I surely can't be the only one that backed both projects ? Any one on here back days of war as well and would like a few games sometime ?:)
  3. Hi guys I no the alpha release date is set for May but I was wondering if development is going well and ahead of Schedule could we expect the alpha to release earlier ?
  4. Para here.

    Hi guys , just wanted to say hi to the Devs and the community . I recently bought alpha level access on the PayPal store as I didn't have the money at the time of the Kickstarter , and was just wondering should I of got more then just an email saying I payment successful ? Also good luck to the Devs with there new game coming out this month