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  1. HiTecH

    MU2 Beta is live!

    Thanks... Dunno why it was not working last weekend but today it seemed to work
  2. HiTecH

    MU2 Beta is live!

    Hello, What is the code please... ?
  3. HiTecH

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    Indeed you're right but I am pretty sure that is quite the right pourcentage whos would have the same opinion on this.
  4. HiTecH

    Game's Dead guys..

    Indeed... I guess they would like to attract esport teams to play to Battalion1944. However, at the moment, the game is not ready enough. Lots of work to do (reduce jump shooting, rework some weapons and map for competitive purpose + card system !). So In my opinion, promote the game to esport at the moment is not such a good idea. ATM: only 1k2 players are connected to the game (probably not all of them are playing)
  5. HiTecH

    Corner BUG

    What about the video posted on Reddit ?
  6. HiTecH

    The 'strafejumpshooting' poll!

    ATM : ~72% of players asking for at least a nerf. I hope that the devs will do that asap !
  7. HiTecH

    Being Able to see who is holding the Bomb

    Hi, FYI - There is a little icon just below the picture of the player who is carrying the bomb Gl & HF, HiTecH
  8. HiTecH

    This is not the COD2 I ever new

    Indeed, I wanted more a CoD2 v2 but it is not the same game for sure. Anyway it seems not too bad at the moment except the JUMP JUMP JUMP... They did a good work. I just hope they'll keep listening the "good side" of the community
  9. HiTecH

    How can I get the game ?

    I've already checked and sent a message to BigTuna
  10. HiTecH

    How can I get the game ?

    Hello, I played the alpha and bought (pre-order) the game 65€ but on steam I cannot download the game for free. Could you please tell me how to proceed ? Thanks in advance. HiTecH