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    A long time gamer, as far back as 8bit atari's and onwards, these days mostly on-line FPS type of games and of course other types as well.

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    Fishing, FPS mostly and other games, RC, Reading, World Events, History, Humor, StandUp, Two Wheels.
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  1. cb99

    When will we get the key for Steam?

    To help out if others do read this post, I found the following by looking a bit more. --- The "t-shirt's" info. can be found but not exactly detailed in, T-short size? http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/2309-t-short-size/?tab=comments#comment-25551 --- And the forum tags info, so I will submit a PM. Founder Forum Tags? http://forums.battaliongame.com/topic/3076-founder-forum-tags/ From that thread, -cb99
  2. cb99

    When will we get the key for Steam?

    Hi again, Found my e-mails with the keys and they worked fine, Thank you very much. No urgent question's Do I have to do something to get the founder tag or will it happen automagic'ly down the line? And when will t-shirts ship out? Also, Excited for the EA soon, a great promo trailer for it! -cb99
  3. cb99

    When will we get the key for Steam?

    Hi there! Thanks for the info. and the reply! I can not check the mail fully right this moment, but will check later and probably it "slipped by", I will only get back to you if I do not find it. And looking on my registration date on the forum, I did find my old post so just "age timed out" thing from activity and search, not important but just for the record -cb99
  4. cb99

    When will we get the key for Steam?

    The kick-starter package I did purchase to support this development with should have Alpha and onwards, and I have not seen any key's so far. But I will make a post to BigTuna and see if it solves it self so thanks for the info. Soldat Ryan. Also made a post when I stepped in, just to say hi and I can not find that one, maybe reset of forum? Any way, squeeze in a Hi all here then -cb99