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  1. Nikolaj, here. Cool to meet you guys.
  2. Thanks @Soldat Ryan - merry X-mas and happy New Years to you and everyone else
  3. Battle of the Seelow Heights for sure.
  4. Hey man! Welcome to the forums If you wanna get to know people there's a Steam group at: ttp:// and there's also a Discord server:
  5. Bro, if you'd take the time to browse the forums for a little while, you'd find the answer yourself
  6. That's very interesting. What is then the public opinion on the 'Continuation Wars' 1941-44?
  7. Wouldn't it be easier just to let you spectate your teammates?
  8. Aaah the Finnes. Masters of camouflage, ambush and fear. It's so fascinating learning about an armed force being so accustomed and one with their geography - the Mannerheim-line and motti-tactics as examples. No wonder their skiing troops were called 'white deaths' by the russians.
  9. Welcome aboard, Panzer
  10. Well, in that case imma be an even bigger dick and give my two cents on the topic I say go for the traditional CoD-lean! How you wanna utilize the lean is up to the individual player. If you're a camper, you'd prolly use it accordingly, but if you're not then you wont. It all comes down to play style. If you're not a camper - let's call it a "moderate player" - it'd be unlikely for you to camp it out leaning around the same corner all the time. And that's the good thing about campers - they camp!, so in most cases you'll be able to predict their play style patterns and counter it, same as you counter aggressive players once you know their patterns. Personally, I use lean to peek corners for a couple of seconds before I move forward, but, I will admit it, if I'm defending on S&D then yeah, I use leaning to my advantage - i.e. camping a certain passage or doorway - if it means winning the game. You'd might consider that camping, and I wont disagree, but it's just an example of how different gametypes invite different play styles, and, hey, then it's up to the opposing team to counter me to their best ability - usually be wallbanging. So, I say go for the traditional lean and embrace it in all its beauty!
  11. I'd hate to be a dick, but isn't it just a continuation of this earlier thread
  12. Played from CoD1 to BO2, but bypassed CoD2 and MW3, 'cus I was investing more time in WoW at those points in time. To be honest I enjoyed all the CoD-games I played, but I never liked the boots off the ground concept, so I'm not touching a new CoD-release any time soon - I'd rather take my chances with Bat1944 and other games. I invested the most time in MW2, though, since I was playing it competitively, but CoD: UO and CoD4 was definitely my all time favorites and where I had the most fun. As of now I'm back into CoD4 until Bat1944 and Mass Effect: Andromeda releases. What I'm really hoping for in Bat1944 is that good ol' down to earth CoD-feeling where your skills as a player come into play and not whether you can camp out your killstreaks or not.
  13. Agreed, initial Infinity Ward sales were down 50% compared to those of Black Ops 3. I wonder if they'd get the message this time, when it's hitting them where it hurts, or if they just keep the circle jerk going.