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  1. A Battalion 1944 Warcry!

    Bravo....well said... deliver us from the state of mediocrity is exactly what we need so badly...reinspiring us all
  2. During my years playing any games,there have been many charaterisics of a successful game and the people who make it I have noticed.As time has gone on,I have noticed more and more that the basic fundamentals of a solid game has become lost in the mix with more focus on features that are in no way relevant to a solid game. I will be rather bluntly honest in saying many of the AAA development and publishing companies are the ones who have taken the trust of many devoted fans and banked on that trust while leaving players with great disappointment on another letdown. When people become devoted and believe in what you're doing,there is an inherent return of that same devotion which truly makes the bond between both rather incredible. I can see and hear when communicating with others that many are tired of that bond being broken from a return of that doesn't meet basic fundamentals of a solid expierence. Listening to the the team on Battalion has been like an oasis in a desert of such.When you hear everyone speak on the dev team from Battalion speak,everything is more than stated which makes it apparent the seeds for success have been planted for a FPS which very well can and will redefine FPS shooters by bringing it back to the basics of what everyone has been so hoping for. I sincerely thank all the devs for their vision and work on this.You're reinspiring many and that in and of itself is "achievement unlocked".
  3. Analysis of COD:IW, MUST WATCH!

    One of the most interesting things I've seen with Battalion 1944 thus far is the emphasis of taking time to make the game correctly and making sure it has a solid,smooth release.Taking such actions and actually following through with them is rather impressive .It is not something you see as a standard practice anymore. Hearing time and time again that Battalion 1944 will only released when it's ready definetly is a preemptive reassurance that we're going to be getting a top notch,back to roots FPS which will redefine the standard of FPS games.The FPS playerbase is fed up overall and shares the sentiments in the video shared to a tee. It's nice to have a light on the horizon in a pretty bleak abyss of disappointments and failures. The fact is,everything we're seeing in this video showing how ridiculous things have become and everyone's feedback along with the vision of the dev's,this is going to be one hell of a game with one hell of a great community.
  4. StG44 Video

    Great video!!!Can't wait to get some time using some of the old school weapons again.
  5. New, but not

    Welcome into the forums,Sho! Happy to have my fellow DRMB brother in here with me.👍👍👍👍 ShoGun and I are both members of the Don't Revive Me Platoon and both EA game changers. Both of us play together daily and ShoGun is an all around cool guy. Excellent point made here:taking time to build a game right without 50 patches is appreciated. Incredible to see the time being put into this and the sincere caring. Can't wait to play this with my brothers like ShoGun and our friends. 👍👍👍👍
  6. Screaming Eagles Mohawk for character customization

    Just the fact that I'm going to be able to look and smile and see the Screaming Eagles Mohawk and know that the devs were really listening to a suggestion I made blows my mind.It literally just has left me in awe,and reinforced my belief in the whole team. Literally a dream come true seeing an idea I've had for a WWII game being used and put into the game.I can say ,thank you a million times over. The fact the team actually pays attention to the fans is amazing. These guys are going to redefine FPS's.
  7. This shooter still gives me hope.

    I agree with you both. I sincerely believe that Battalion 1944 is going to show a lot of people what a solid FPS should be.Half-assed releases, hype for what becomes yet another disappointmet,etc...it gets old and disappointing.I think this very well can redefine FPS by bringing FPS back to its true roots.
  8. Whats your favorite weapon of World war 2?

    I would have to go with the M1 Garand for the U.S. and the MP40 for the Germans. The sound of the M1 is just classic.
  9. This shooter still gives me hope.

    Boy do I agree,Djred84. I felt like I was playing Battlefront 1 during the Battlefield 1 alpha and beta. The crew working on Battalion 1944 is top notch. Listening to the community and right on point to get a damn good FPS game out there.Definitely has given me hope and made me believer in these guys.Tip of my hat and full respect to the entire crew working on Battalion 1944.
  10. Screaming Eagles Mohawk for character customization

    Well,I'm definitely stoked to hear that. That's awesome That will definetly give a fine representation of the Screaming Eagles place in history in the game.And I'll definitely be smiling seeing that suggestion come to life.Once again,thanks to Joe and all the devs for listening.Much appreciated.Really great bunch of people.
  11. Screaming Eagles Mohawk for character customization

    That's awesome to hear.These guys were an incredible bunch.Nice to see them represented. And thank you,Joe,and all the other devs,for listening. Really nice and refreshing to see this.Thats a rarity. I've got a group of us on PS4 really excited for Battalion 1944. You've already got a dedicated bunch ready to roll on release date
  12. What attracted you to Battalion 1944?

    There is so much that attracted me to this. First off,like many,returning to WWII. Finally! Someone listened! Amazing. Listen to people, give them what they want. One of the first rules of success. It's nice to see people pay attention. When you pay attention then enact what was wished for, right there it shows people care. The act of actually listening is an active thought process which yields great results. Time and time again,the devs have said "this is the game we wanted to make and wanted to play" along with " we're FPS players ourselves"....love it. One of us. And the devs make a point of communicating that. It's evident they are sincere and care. Basically fully won over my faith fully. As the saying goes,I'm a believer . The incredible dedication to detail is impressive. Amazing . 10/10. And listening to people in the forums about this to make it authentic, bravo. That active listening again. I do not want to fly around in a jetpack. I do not want to to have people doing trick shots every 5 seconds. The modern warfare is getting stale. It's time to revisit WWII so the younger generation can see where many of these games started . In a two-fold way,it really shows not only the history of WWII but the history of FPS during a time when there was no fluff or bs. I strongly feel that this approach very well could change the game of FPS design and development in a positive fashion. So,some of the reasons why I am so looking forward to this. The WWII theme is what caught my attention,but the attitudes of the people making the game is what really made me believe in Battalion 1944.
  13. Screaming Eagles Mohawk for character customization

    That would be amazing.I would definitely love to see that. Its a true sense of history seeing that. The funny part is when they shaved their heads like that,Nazi intel passed along they were psychopaths coming to attack,which is an interesting piece of history. Goebels and his propaganda team always had a spin ready on everything.