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  1. May be a little competition for us. It was just announced
  2. Too many to choose from. It depends on what you want it to do for you. M1 Garand for every man. Too much firepower for it's contemporaries. M1911 for the stopping power. B.A.R. Bonnie and Clyde's favorite. MP44 for it's pure genius And since the topic only said Weapon: Tiger Tank - Enough said.
  3. +1. Still laughing. How's a taunt like "Your mother smells of elder berries" ?
  4. announce

    Great work. I'll forget every time, but not intentionally.
  5. As long as I can grind it out to fill my OCD, I'm good with the idea of getting them free once in a while. Of course, they must not be game changers as everyone before me has said. This isn't 'pay to win', it's 'pay to pretty'
  6. The best battle implement ever created, of course. M1 Garand in the hands of a U.S. paratrooper.
  7. This will be a big part of how the game plays so I hope to see some ideas here. I like the idea of being able to bandage gunshot wounds to the extremities but being shot in the chest ends your match. Nade\Arty\Morter shrapnel should hamper but need bandages to stop bleeding. Depending on how close the explosion is to the player = damage that may not be survivable. Really this is just like COD, i feel.
  8. If you build it, they will come. Key word: BUILD. Having the ability to do so is great. Doing so is an act of benevolence. I love the idea but have no skills doing anything about it. However, I've worked on projects that did (Red Orchestra 2 and active map creators). What I've learned is that you either have to lead each team or do the work yourself. But having the tools available in the first place is key. I have hope but will not hold my breath.
  9. Sweet.
  10. As for how I want my guy to look: Young and "new" at first. But worn and weary as I progress. And the kicker: I want my cigarette to be long and new when I'm new, but down to a short butt when I'm a scraggly and old vet. Maybe even a cigar by then. As for uniform things: Please keep in mind that the U.S. knife strapped to the boot area was only a thing when a parachute was involved. It's a "Jump Knife" for "cutting away" if you get tangled up at any time. It's not something worn in the boot afterwards. It's the little details like this that make the realism work and I always see games with that knife on the boot as a symbol of paratroopers. That same knife on the hip of your gear was enough to warn the 'legs'. Para's didn't get bayonets due to the weapons and weight, so it goes in the same place when the jumping is over and the fighting begins. And if you include a German Airborne op (CRETE PLEASE! Whenever you create British skins) their parachutes attached to the jumper in a very different way than the allies. As a paratrooper, I cannot imagine how it was to jump with a single pivot point attachment and no way to control it. But I've also never seen it done in a game. There is old video of them using that rig to verify but I'm pretty sure that they spun around in circles the whole way to the ground. And if a cross wind came around you were proper F'd.
  11. Admit: I didn't read every response so this might be said already. The start of a map is the only time it's a problem so a simple fix for the COD nade spam issue is to setup maps so that spawns are not so close that you get within range too fast. As long as you get limited ammo it's O.K. Otherwise, everyone throwing nades at the same time is how it works IRL. It's a VERY coordinated affair, usually involving friends of yours moving in with guns to finish things off. So you really want to get it right. As for load outs IMHO: loadouts like COD are pretty common in games these days and seem to be acceptable to most players: 2 nades per player and smoke as an option for sq an higher leaders. Something that would be a little unique would be an option for sappers\engineers to carry extras. Maybe even the ability to resupply other players a nade or two, like out of a 'supply pack' or something. I'm not sure how you're going to do progressions in the game so I'm limited for options. But I'm really happy to see so may people here now so I'm going to start reading up on it. cheers.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm happy to be here, because that means that "here" is finally here! I just got signed up so I have not even setup my account options yet. About me: I love Alpha testing and finding bugs. I'm currently on Gaijin's War Thunder volunteer staff as a Technical Moderator where I do Alpha\Beta testing and bug tracking and troubleshooting. Basically I'm on the international staff interacting with the devs to report bugs and test anything they have. I've also done the same work for Tripwire Interactive's Red Orchestra 2 - Rising Storm addition. That work actually got my name in the credits. While neither of these were company positions they are both under NDA's so I'm fully familiar with the process. I got in on the original Kickstarter with this pack - Sergeant Founder with Closed Alpha Access! (PC). However, I'm on the old side of I.T. crabby and don't have Twitter or Reddit or anything other than Facebook so I'm probably out of the loop with info. So I'm all smiles right now with all the info I can get here.