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    Game's Dead guys..

    Blame the shitty launch. Imagine how different things would be if they had just reserved more servers. Dead game is dead before its its even alive(out of ea) LUL
  2. deviatoR

    Red dots

    On the mini map. When do these dots appear? I've noticed it isnt consistent with anything. I've seen they light up sometimes when the enemy shoots but not always. Any official word on this?
  3. If you backed the game through kickstarter or through humble and got access to the alpha, etc. how will you get access to the early release? Will it be auto-added to your library? A key emailed? How will it be done? Also, what are release times?
  4. deviatoR

    Jumping ironsights

    The game's netcode seems to favor the peaker. IE: the guy peaking will see you before you see him. A flying idiot with a sniper rifle with laser-like accuracy has a huge advantage. You couldnt do that shit in CoD1 until they later dumb'd the game down for console-idiots in cod2.
  5. deviatoR

    Jumping ironsights

    Why is this skill-less mechanic in the game? Especially with sniper rifles. Why not just get rid of it entirely to further increase the skill gap? Remember CoD1?
  6. Well that sucks. Paid $70........
  7. Hello, I backed the project through the battalion site last year but i never received any of my rewards or any notifications. I made this account the day i backed it.