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  1. If they left it open we'd all have a lot of fun but we'd also keep finding things and there'd never be a catch up point. We'd also keep finding stuff they already worked on. Oh, did I mention how much fun?
  2. Before shots are fired. Reminder!

    This post is needed more than any I've seen here so far. The rate of people who drop out of an Alpha always surprises me and it's always the same reason: Boring. Man, guys and gals this will be boring. It will be repetitive and taxing on your time and patience. And, in the end, it will all be worth it. I'm so ready to get started. Be ready for this scenario: Forgive me if I eat a nade in the corner every once in a while for a bathroom break....I'll be back. <<<<Due to time zones around the world: Dinner\Lunch\Breakfast can be substituted for Bio break. If I miss something while I'm away you can fill me in when I get back. This will happen but don't get down on the process it's all so that we can help create the best game possible.
  3. Do you play Single Players?

    I play the single player (PvE) of these games too. But I've always played single player games for the simple reason that it's a game and it's supposed to be fun. The down side is once you beat it, you're done...so it leads to a costly habit. Now that Steam (or your preference, I use them all) has sales all the time I buy them very cheap around Christmas sale season. My friends keep ragging me about "Why are you playing that old game?"
  4. Survey email not recieved

    According to the email this is correct.
  5. High end pc, poor performance

    O.K., I got lazy and didn't read everything posted so this might have been mentioned. Your new gaming PC probably came with a 'gaming' network card (my Alienware did years ago), and some other 'gaming' software. What happened to me was that Between Microsoft Windows, Norton AV, and the 'gaming' network card, I had three firewalls running at the same time just on the PC. Count my router's firewall and that made 4 things evaluating each and every packet and it lagged my games. Check for extra firewalls and decide if you can do without some. I hope this helps.
  6. Hi, I am FrosteR

    Hello and welcome to the forums. Whomever missed out on COD5....shame on you. It was loads of fun and after time it had all the custom maps and mods you could want from a game.
  7. Looks like a bunch of 1 hit trash...lets hope not.

    Looks like we have the same mix of players as always. Some want Run-and-Gun and some want Tactical Realism and in the middle is a HUGE crowd that just wants to play on our own servers. This is always the mix and the game must provide of ALL of it. At least we hope. I also hope to get mod tools out of the box to turn it on and off at will.
  8. New Reputation

    This system works out fine on the 'other' forums I work on with one exception: We had to remove the negative button because it was getting abused in a big way. In the end we use the negative points as a tool for mods to keep up with people who have a history of acting up. Only mods can give them and they have to give an explanation that only other mods can see. After so many points the player will have the right to post removed and be a 'read only' forum user.
  9. Textures/Colour [need dev's input] [quality]

    I'll wait for the release until I pass judgement. This way I'm looking at the game on my rig and not a video of a game played on who knows what? Until then, I see no point in this discussion.