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  1. The Winter War

    If it's not include in offical game let's make it as a mod.
  2. Don't forgot the Winter war between Finland and Russia.
  3. Competitive Battalion

  4. Jellivaara Introducing

    *Feels welcome*
  5. Which faction do you most want to play as?!

    finnish army
  6. Jellivaara Introducing

    @BRAMMERTRON @Wolf Enstein @BlueSmiley Thanks! @BigTuna It happens
  7. Jellivaara Introducing

    Hello my names is Jarno and using name Jellivaara on the world of internet and games. I started playing games on PS1 when I was a child. Years later moved to pc gaming in a time when Call of Duty one and United Offensive was the thing. When Cod2 came out 11-years-old kid's heart was melt into the gaming. Years passed and I found games and gaming again as a modder mostly doing levels (maps) to different games like cod2, source games etc. And nowadays its still near my heart and the best way me to relax. I wish someday it will be more than just a hobby or way to relax. Yeah I come from Finland. Call of duty 2 is the gem of games in my opinion (maybe not long) and I found Batallion44 via Kickstarter campaign. Can't wait to see Battalion 1944 in action!