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  1. @Soldat Ryan, And Thanks once more for these answers as well! -cb99
  2. Thanks for reply and clarifying this. Maybe you know: When I choose EU I should just see EU servers I presume? Arcade, will that pick any region or just from EU? And do you know if there is a ping-lock, and that might be the case not getting in? And yes, I can get on most servers I try to, maybe it's a version diff? Also, the "COMMUNITY SERVER"'s I did try did not have a lock on, I get that much It feels like a future upgrade to that server-browser would be some sort of message why it will not let you connect if the server is unlocked, also a server ping other than 999 would be nice at some point, in-game you do see the client's ping but not in the browser. -cb99
  3. Carrier Grade NAT (CGN) or Large Scale NAT (LSN) or NAT444, it's the same and very commonly implemented by ISP's these days. Problem is that loads upon loads of computers will look to have the very same IP address, that is banning on a IP level is the worst thing to do. So maybe you are aware of this, but one trigger happy admin can lock out loads of people from a server that have IP ban masks. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carrier-grade_NAT https://chrisgrundemann.com/index.php/2011/nat444-cgn-lsn-breaks/ --- Hi, So why do I write this? I have recently picked up the game again I do like to play organized, so with the in-game chat I sometimes gives small tips (chat, or text) like "use smoke to get the flag", "use smoke to cover our flag" and so on. Played games for the longest time organized and are never rude but I have now realized that I no longer can get into "COMMUNITY SERVERS" which I do expect you are actually running. The 13/7 (I will send the name as PM) (twitch) told me I talked to much, pretty rude as well. I guess he was streaming or something, I guess the in-game chat is meant to be used (and I use it very sparingly) and only if I see some actually are listening for some tactics and he could always turn down the chat him self. So long story short, Have been playing with my kid that are home over the summer on holiday, and that means him and me have the very same IP over router/nat and most likely also via ISP CGN and he never says or writes a word and he can not get on to the "COMMUNITY SERVERS" as well. This is leading me to the suspicion that (I will send the name as PM) (twitch) even might be a admin on those servers, so could you tell me if there is a IP mask ban on server option? If so, Am I banned on the "COMMUNITY SERVERS"? And also check that guys ban record/history, because he might single-handed be killing off the player base for you. -cb99
  4. Can not join "COMMUNITY SERVER", free slots on there? Works when I click on a empty server. Played yesterday with no problem. There where a upd, 56mb. Validate file in steam. Reboot. Still no go. Server's needs a restart? -cb99
  5. cb99

    Update is Live!

    GJ! Have not played much after introduction, so this "MAJOR UPDATE 2" was really a major :) game changer for me, will spend more time in this game now. Hope you have the news get the spread it truly deserves IMO. -cb99
  6. cb99

    When will we get the key for Steam?

    To help out if others do read this post, I found the following by looking a bit more. --- The "t-shirt's" info. can be found but not exactly detailed in, T-short size? http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/2309-t-short-size/?tab=comments#comment-25551 --- And the forum tags info, so I will submit a PM. Founder Forum Tags? http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/3076-founder-forum-tags/ From that thread, -cb99
  7. cb99

    When will we get the key for Steam?

    Hi again, Found my e-mails with the keys and they worked fine, Thank you very much. No urgent question's Do I have to do something to get the founder tag or will it happen automagic'ly down the line? And when will t-shirts ship out? Also, Excited for the EA soon, a great promo trailer for it! -cb99
  8. cb99

    When will we get the key for Steam?

    Hi there! Thanks for the info. and the reply! I can not check the mail fully right this moment, but will check later and probably it "slipped by", I will only get back to you if I do not find it. And looking on my registration date on the forum, I did find my old post so just "age timed out" thing from activity and search, not important but just for the record -cb99
  9. cb99

    When will we get the key for Steam?

    The kick-starter package I did purchase to support this development with should have Alpha and onwards, and I have not seen any key's so far. But I will make a post to BigTuna and see if it solves it self so thanks for the info. Soldat Ryan. Also made a post when I stepped in, just to say hi and I can not find that one, maybe reset of forum? Any way, squeeze in a Hi all here then -cb99