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    -T1 Hello !

    welcome !
  3. Clem'

    Hosting Battalion 1944 game servers for free

    You know if the Linux files will be available at the release? Or only those for Windows
  4. Clem'

    HI ! I'm Florentde !

    Welcome aboard ! Join the discord server of Battalion France : https://discord.gg/4e2qdFY
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    Hello I'm sLL

    Welcome !
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    Hi, I'm Spie / Neca

    Welcome !
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    Hi all ! :D

    Thanks Razoe !
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    Hi All, I'm Simon

    Welcome !
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    Hi all ! :D

    I not speak in french only it was just for fews informations for my French guys
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    Hi all ! :D

    Merci Non, je n'ai pas joué au jeu, j'attends de pouvoir prendre un accès si ils rouvrent la boutique x) Je te conseille de rejoindre le Discord qui est dans ma signature si tu veux être tenu au courant !
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    Hi all ! :D

    Thanks ! ?
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    Hi all ! :D

    Thanks ! I play very little time, it is not the game I will play the most
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    Hi all ! :D

    Hello everyone, My name is Clement, I'm 18 years old and i live in Normandy. I am passionate about video games since my young age and especially those relating to the universe of the WW2. Right now I play Rainbow Six Siege, Day of Infamy, Rising Storm 2, Heroes & Generals, Verdun and many other games x') I knew Battalion 1944 during his Kickstarter campaign, I recently joined the team that set up the community "Battalion France" and I am very happy because I look forward to this game. See you soon on the battlefield soldiers! - - - - - - Si des Français passent par ici, voilà le lien du discord de Battalion France : https://discord.gg/4e2qdFY